Pakistan Women vs Ireland Women, Match 10 Match Summary

PAK-W vs IRE-W, 2023 - T20 Summary

Pakistan Women vs Ireland Women Scorecard
Match Ended   
165/5 (20.0/20)
95 (16.3/20)
Pakistan Women beat Ireland Women by 70 runs
  • Player of the Match
    Muneeba Ali
PAK-W 165/5
Bat Top Batsmen
Muneeba Ali
Muneeba Ali
102 (68)
  • 14x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 150SR
33 (28)
  • 2x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 117.85SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 9.00
IRE-W 95/10
Bat Top Batsmen
31 (21)
  • 4x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 147.61SR
Eimear Richardson
Eimear Richardson
28 (17)
  • 5x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 164.70SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
Right then that is all we have from this one-sided affair. The action in the Women's T20 World Cup 2023 continues on Thursday16th February and we have just one game to look forward to. Sri Lanka Women will clash against Australia Women at Saint George's Park in Gqeberha and the game will begin at 6.30 pm IST (1 pm GMT) but as you know, our build-up will begin well in advance. Until then, goodbye and cheers!
Bismah Maroof the captain of Pakistan Women says that it was a clinical performance in all the departments. Lauds Muneeba Ali for her knock. Adds that it was good of Muneeba Ali and Nida Dar to bat deep and take them to a healthy score. Mentions that they need to work on the fast bowling but the spinners were exceptional today. Closes by saying that they were disappointed after the India loss but happy with the win tonight and will look to carry the momentum ahead.
Laura Delany the skipper of Ireland Women says that they underperformed and they are disappointed with their effort as they gave too much width and found it hard to get wickets. Adds that with the bat they showed intent but overall were not good enough and fell considerably short in this game. Mentions that she has a nice group of players to captain and they are getting better with every game with Orla Prendergast is the perfect example as she performs better every time she gets out in the middle. Claims that Amy Hunter and Cara Murray are young spinners with a bright future and as long as they are improving it is good for the team. States that they want to do their best in the next game and that it is a lovely pitch to bat on.  Ends by saying that Muneeba Ali was brilliant and wishes her the best.
Muneeba Ali is undoubtedly the PLAYER OF THE MATCH for scoring 102 runs in 68 balls. She says that as soon as she got a start, she was confident to take it deep. Adds that she thought about the century at the 12-13 overs and is happy that she got it at the end. Mentions that she played to her strengths and used the field around to maneuver the balls in the gaps. Credits Nida Dar for giving her constant support in the middle on her way through to the hundred. Ends by saying that she wishes to dedicate this award to her captain and teammates who were down after the India Women's game but credits her team for putting on a strong show today.
Time for the presentations...
Pakistan Women were right on the money with the ball and it is the first time their spinners have claimed nine wickets in a World Cup game. Nashra Sandhu was once again the pick of the bowlers claiming four wickets for 18 runs in her four overs. Fatima Sana was the one who started the onslaught but it was the only wicket taken by the pace bowler with Nida Dar and Sadia Iqbal chipping in with two wickets each. Nida Dar bowled a lovely spell conceding just 5 runs in her three over with a maiden and Tuba Hassan also took one wicket in her first World Cup match. The win was however set up but an outstanding century by Muneeba Ali and she was well supported by Nida Dar. The Ireland Women bowlers were quite ineffective and left a massive task for their batters to achieve.
This has been a walk in the park for the Pakistan Women! They have beaten Ireland Women by a comprehensive margin of 70 runs. They have kept themselves well and truly alive in this competition by coming back from a disappointing loss against their arch-rivals. Ireland Women were never really in this game as they were beaten comprehensively in all facets of the game. Amy Hunter and Gaby Lewis could not get going in this match and Orla Prendergast looked like she could pull this off but was dismissed on 31. Eimear Richardson played a good cameo scoring 28 in 17 balls but there was no contribution from any other batter. Ireland Women's hunt for their maiden win in a World Cup continues and they are at the bottom of the table.
Sadia Iqbal To Leah Paul OUT!
OUT! Pakistan Women have done this with ease! Sadia Iqbal bowls a beautiful delivery that drifts and turns after pitching and takes the top of off. Leah Paul had no clue about it as she played it from the crease and the ball hits timber. This has been a remarkable bowling performance by Pakistan Women as they have bowled their opponents out inside the 17th over. Ireland Women's batting woes continue and they have succumbed to yet another defeat.
Sadia Iqbal To Leah Paul
Leah Paul takes it on the full and bunts it back at the bowler.
Sadia Iqbal To Leah Paul
Sadia Iqbal floats this one full and outside off. Leah Paul knocks this towards mid off.
Over 16 : 95/9
2 Runs
  • 015.1
  • 115.2
  • 015.3
  • 115.4
  • W 15.5
  • 015.6
J. Maguire
0 (1)
L. Paul
4 (5)
N. Dar
Nida Dar To Jane Maguire
A low full toss on the stumps. Jane Maguire bunts it back to the bowler.
Nida Dar To Cara Murray OUT!
OUT! CLEANED UP! Pakistan Women are being ruthless now as they want to head back to their hotel room at the earliest! Quicker delivery, full and straight on the stumps. Cara Murray plays all around it and does not get her bat in time. The ball crashes into the stumps. Nida Dar takes her second and has been outstanding in this game. Pakistan Women are just one wicket away from comfortably winning this match.
Nida Dar To Leah Paul
Short and outside off. Leah Paul cuts it to cover-point and takes a quick single.
Nida Dar To Leah Paul
Shortish and turns outside off. Leah Paul goes for the cut but misses.
Nida Dar To Cara Murray
Fuller one outside off. Cara Murray uses her feet and works it to covers for one.
Nida Dar To Cara Murray
Flatter one turns into the batter. Cara Murray defends it to covers.
Over 15 : 93/8
4 Runs
  • 114.1
  • 114.2
  • 114.3
  • 014.4
  • W 14.5
  • 114.6
C. Murray
1 (1)
L. Paul
3 (3)
S. Iqbal
Sadia Iqbal To Cara Murray
Short and outside off. Cara Murray cuts it to covers and a misfield allows Murray to take one.
Cara Murray makes her way out to the middle.
Sadia Iqbal To Arlene Kelly OUT!
OUT! CAUGHT! Sadia Iqbal has her first wicket and joins the party as well! Slower and full outside off. Arlene Kelly looks to the scoop and chips it off the cue end of the bat to the short fine leg region. Aiman Anwer runs forward and takes a good low catch to dismiss Arlene Kelly for 1 as Pakistan Women take their eighth wicket and are inching towards victory.
Sadia Iqbal To Arlene Kelly
Quicker on the leg peg. Arlene Kelly uses her feet and fails to get any bat on it. Works off her pad to the onside.
Sadia Iqbal To Leah Paul
Flat on the leg peg. Leah Paul tucks it to the square leg for one.
Sadia Iqbal To Arlene Kelly
Short and outside off. Arlene Kelly punches it down to long on for one.
Sadia Iqbal To Leah Paul
Flat on the leg stump. Leah Paul works it to square leg for one.
Over 14 : 89/7
2 Runs
  • 113.1
  • 013.2
  • 013.3
  • W 13.4
  • 113.5
  • W 13.6
M. Waldron
1 (5)
L. Paul
1 (1)
N. Sandhu
Nashra Sandhu To Mary Waldron OUT!
OUT! CAUGHT! Two wickets in the over and Pakistan Women are close to a comprehensive win! Nashra Sandhu bowls this short and outside the off pole. Mary Waldron charges down the wicket and looks to cut this but end up slicing it into the hands of the point fielder. Javeria Khan has the easiest of catches to take and Ireland Women are now seven wickets down. Four wickets for Nashra Sandhu and her good run in the competition continues. Arlene Kelly walks out onto the field.
Nashra Sandhu To Leah Paul
This is short as well and outside off. Leah Paul knocks this back past the bowler for a single.
Leah Paul strides out to the middle.
Nashra Sandhu To Eimear Richardson OUT!
OUT! CAUGHT! Nashra Sandhu has her third wicket and this should be the end of any hope for Ireland Women! Nashra Sandhu bowls this short and outside off.  Eimear Richardson goes well across the stumps and looks to paddle this towards fine leg. Not easy against a spinner as she has to generate all the power and ends up lobbing it up towards the short fine leg fielder. Sadia Iqbal takes another catch and Ireland Women lose their sixth wicket now.
Nashra Sandhu To Eimear Richardson
Another flighted delivery bowled outside off. Eimear Richardson looks to go leg side but ends up getting a leading edge over the bowler's head to the right.
Nashra Sandhu To Eimear Richardson
Floats this one full and outside off. Eimear Richardson lobs this back down the pitch.
Nashra Sandhu To Mary Waldron
Nashra Sandhu bowls this full and into the stumps. Mary Waldron mistimes her shot into the leg side and sets off for a quick single. Some misunderstanding but the throw is wayward.
16 OV
2 Runs
N. Dar to C. Murray L. Paul J. Maguire
  • 015.1
  • 115.2
  • 015.3
  • 115.4
  • W 15.5
  • 015.6
15 OV
4 Runs
S. Iqbal to L. Paul A. Kelly C. Murray
  • 114.1
  • 114.2
  • 114.3
  • 014.4
  • W 14.5
  • 114.6
14 OV
2 Runs
N. Sandhu to M. Waldron E. Richardson L. Paul
  • 113.1
  • 013.2
  • 013.3
  • W 13.4
  • 113.5
  • W 13.6
13 OV
16 Runs
A. Riaz to E. Richardson
  • 412.1
  • 412.2
  • 412.3
  • 212.4
  • 212.5
  • 012.6
12 OV
2 Runs
N. Sandhu to L. Little M. Waldron
  • 011.1
  • 211.2
  • W 11.3
  • 011.4
  • 011.5
  • 011.6
11 OV
11 Runs
T. Hassan to L. Delany L. Little E. Richardson
  • 010.1
  • 210.2
  • W 10.3
  • 110.4
  • 410.5
  • 410.6
10 OV
4 Runs
N. Sandhu to E. Richardson L. Delany
  • 09.1
  • 29.2
  • 09.3
  • 09.4
  • 19.5
  • 19.6
9 OV
2 Runs
T. Hassan to L. Delany E. Richardson
  • 08.1
  • 18.2
  • 18.3
  • 08.4
  • 08.5
  • 08.6
8 OV
10 Runs
N. Sandhu to O. Prendergast L. Delany
  • 47.1
  • 47.2
  • 17.3
  • 17.4
  • 07.5
  • W 7.6
7 OV
3 Runs
N. Dar to O. Prendergast L. Delany
  • 06.1
  • 16.2
  • 16.3
  • 06.4
  • 06.5
  • 16.6
6 OV
7 Runs
A. Anwer to O. Prendergast L. Delany
  • 05.1
  • 25.2
  • 25.3
  • 15.4
  • 25.5
  • 05.6
5 OV
0 Runs
N. Dar to G. Lewis L. Delany
  • 04.1
  • 04.2
  • 04.3
  • 04.4
  • W 4.5
  • 04.6
4 OV
14 Runs
F. Sana to O. Prendergast
  • 03.1
  • 43.2
  • 03.3
  • 63.4
  • 03.5
  • 43.6
3 OV
10 Runs
S. Iqbal to G. Lewis O. Prendergast
  • 02.1
  • 22.2
  • 32.3
  • 12.4
  • 42.5
  • 02.6
2 OV
5 Runs
F. Sana to A. Hunter G. Lewis
  • 21.1
  • 11.2
  • 01.3
  • 1 WD 1.4
  • 01.4
  • 11.5
  • W 1.6
1 OV
3 Runs
S. Iqbal to A. Hunter G. Lewis
  • 20.1
  • 00.2
  • 00.3
  • 10.4
  • 00.5
  • 00.6
Match Info
  • Venue Newlands, Cape Town
  • Weather Clear
  • Toss Ireland Women won the toss and elected to field
  • Result Pakistan Women beat Ireland Women by 70 runs
  • Player of the Match Muneeba Ali
  • Umpire Claire Polosak (AUS), Janani N (IND) and Eloise Sheridan (AUS)
  • Referee Michel Pereira (SL)
Match Notes
  • Innings Break: Pakistan Women 165/5 in 20.0 overs
  • 3rd wkt Partnership: 101 off 66 balls between M Ali (64) and N Dar (33)
  • M Ali maiden T20I hundred: 100 runs in 66 balls (14x4) (0x6)
  • Pakistan Women 153/2 in 18.4 overs
  • 3rd wkt Partnership: 54 off 38 balls between M Ali (25) and N Dar (28)
  • Pakistan Women 101/2 in 13.4 overs
  • M Ali T20I fifty: 51 runs in 40 balls (6x4) (0x6)
  • Drinks: Pakistan Women 71/2 in 10.0 overs
  • Pakistan Women 50/1 in 6.4 overs
  • Drinks: Ireland Women 58/3 in 10.0 overs
  • Ireland Women 50/2 in 7.2 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Ireland Women 39/2
Match Poll

Who will win the Match

Player Runs Avg.
Laura Wolvaardt SA-W 230 46.00
Natalie Sciver ENG-W 216 72.00
Beth Mooney AUS-W 206 51.50
Alyssa Healy AUS-W 189 47.25
Tazmin Brits SA-W 186 37.20
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Player Wickets Eco.
Sophie Ecclestone ENG-W 11 4.15
Ashleigh Gardner AUS-W 10 6.25
Megan Schutt AUS-W 10 6.13
Marizanne Kapp SA-W 9 6.27
Lea Tahuhu NZ-W 8 6.33
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