England vs West Indies, 4th ODI Match Summary

ENG vs WI, 2017 - ODI Summary

England vs West Indies Scorecard
Match Ended   
4th ODI, The Oval, London , Sep 27, 2017
258/5 (35.1/50)
356/5 (50.0/50)
England beat West Indies by 6 runs (D/L method)
  • Player of the Match
    Evin Lewis
WI 356/5
Bat Top Batsmen
176 (130)
  • 17x4s
  • 7x6s
  • 135.38SR
77 (62)
  • 4x4s
  • 4x6s
  • 124.19SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 7.1
ECON 6.7
ENG 258/5
Bat Top Batsmen
84 (66)
  • 11x4s
  • 2x6s
  • 127.27SR
48 (25)
  • 6x4s
  • 2x6s
  • 192SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 6.85
One more game to go in this long summer for England. They have had a very good home season and would love to end it in a convincing manner as well. Can the Windies generate some spark and end the tour with a win? They do not have much time to reflect as the 5th ODI will be played on FRIDAY, 29TH SEPTEMBER, 2017 at 1230 local (1130 GMT). In the meanwhile, the whole world is getting into a cricketing frenzy as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh, Australia and India lock horns on Thursday. You can catch all the action right here. Have a great time! ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
EVIN LEWIS HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Had West Indies won, perhaps Joseph might have been in contention for his fifer. It is the third highest individual ODI score in a losing cause, with Zimbabwe's Charles Coventry and Australia's Matthew Hayden topping the list.
Not quite the best bowling display from West Indies apart from Joseph. He tore through that English middle order but got no support from his teammates. The last 2 overs before the rain cost the Windies 26 runs. A few overs before, Nurse went for 19. That completely changed the tempo.
Moeen Ali and Jos Buttler then launched a stunning counter-attack. The duo seemed to be expecting a rain assault and added an unbeaten 77 runs in just 48 balls before the heavens opened up. That took England just past the DLS score. They were way behind that when Moeen had arrived at the crease.
Chasing a massive target of 357, England got off to a great start, thanks to Jason Roy. He was fluent in his 84 while Bairstow struggled for his 39. The opening stand of 126 came up in 106 balls but once Roy fell, there was a collapse. In next to no time, the home side slipped to 181/5 with all the dismissals credited to young Alzarri Joseph. But the game was not over - oh no.. there was MO.
Every cricket fan would have wanted a better way to achieve the result. Not many would have been disappointed had we seen Buttler and Moeen counter-attack their way to a win or West Indies bounce back. But to end the game due to rain is not the most pleasing manner.
That is it then. THE MATCH HAS BEEN ABANDONED AND ENGLAND HAVE WON BY 6 RUNS COURTESY THE DLS METHOD. This was always coming, given that the forecast for rain was always there and it was not ready to calm down. The hosts take the series then, with an unassailable 3-0 lead and a final game to go this summer.
The umpires are out in the middle now...
Meanwhile, not so good news for Evin Lewis. He has been diagnosed with a hairline fracture on his right ankle and that will keep him OUT FOR 2-3 WEEKS. Poor lad. For those who missed the action, he got hit on his right ankle trying to play a yorker from Jake Ball and left the field after a while. Sad end to the tour for him...
Hard to imagine what might be going on through Holder's mind at the moment. A bloke blasts 176, a kid takes a Michelle, yet he is on the cusp of a match and series defeat. Should he have given that over to Nurse with Moeen in such great form? Should he have gone for the kill straightaway? Should he have kept the field up for Moeen in the previous over? For his sake, let us hope the game resumes. 2045 is the cut off time for resumption.
1935 LOCAL UPDATE - It has started to rain heavily and the umpire is seen uprooting the stumps and signalling the groundsmen to bring in the covers. From the match point of view, England are 6 RUNS AHEAD on DLS at the moment and that should calm all the nerves in their dressing room as once they were in a real spot of bother. Once again it's Moeen Ali who has turned the tide and as long as he and Buttler are there, England would feel they can get over the line. Stay tuned as we will keep you posted...
Alzarri Joseph To Jos Buttler
Down the leg side, tickled fine for a well-run couple. 99 more needed from 89 balls now.
The wrecker-in-chief, ALZARRI JOSEPH is back into the attack. Can he put a lid on the scoring rate and pick up a wicket?
Both the umpires come in and have a chat. They feel it's not that heavy and ask the players to continue...
Over 35 : 256/5
11 Runs
M. Ali
48 (25)
J. Buttler
41 (34)
J. Taylor
Jerome Taylor To Moeen Ali
FOUR! What a roar! The crowd knows it. 253 is the magic number. The shout is not for the boundary. It is for England getting ahead of the DLS par score. A full toss outside off, Moeen just places it through the covers. The combination of supreme timing and a lush green outfield makes it a boundary. 11 from the over, 26 from the last 2!
Jerome Taylor To Moeen Ali
Very full outside off, squeezed straight to point.
It has started to rain... England need to be 253/5 at the end of this over.
Jerome Taylor To Jos Buttler
Buttler pushes it to mid on for a run.
Jerome Taylor To Moeen Ali
Pushes this towards mid off for a quick single.
Jerome Taylor To Moeen Ali
FOUR! Uppish but wide! Moeen continues to play his shots. It is a half volley and wide. There to be hit. Moeen obliges and drives a bit loosely. It is in the air but wide of a leaping Jason Holder at mid off for a boundary!
Jerome Taylor To Jos Buttler
Down the leg side, flicked through fine leg for a single.
JEROME TAYLOR is back on now. Holder needs a wicket or England will achieve what KingVic just said.
Over 34 : 245/5
15 Runs
M. Ali
39 (21)
J. Buttler
39 (32)
M. Cummins
Miguel Cummins To Moeen Ali
FOUR! On the up! A length ball outside off, Moeen punches it on the up through the covers for a boundary! 15 from the over!
Miguel Cummins To Jos Buttler
Pushes it through mid on for a single.
Miguel Cummins To Jos Buttler
FOUR! Pure Buttler stuff. Nothing much wrong with the delivery. Cummins goes for the yorker but misses it by a fraction. Just a fraction. It ends up as a low full toss and that is enough for Buttler who gets down and across and scoops it through fine leg for a boundary!
A friend KingVic says, 'England are going at around 7 an over. They can easily win this'. Not to argue mate, but just feel, counter-attack can always be a double-edged sword. You live by it, you die by it. If they can get rid of Moeen quickly, this game can change.
Miguel Cummins To Moeen Ali
A length ball wider outside off, Ali swings hard again and gets a top edge which does not carry to third man. A single taken.
Miguel Cummins To Moeen Ali
FOUR! What a shot. Full and wide outside off, Moeen goes aerial and carves it wide of point for a boundary!
Miguel Cummins To Jos Buttler
Banged in short to start, pulled through backward square leg for a single.
MIGUEL CUMMINS comes on again.
Match Info
  • Venue The Oval, London
  • Weather Rainy
  • Toss England won the toss and elected to field
  • Result England beat West Indies by 6 runs (D/L method)
  • Player of the Match Evin Lewis
  • Umpire Rob Bailey (ENG), Rod Tucker (AUS) and Simon Fry (AUS)
  • Referee Javagal Srinath (IND)
Match Notes
  • 5th wkt Partnership: 151 off 98 balls between E Lewis (85) and J Holder (61)
  • West Indies 301/4 in 44.1 overs
  • E Lewis: 153 runs in 120 balls (16x4) (5x6)
  • J Holder 4th ODI fifty: 54 runs in 47 balls (3x4) (3x6)
  • 5th wkt Partnership: 105 off 81 balls between E Lewis (55) and J Holder (47)
  • West Indies 255/4 in 41.5 overs
  • E Lewis dropped on 122 by J Roy in 40.4 overs
  • 5th wkt Partnership: 50 off 49 balls between E Lewis (25) and J Holder (23)
  • West Indies 200/4 in 36.2 overs
  • Drinks: West Indies 196/4 in 35.0 overs
  • E Lewis 2nd ODI hundred: 100 runs in 94 balls (13x4) (0x6)
  • J Holder dropped on 3 by E Morgan in 29.5 overs
  • West Indies 150/3 in 28.1 overs
  • 4th wkt Partnership: 100 off 114 balls between E Lewis (56) and J Mohammed (39)
  • West Indies 100/3 in 20.4 overs
  • E Lewis ODI fifty: 50 runs in 52 balls (7x4) (0x6)
  • 4th wkt Partnership: 50 off 59 balls between E Lewis (28) and J Mohammed (18)
  • Drinks: West Indies 82/3 in 16.0 overs
  • J Mohammed dropped on 9 by E Morgan in 10.6 overs
  • Power play (1-10) West Indies 55/3
  • West Indies 50/3 in 9.1 overs
  • West Indies 19/2: S Hope c Jos Buttler b Chris Woakes 11(11)
  • Referral 1 (2.5 ovs) S Hope against ENG (Caught) Unsuccessful (ENG: 1, WI: 0)
  • Rain Stoppage: England 258/5 in 35.1 overs
  • England 250/5 in 34.2 overs
  • 6th wkt Partnership: 50 off 36 balls between J Buttler (20) and M Ali (30)
  • Drinks: England 200/5 in 30.0 overs
  • England 200/5 in 29.5 overs
  • Alzarri Joseph maiden ODI 5-wicket haul: 5/49 (7.1)
  • England 151/2 in 22.2 overs
  • Drinks: England 108/0 in 16.0 overs
  • 1st wkt Partnership: 103 off 90 balls between J Roy (70) and J Bairstow (28)
  • England 103/0 in 14.6 overs
  • J Roy 10th ODI fifty: 50 runs in 46 balls (8x4) (0x6)
  • Power play (1-10) England 57/0
  • 1st wkt Partnership: 51 off 49 balls between J Roy (37) and J Bairstow (13)
  • England 51/0 in 8.2 overs
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