Country Guyana
City Georgetown, Guyana
Venue Bourda, Georgetown, Guyana
Established 1884
Capacity 25000

About Bourda, Georgetown, Guyana

Bourda Oval is one of the oldest venues to host an international game in West Indies' cricket history. It is located in Georgetown, Guyana. Being one of the oldest grounds in the Caribbean gives it its own share of charm and awe - something a visit to Bourda will surely attest. It has awesome gigantic wooden pavilions and a famous Ladies Stand. The entire ground is surrounded by a moat and is the only ground in the world that is below sea level. Bourda was carved out of the silent sea in 1884 and it staged its first Test match in 1930. One of the largest grounds in the Caribbean, it has the seating capacity for 22,000 spectators. Spectators have brought infamy to the ground owing to their frequent pitch invasions and minor riots caused by them. The ugly episode during the 1979 World Series Cup in which the security of the players looked deeply threatened by the raiding mob has been permanently etched as a blot against Bourda. Bourda was left out of the list of grounds hosting the 2007 World Cup. Newer and better-designed grounds have deprived it of partaking of the euphoria.