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NOR vs GSY Live Cricket Score

Norway vs Guernsey, Live Cricket scoreboard Match 3

Norway vs Guernsey Scorecard
Match Ended   
Match 3, Desert Springs Cricket Ground, Almeria , Apr 30, 2022
Norway Norway
120/7 (20.0/20)
126/2 (18.0/20)
Guernsey beat Norway by 8 wickets
Khizer Ahmed 373640102.77
Khizer Ahmed c Matthew Stokes b Luke Bichard
Aminullah Tanha 111009.09
Aminullah Tanha c Josh Butler b William Peatfield
Walid Ghauri 34403185
Walid Ghauri c Josh Butler b David Hooper
Muhammad Sher Sahak 171411121.42
Muhammad Sher Sahak c Ben Ferbrache b Luke Bichard
Ali Saleem 12701171.42
Ali Saleem b Luke Bichard
Wahidullah Sahak 230066.66
Wahidullah Sahak c & b David Hooper
Kuruge Abeyrathna 5310166.66
Kuruge Abeyrathna b William Peatfield
Bilal Safdar 5200250
Bilal Safdar not out
Abdullah Sheikh 140025
Abdullah Sheikh not out
Extras6 Runs (B: 0, LB: 2, WD: 4, NB: 0)
Total120/7 20.0(RR: 6)
Fall Of Wickets:
  • 3/1
    2.4 ov
    Aminullah Tanha
  • 61/2
    12.2 ov
    Khizer Ahmed
  • 87/3
    16.1 ov
    Walid Ghauri
  • 107/4
    17.5 ov
    Muhammad Sher Sahak
  • 107/5
    18 ov
    Ali Saleem
  • 109/6
    18.3 ov
    Wahidullah Sahak
  • 117/7
    19.1 ov
    Kuruge Abeyrathna
William Peatfield 401423.50
Matthew Stokes 20301.50
Luke Bichard 402837.00
David Hooper 4040210.00
Tom Nightingale 301806.00
Dec Martel 301505.00
Josh Butler 322921110.34
Josh Butler st Khizer Ahmed b Abdullah Sheikh
Isaac Damarell 131320100
Isaac Damarell c Muhammad Sher Sahak b Wahidullah Sahak
Tom Nightingale 46482295.83
Tom Nightingale not out
Matthew Stokes 252030125
Matthew Stokes not out
Extras10 Runs (B: 2, LB: 4, WD: 2, NB: 2)
Total126/2 18.0(RR: 7)
Fall Of Wickets:
  • 28/1
    4.2 ov
    Isaac Damarell
  • 69/2
    11.5 ov
    Josh Butler
Vinay Ravi 3032010.66
Ahmadullah Shinwari 402305.75
Wahidullah Sahak 302217.33
Abdullah Sheikh 401914.75
Bilal Safdar 402406.00
Match Info
  • Venue Desert Springs Cricket Ground, Almeria
  • Weather Sunny
  • Toss Norwaywon the toss and elected to bat
  • Result Guernsey beat Norway by 8 wickets
  • Player of the Match Tom Nightingale
  • Umpire Andrew Elliott (ENG), Gordon Ashford (ESP) and Darren Clark (ESP)
  • Referee No Referee
Match Notes
Match Poll

Who will win the Match

Muhammad Sher Sahak NOR9933.00
Josh Trembearth-Moro SPA9331.00
Josh Butler GSY9323.25
Yasir Ali SPA8829.33
Matthew Stokes GSY8442.00
Lorne Burns SPA94.53
Yasir Ali SPA74.47
Luke Bichard GSY75.50
Matthew Stokes GSY46.16
Wahidullah Sahak NOR47.70
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