SAI slams Ric for 'under duress' remark, seeks reports

Updated: 19 July 2008 09:48 IST

Sports Authority of India hit out at Ric Charlesworth for claiming he signed a contract with them "under duress".

New Delhi:

A livid Sports Authority of India on Tuesday lashed out at Ric Charlesworth for claiming that he signed the contract with the SAI "under duress" and asked the Australian to submit report of all his assignments as the technical advisor to Indian hockey.

A top SAI official shot off an e-mail to the Australian, expressing his shock at Charlesworth's claim, especially when there were four other signatories.

"In the letter of resignation you have mentioned that you had signed the contract under duress. It is not understood how anybody can sign a contract with SAI under duress," the SAI official said in his mail.

In his resignation letter, Charlesworth had written, "On March 20, under duress I finally signed a contract that was far from adequate and from what was agreed earlier."

The SAI official also reminded Charlesworth that as per his Work Schedule, the Australian was supposed to submit reports on each and every assignment.

"...only two reports have been received which are sketchy and inadequate. The remaining six reports have not been received till date," he said.

Even those two reports came after Charlesworth was challenged by senior officials, a SAI source told PTI.

Accordingly, Charlesworth has been asked to submit reports on his three Chandigarh sojourns for different reasons, Junior National Championship in Chennai, Azlan Shah hockey tournament in Malaysia and a coaching workshop in Bangalore.

"...having received your notice for resignation, it is expected that you will submit detailed reports which are required to be submitted by you as per terms of contract and agreed Work Schedule before your contract period expires," the SAI mail said.

Charlesworth's decision to leave for Australia, purportedly to be with his ailing mother, also got a strong response from SAI.

"As per Work Schedule you were supposed to be at Hyderabad for the entire period of Junior Asia Cup but you left for didn't attend the tournament and therefore you are not in a position to offer your technical comments regarding the tournament," the official said.

In Australia, Charlesworth attended the Hall of Fame dinner this week and is busy with some other assignments as well.

Charlesworth's complaint about pending dues also came in for sharp criticism from the SAI, which said the Australian simply didn't care to complete the formalities.

"You have from time to time raised the issue of SAI not clearing your travel and other sundry bills. Some of these bills were for the period prior to 20th March, 2008 where SAI is contractually bound to pay you...As regards your salary after 20th March 2008, it has been paid promptly by SAI and you have been paid till 30th June, 2008."

On pending bills, SAI reminded Charlesworth that no organisation would entertain any such claim if it is not accompanied by relevant vouchers and bills.

"This is the system we have adopted uniformly and there is no reason to make a departure in our procedure for any individual...I'm glad to say (that) you have, after considerable delay, submitted some of the necessary vouchers on 9th July. We are now processing these bills amounting to over Rs 3 lakhs (Rs 3.9 lakh). You will hear from us on these bills very soon and will be paid those amounts that are admissible," the mail said.

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