"Want To Show My Silver Medal To Sachin Tendulkar": Bhavinaben Patel

Bhavinaben Patel became India's most successful para table tennis player by winning a silver medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. She lost the gold medal match but through her efforts in the maiden Paralympic Games, she has earned the epithet, 'Giant Killer'. A prolific Bhavina Patel went onto beat several top ranked players in her field to win the silver medal. Bhavina, who started playing the sport seriously nearly two decades back, said that she has been motivated by legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar's achievements over his long career. He is her idol and she wants to show him the medal when back. "I have always been inspired by Sachin Tendulkar. I want to see him with my own eyes and i want to soak in all the motivational speeches from him that will give me even more confidence," Bhavinaben Patel told NDTV.