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ITA vs JER Live Cricket Score

Italy vs Jersey, Live Cricket scoreboard Match 9

Italy vs Jersey Scorecard
Match Ended   
Match 9, Desert Springs Cricket Ground, Almeria , Oct 20, 2021
Italy Italy
100/8 (20.0/20)
104/2 (18.2/20)
Jersey beat Italy by 8 wickets
Gian Meade 8101080
Gian Meade c Benjamin Ward b Harrison Carlyon
Grant Stewart Grant Stewart2000
Grant Stewart st Jake Dunford b Harrison Carlyon
Joy Perera 23252092
Joy Perera lbw b Daniel Birrell
Manpreet Singh 20251080
Manpreet Singh lbw b Daniel Birrell
Gareth Berg 380037.50
Gareth Berg run out (Benjamin Ward)
Amir Sharif 470057.14
Amir Sharif b Benjamin Ward
Nikolai Smith 18211085.71
Nikolai Smith not out
Jamie Grassi 161501106.66
Jamie Grassi c sub Charlie Brennan b Julius Sumerauer
Madupa Fernando 130033.33
Madupa Fernando c Benjamin Ward b Julius Sumerauer
Jade Dernbach 240050
Jade Dernbach not out
Extras5 Runs (B: 0, LB: 3, WD: 2, NB: 0)
Total100/8 20.0(RR: 5)
Did Not Bat
Fall Of Wickets:
  • 5/1
    0.5 ov
    Grant Stewart
  • 12/2
    2.5 ov
    Gian Meade
  • 47/3
    9.2 ov
    Joy Perera
  • 54/4
    11.1 ov
    Manpreet Singh
  • 59/5
    12.5 ov
    Amir Sharif
  • 59/6
    13 ov
    Gareth Berg
  • 86/7
    16.5 ov
    Jamie Grassi
  • 95/8
    18.3 ov
    Madupa Fernando
Harrison Carlyon 353040116.66
Harrison Carlyon st Manpreet Singh b Madupa Fernando
Jake Dunford 45536084.90
Jake Dunford not out
Zak Tribe 181720105.88
Zak Tribe c Manpreet Singh b Jade Dernbach
Jonty Jenner 3100030
Jonty Jenner not out
Extras3 Runs (B: 0, LB: 0, WD: 3, NB: 0)
Total104/2 18.2(RR: 5.67)
Fall Of Wickets:
  • 58/1
    10.3 ov
    Harrison Carlyon
  • 88/2
    15.3 ov
    Zak Tribe
Madupa Fernando 401814.50
Jade Dernbach 402817
Grant Stewart 402005
Jaspreet Singh 301605.33
Gareth Berg 10606
Gian Meade 2.201606.85
Match Info
  • Venue Desert Springs Cricket Ground, Almeria
  • Weather Bright and Sunny
  • Toss Jerseywon the toss and elected to field
  • Result Jersey beat Italy by 8 wickets
  • Player of the Match Harrison Carlyon
  • Umpire
  • Referee
Match Notes
Match Poll

Who will win the Match

Jonty Jenner JER17543.75
Michael Richardson GER12224.40
Harrison Carlyon JER11819.66
Grant Stewart ITA11322.60
Faisal Mubashir GER10721.40
Charles Perchard JER104.77
Benjamin Ward JER104.54
Madupa Fernando ITA95.04
Muslim Ashraf GER85.25
Saif Ahmad DEN84.08
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