Delhi Capitals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, Final Match Summary

DC vs RCB, 2024 - T20 Summary

Delhi Capitals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Scorecard
Match Ended   
113 (18.3/20)
115/2 (19.3/20)
Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Delhi Capitals by 8 wickets
DC 113/10
Bat Top Batsmen
44 (27)
  • 2x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 162.96SR
23 (23)
  • 3x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 100SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 3.42
ECON 5.00
RCB 115/2
Bat Top Batsmen
35 (37)
  • 4x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 94.59SR
32 (27)
  • 5x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 118.51SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 2.75
ECON 6.00
Now then, Smriti Mandhana collects that elusive winning trophy and walks up to the podium to go on and lift it up along with her teammates and the whole of the Bangalore team erupts in joy, what a moment! Right then, the 2024 season of the Women's T20 League was bigger and better than the inaugural season and we saw crowds come in large numbers in both Bangalore and Delhi and most of all, the quality of cricket we saw, was something really special. But at the end of it all, it is Bangalore who claim their maiden title and this incredible season has come to an end. We really hope you enjoyed the coverage. Until next time then, take care and goodbye!
Next up, Smriti Mandhana, the captain of Bangalore collects the winner's check and mementos before coming down for a quick chat. Smriti says that the feeling still hasn't sunk in and it is hard for her to come out with emotions and just wants to say that they went through a lot of ups and downs and is just glad. Adds that the Bangalore leg was very good and they had a couple of tough losses in Delhi but managed to step up at the right time and probably, the best was saved for the last. Mentions that last year taught them a lot of things and they were able to reflect on a lot of things and the management did a stellar job. Reckons that for Bangalore, the title is a lot more and as a franchise it is really special and for her personally, it hasn't sunk in yet and is one of the top wins of her career. Ends by appreciating the fans and calls Bangalore's fans the most loyal fans and says 'Ee saala cup namdu' (this year the cup is theirs).
Meg Lanning, the captain of Delhi is up for a quick chat after collecting the runner-up check and the trophy. She says it was disappointing to not get it done and congratulates Bangalore by saying they truly deserve it. Adds the collapse happened too quickly and weird things happen in tournaments like these. Again credits Bangalore for dominating the game. Reckons that they had a good tournament and it just wasn't to be in the finale and thanks the entire squad. Says cricket is a funny game and you win some and lose some as well.
Time for the mementos to be distributed and first up, all the officials are handed their mementos. Next up, the runners-up award is handed to the head coach of Delhi, Jonathan Batty who collects the award and also the watches for all the individuals of the team.
Deepti Sharma is the Player of the Tournament for her sensational all-round display. She says that she played her natural game throughout the tournament and played all her shots because of which she was able to do well. Adds that before coming into the tournament, she worked hard on playing on the off side and she is happy with it. Mentions that last season, she didn't have many chances with the bat but this season she was able to contribute and she feels good about it. Says that she has come a step ahead with her batting and is happy with it.
Shreyanka Patil is adjudged the Emerging Player of the Season for her 13 wickets and contributions with the bat and in the field. She also ends up as the leading wicket-taker of the tournament, whereas her teammate Ellyse Perry finishes as the leading run-getter, a clean sweep.
Sophie Molineux is the Player of the Match in the Final for her game-changing spell and a run-out as well. She begins by saying it is a special evening and finals are always funny games, going down to the wire. Adds Delhi is a strong team and feels glad to get over the line. States that it was all about learning from the mistakes and getting better. Mentions that the last three weeks have been pretty special and they have gone from strength to strength.
The Presentation ceremony...
Richa Ghosh and Simran Bahadur are also up for a quick chat. Ghosh says that she was a bit nervous but Ellyse Perry calmed her down and gave her the belief to play her shots. Simran shows that she is feeling great that the trophy is theirs and she is speechless. Ghosh adds that they have worked really hard and the preparation was very good. Simran chimes in and says that she is happy to do whatever the team wants, whether it be playing or supporting from the dugout. Ghosh says that they wanted to keep it wicket-to-wicket and knew a couple of wickets would turn the tide in their favor and says that a small target is very tricky and they never relaxed.
The spin twins, Shreyanka Patil and Asha Shobana are the next ones in for a chat. Asha says from the first day of the camp they were manifesting for this and it feels unreal. Shreyanka Patil says they did play some really good cricket and had amazing team bonding sessions between the games. Adds people keep saying 'Ee sala cup namde' (this year the cup is ours) and they just did it. Asha says that the coach Luke Williams made them feel comfortable and was fantastic and Shreyanka adds that they felt like a family getting in tune with him.
Sophie Devine says she is happy to contribute to the team and appreciates Perry for doing the needful. Adds that they just needed to get things into the right perspective this season and with the inclusion of Wareham and others, it bolstered their team. She is joined by Georgia Wareham who says Sophie Molineux changed the game totally after the Powerplay. Says it has been an exceptional experience to bowl here and there's so much to learn even as an international player. Sophie Devine says it's pretty special and feels extremely proud to bring the trophy before the men did.
Renuka Singh is first up to have a chat. She says it feels great that Bangalore has won for the first time and she is getting goosebumps. Says that the team bonded well and they got the desired results. Adds that they kept it simple and stuck to the basics without trying to do anything extra, which garnered positive results for them.
The woman of the moment, Ellyse Perry collects the Orange Cap and is down for a quick chat. She says the crowd is going bonkers and it is just another level of support here. Says it's been so much fun to play here. Appreciates Richa Ghosh for the way she played and says she is a pure talent and has a good range of shots. Adds they looked to take it deep. Lauds Sophie Molineux and says she turned the match for them and the rest of the spinners compounded the pressure that Sophie built on. Let's now hear from a few more of the Bangalore players...
Delhi will be gutted with that loss and it was more to do with the mental aspect of the game, then the actual ability of their players. Meg Lanning opted to bat first and put runs on the board in a summit clash and they looked primed to do that when they were flying at 64/0 but one over that created a bit of pressure led to Shafali Verma giving her wicket away and then were a couple of really questionable shots from Jemimah Rodrigues and Alice Capsey and after that, they simple never recovered. Meg tried to hold one end but couldn't stay on for longer and it required a few crucial runs from the lower order that took them over 110 runs. With the ball, they didn't really have much to defend and did a decent job but would have liked to pick up a few more wickets upfront. Also, unlike Bangalore, they did bowl plenty of overs of pace bowlers and their spinners weren't as effective as their counterparts. Overall, another heartbreak for Meg Lanning and co but they will look to bounce back strongly next season.
Smriti Mandhana lost the toss and her side was asked to bowl first and they couldn't pick up early wickets. Renuka Singh's underwhelming tournament continued and they were conceding runs at an alarming rate before Sophie Molineux came in and sent Shafali Verma back to the hut. Molineux just didn't do that but got a couple of more wickets in the same over and from thereon, Bangalore bossed the play. Their spinners were decisive and got 9 wickets among them and it was Shreyanka Patil who ended with a four-fer. Needing just 114 runs to clinch the trophy, Smriti and Sophie Devine started cautiously but then Devine did find the fence with regularity before eventually getting out. Ellyse Perry came in and played a lovely knock and although Smriti got out, Perry ensured she stayed on till the end and along with the dynamic Richa Ghosh, took her side to the ultimate victory.
BANGALORE ARE THE 2024 WOMEN'S T20 LEAGUE CHAMPIONS! From being a star-studded and favorite team to win the inaugural title and faltering heavily to lifting the title just a year later, what a comeback story this has been for Bangalore and they have been sensational in their final few games, deserving of the title. Spare a thought for Delhi though, who have been brilliant throughout the campaign but have once again succumbed to the pressure in the deciding game.
Over 19.3 : 115/2
6 Runs
  • 119.1
  • 119.2
  • 419.3
R. Ghosh
17 (14)
E. Perry
35 (37)
A. Reddy
Arundhati Reddy To Richa Ghosh
FOUR! THERE IT IS! BANGALORE CLINCH THE TITLE IN STYLE FOR THE FIRST TIME AND END THEIR TROPHY DROUGHT! And a wave of red overshadows the blues in the crowd! This is full and around off, Richa Ghosh simply clears the 30-yard circle by uppishly hitting it over mid off for a boundary. Bangalore are the champions of this second edition of the Women's T20 League. Erasing their past, Bangalore came into this competition as a lot more consistent and an improved side. The players of Bangalore flock around the two batters and the crowd is echoing to its highest.
Arundhati Reddy To Ellyse Perry
Fuller in length and outside off, Ellyse Perry easily drives it hard along the ground to long off for a single. 3 needed off the last 4 deliveries.
Arundhati Reddy To Richa Ghosh
Outside off on a length, Richa Ghosh swings hard towards widish long on for a single. Just a hit away now Bangalore.
Over 19 : 109/2
6 Runs
  • 018.1
  • 418.2
  • 118.3
  • 118.4
  • 018.5
  • 018.6
E. Perry
34 (36)
R. Ghosh
12 (12)
A. Capsey
Alice Capsey To Ellyse Perry
A dot to end the over. Spins it on the pads, Perry looks to sweep through but finds short fine. 5 runs needed of the last over now.
Alice Capsey To Ellyse Perry
A muted appeal for LBW from Capsey but no says the umpire. Delhi eventually go for a review. This is straight on the stumps on a fullish length, slightly on the leg stump line, Ellyse Perry sits down on her knee to pull it away but misses and the ball pings her front pad. UltraEdge shows that no bat is involved when the ball passes the bat. Ball Tracker shows that the impact is in line but the ball is missing to clip the leg stump and goes outside off. Delhi lose a review.
Alice Capsey To Richa Ghosh
Flatter on off, Richa Ghosh punches it straight down the ground to the right of long on for a single.
Alice Capsey To Ellyse Perry
Around off on the length, Ellyse Perry goes deep in the crease and drags it to long on for a single. Just 6 needed now.
Alice Capsey To Ellyse Perry
FOUR! In single digits now! Short and spinning down leg, Ellyse Perry gets down on one knee and helps the ball on its way towards deep fine leg for a boundary.
Alice Capsey To Ellyse Perry
Over the wicket on the stumps, Ellyse Perry rocks back and punches it to mid-wicket.
Over 18 : 103/2
8 Runs
  • 117.1
  • 417.2
  • 117.3
  • 017.4
  • 117.5
  • 117.6
E. Perry
29 (31)
R. Ghosh
11 (11)
J. Jonassen
Jess Jonassen To Ellyse Perry
In front of the woods on a fuller length, Ellyse Perry drives it along the ground to long on for a single. Just 11 needed off the last 12 deliveries now.
Jess Jonassen To Richa Ghosh
Full and on the off stump, Richa Ghosh drives it to long on for one.
Jess Jonassen To Richa Ghosh
Tossed-up delivery on off, Richa Ghosh hangs back and punches it to covers.
Jess Jonassen To Ellyse Perry
Flighted ball on the stumps, Perry flicks it to square leg for a quick single.
Jess Jonassen To Ellyse Perry
FOUR! Inching closer now! Short in length and aiming the sticks, Ellyse Perry anticipates the length early before rocking back and dragging it into the gap through square leg for a boundary.
19 OV
6 Runs
A. Capsey to E. Perry R. Ghosh
  • 018.1
  • 418.2
  • 118.3
  • 118.4
  • 018.5
  • 018.6
18 OV
8 Runs
J. Jonassen to R. Ghosh E. Perry
  • 117.1
  • 417.2
  • 117.3
  • 017.4
  • 117.5
  • 117.6
17 OV
9 Runs
M. Mani to R. Ghosh E. Perry
  • 116.1
  • 116.2
  • 416.3
  • 116.4
  • 116.5
  • 116.6
16 OV
4 Runs
A. Capsey to E. Perry R. Ghosh
  • 115.1
  • 115.2
  • 115.3
  • 015.4
  • 015.5
  • 115.6
15 OV
3 Runs
M. Mani to E. Perry S. Mandhana
  • 114.1
  • 014.2
  • 114.3
  • 014.4
  • 114.5
  • W 14.6
14 OV
7 Runs
J. Jonassen to E. Perry S. Mandhana
  • 113.1
  • 013.2
  • 013.3
  • 113.4
  • 413.5
  • 113.6
13 OV
11 Runs
A. Reddy to E. Perry S. Mandhana
  • 112.1
  • 112.2
  • 412.3
  • 112.4
  • 012.5
  • 412.6
12 OV
2 Runs
S. Pandey to S. Mandhana E. Perry
  • 011.1
  • 111.2
  • 011.3
  • 011.4
  • 011.5
  • 111.6
11 OV
3 Runs
M. Kapp to S. Mandhana E. Perry
  • 110.1
  • 010.2
  • 010.3
  • 110.4
  • 110.5
  • 010.6
10 OV
3 Runs
A. Reddy to S. Mandhana E. Perry
  • 19.1
  • 09.2
  • 09.3
  • 19.4
  • 19.5
  • 09.6
9 OV
4 Runs
S. Pandey to S. Devine E. Perry S. Mandhana
  • W 8.1
  • 18.2
  • 18.3
  • 08.4
  • 18.5
  • 18.6
8 OV
6 Runs
A. Reddy to S. Mandhana S. Devine
  • 07.1
  • 47.2
  • 17.3
  • 07.4
  • 07.5
  • 17.6
7 OV
18 Runs
R. Yadav to S. Devine
  • 46.1
  • 06.2
  • 46.3
  • 06.4
  • 66.5
  • 46.6
6 OV
5 Runs
M. Kapp to S. Devine S. Mandhana
  • 05.1
  • 05.2
  • 45.3
  • 15.4
  • 05.5
  • 05.6
5 OV
2 Runs
S. Pandey to S. Mandhana S. Devine
  • 14.1
  • 14.2
  • 04.3
  • 04.4
  • 04.5
  • 04.6
4 OV
7 Runs
M. Kapp to S. Mandhana S. Devine
  • 43.1
  • 13.2
  • 13.3
  • 03.4
  • 03.5
  • 13.6
3 OV
3 Runs
S. Pandey to S. Mandhana S. Devine
  • 12.1
  • 02.2
  • 02.3
  • 02.4
  • 12.5
  • 12.6
2 OV
3 Runs
A. Capsey to S. Mandhana S. Devine
  • 01.1
  • 01.2
  • 11.3
  • 01.4
  • 11.5
  • 11.6
1 OV
5 Runs
M. Kapp to S. Mandhana S. Devine
  • 10.1
  • 00.2
  • 40.3
  • 00.4
  • 00.5
  • 00.6
Match Info
  • Venue Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi
  • Weather Clear
  • Toss Delhi Capitals won the toss and elected to bat
  • Result Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Delhi Capitals by 8 wickets
  • Player of the Match Sophie Molineux
  • Player of the Series Deepti Sharma
  • Umpire Gayathri Venugopalan (IND), Abhijit Bhattacharya (IND) and Parashar Joshi (IND)
  • Referee GS Lakshmi (IND)
Match Notes
  • Innings Break: Delhi 113/10 in 18.3 overs
  • Referral (18.3 ovs): RCB against T Bhatia (Caught) Successful
  • Strategic Time-out: Delhi 80/4 in 13.0 overs
  • Referral (10.4 ovs): M Lanning against RCB (LBW) Unsuccessful
  • Strategic Time-out: Delhi 61/0 in 6.0 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Delhi 61/0
  • 1st wkt Partnership: 50 off 29 balls between M Lanning (13) and S Verma (36)
  • Delhi 51/0 in 4.5 overs
  • Bangalore 100/2 in 17.2 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Bangalore 82/2 in 14.6 overs
  • Bangalore 50/1 in 8.2 overs
  • Referral (8.1 ovs): S Devine against DEL (LBW) Unuccessful
  • Strategic Time-out: Bangalore 43/0 in 6.6 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Bangalore 25/0
Match Poll

Who will win the Match

Player Runs Avg.
Ellyse Perry RCB 347 69.40
Meg Lanning DC 331 36.77
Shafali Verma DC 309 38.62
Smriti Mandhana RCB 300 30.00
Deepti Sharma UPW 295 98.33
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Player Wickets Eco.
Shreyanka Patil RCB 13 7.30
Asha Shobana RCB 12 7.11
Sophie Molineux RCB 12 7.31
Marizanne Kapp DC 11 6.28
Sophie Ecclestone UPW 11 6.57
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