JSY vs GSY Live Cricket Score

Jersey vs Guernsey, Live Cricket scoreboard 1st T20I

Jersey vs Guernsey Scorecard
Match Ended   
1st T20I, Farmers Cricket Club Ground, St Martin, Jersey , Jul 07, 2023
135/3 (15.2/20)
134/6 (20.0/20)
Jersey beat Guernsey by 7 wickets
Ben Fitchet 261550173.33
Ben Fitchet c Zak Tribe b Elliot Miles
Luke Le Tissier 4111036.36
Luke Le Tissier c Benjamin Ward b Elliot Miles
Josh Butler C 270028.57
Josh Butler c Dominic Blampied b Benjamin Ward
Matthew Stokes 242130114.28
Matthew Stokes b Charles Perchard
Isaac Damarell Wk 7510140
Isaac Damarell b Benjamin Ward
Tom Nightingale 282840100
Tom Nightingale c & b Dominic Blampied
Ollie Nightingale 292420120.83
Ollie Nightingale not out
Martin Dale Bradley 690066.66
Martin Dale Bradley not out
Extras8 Runs (b: 5, wd: 3)
Total134/6 20.0(RR: 6.7)
Fall Of Wickets:
  • 18/1
    3 ov
    Luke Le Tissier
  • 32/2
    4.4 ov
    Ben Fitchet
  • 37/3
    6.3 ov
    Josh Butler
  • 51/4
    8.1 ov
    Isaac Damarell
  • 77/5
    12 ov
    Matthew Stokes
  • 108/6
    16.4 ov
    Tom Nightingale
Harrison Carlyon 301404.66
Julius Sumerauer 2022011.00
Elliot Miles 402726.75
Charles Perchard 403117.75
Benjamin Ward 401924.75
Dominic Blampied 301615.33
Harrison Carlyon 483480141.17
Harrison Carlyon st Isaac Damarell b Luke Bichard
Charlie Brennan 674664145.65
Charlie Brennan not out
Julius Sumerauer Julius Sumerauer2000
Julius Sumerauer c Ollie Nightingale b Martin Dale Bradley
Asa Tribe Wk 150020
Asa Tribe b Luke Bichard
Jonty Jenner 10501200
Jonty Jenner not out
Extras9 Runs (lb: 5, wd: 4)
Total135/3 15.2(RR: 8.8)
Fall Of Wickets:
  • 106/1
    11.5 ov
    Harrison Carlyon
  • 107/2
    12.2 ov
    Julius Sumerauer
  • 110/3
    13.3 ov
    Asa Tribe
Matthew Stokes 2030015.00
Luke Bichard 403328.25
Dane Mullen 301705.66
Adam Martel 3.202708.10
Martin Dale Bradley 302317.66
Match Info
  • Venue Farmers Cricket Club Ground, St Martin, Jersey
  • Toss Guernsey won the toss and elected to bat
  • Result Jersey beat Guernsey by 7 wickets
  • Umpire Heath Kearns (JEY), EJ Harvey and No TV Umpire
  • Referee No Referee
Match Notes
Match Poll

Who will win the Match

Harrison Carlyon JSY8989.00
Charlie Brennan JSY7272.00
Ben Fitchet GSY6331.50
Matthew Stokes GSY5527.50
Tom Nightingale GSY5226.00
Elliot Miles JSY46.62
Charles Perchard JSY47.75
Benjamin Ward JSY35.75
Dane Mullen GSY36.14
Luke Bichard GSY39.28