Ball Tampering Scandal: Fans Want A Revamp Of The Australian Cricket Culture

Winter is approaching in AUstralia and it will be a winter of discontent. The iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), the home of cricket in Australia, bears a barren look. The season ended with the Aussies suffering comprehensive defeat at the hands of South Africa. It also sank Australian cricket in the odiousness of darkness. Andrew Saunders, a Melbourne-based barrister says, "I was so embarrassed and shocked that I could not read the reportage in the papers for 2/3 days. I was shocked that they cheated and the way they did." Abhijeet Mukherjee, who migrated to Australia from the UK a few years ago and a massive follower of the game is stunned by the happenings. "You feel very let down when you know the people you are supporting, the people you are looking up to aren't playing honestly. I am from India, grew up in England, now I live in Melbourne. I am a huge cricket fan of all three teams. So it is disappointing for me to see the game being sullied."