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ZIM vs PNG Live Cricket Score

Zimbabwe Under-19 vs Papua New Guinea Under-19, Live Cricket scoreboard Match 2

Zimbabwe Under-19 vs Papua New Guinea Under-19 Scorecard
Match Ended   
Match 2, Lincoln Green, Lincoln , Jan 13, 2018
Zimbabwe Under-19 beat Papua New Guinea Under-19 by 10 wickets
  • Player of the Match
    Wesley Madhevere
Simon Atai 14290048.27
Simon Atai c Dion Myers b Wesley Madhevere
Igo Mahuru 262640100
Igo Mahuru c Jayden Schadendorf b Robert Chimhinya
Vagi Karaho 130033.33
Vagi Karaho lbw b Wesley Madhevere
Ovia Sam 242300104.34
Ovia Sam not out
Sinaka Arua 181421128.57
Sinaka Arua c Wesley Madhevere b Milton Shumba
Daure Aiga Daure Aiga1000
Daure Aiga b Wesley Madhevere
Nou Rarua Nou Rarua7000
Nou Rarua b Milton Shumba
Eisa Eka Eisa Eka5000
Eisa Eka c Gregory Dollar b Jonathan Connolly
James Tau 350060
James Tau c Jayden Schadendorf b Taun Harrison
Boge Arua 370042.85
Boge Arua c Alistair Frost b Liam Roche
Semo Kamea Semo Kamea000
Semo Kamea run out (Dion Myers)
Extras6 Runs (B: 3, LB: 0, WD: 3, NB: 0)
Total95/10 20.0(RR: 4.75)
Fall Of Wickets:
  • 41/1
    8.5 ov
    Igo Mahuru
  • 44/2
    9.2 ov
    Simon Atai
  • 44/3
    9.4 ov
    Vagi Karaho
  • 66/4
    12.2 ov
    Sinaka Arua
  • 68/5
    13.1 ov
    Daure Aiga
  • 69/6
    14.3 ov
    Nou Rarua
  • 72/7
    15.4 ov
    Eisa Eka
  • 90/8
    18 ov
    James Tau
  • 95/9
    19.5 ov
    Boge Arua
  • 95/10
    20 ov
    Semo Kamea
Liam Roche 40711.75
Jonathan Connolly 301414.66
Kieran Robinson 10404
Taun Harrison 201417
Wesley Madhevere 411934.75
Robert Chimhinya 201517.5
Milton Shumba 401924.75
Gregory Dollar *414050102.5
Gregory Dollar not out
Wesley Madhevere 534460120.45
Wesley Madhevere not out
Extras4 Runs (B: 1, LB: 0, WD: 3, NB: 0)
Total98/0 14.0(RR: 7)
Did Not Bat
Milton Shumba,Liam Roche,Dion Myers, Alistair Frost, Jayden Schadendorf, Robert Chimhinya, Taun Harrison, Kieran Robinson, Jonathan Connolly
James Tau 201306.5
Semo Kamea 301705.66
Daure Aiga 2021010.5
Eisa Eka 201608
Boge Arua 301806
Vagi Karaho 201206
Match Info
  • Venue Lincoln Green, Lincoln
  • Weather Overcast
  • Toss Zimbabwe Under-19won the toss and elected to field
  • Result Zimbabwe Under-19 beat Papua New Guinea Under-19 by 10 wickets
  • Player of the Match Wesley Madhevere
  • Umpire Nigel Duguid (WI), Ranmore Martinesz (SL) and no TV Umpire
  • Referee Dev Govindjee (SA)
Match Poll

Who will win the Match

Alick Athanaze WI418104.50
Shubman Gill IND372124.00
Raynard van Tonder SA34869.60
Finn Allen NZ33867.60
Keagan Simmons WI31979.75
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Anukul Roy IND143.84
Qais Ahmad AFG143.84
Faisal Jamkhandi CAN146.76
Rachin Ravindra NZ135.30
Shaheen Afridi PAK123.58
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