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Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders, Match 6 Match Summary

RCB vs KKR, 2022 - T20 Summary

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders Scorecard
Match Ended   
Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 3 wickets
KKR 128/10
Bat Top Batsmen
25 (18)
  • 1x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 138.88SR
18 (12)
  • 2x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 150SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 11.73
RCB 132/7
Bat Top Batsmen
28 (40)
  • 1x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 70SR
27 (20)
  • 0x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 135SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 5.00
ECON 4.00
That's all we have from this low-scoring thriller. On Thursday, 31st March 2022, Lucknow will be locking horns with Chennai at 7.30 pm IST (2 pm GMT). Do join us in advance for all the action. Cheers!
Wanindu Hasaranga (4-0-20-4) is the Player of the Match! The Sri Lankan says that it was a crucial situation for the team when he came to bat and he tried to do his best. Tells that he is happy with his performance and there was dew too, so he is very happy. Smiles and shares that his favourite football player is Neymar and he tries to copy his celebration. States that he does not take any pressure when he is on the field and tries to back his skills.
Faf du Plessis, the winning captain of Bangalore, says that he is very happy although it was a victory by a close margin. Calls it a good win and praises the two-seamers of Kolkata for bowling well in the Powerplay. Tells that the ball moved a little more and there was bounce as well. Mentions that 2-3 days ago it was a high-scoring game and in this match, it was a low-scoring one which is good to see. Admits that it could have been clinical but then a win is a win. Shares that they always thought that keeping wickets in hand was going to be the key and he terms Dinesh Karthik as ice-cool just like MS Dhoni whose experience is very valuable. Adds that he relies on a lot of people for inputs and tells that there is good communication in the team.
Shahbaz Ahmed (27 off 20 balls) says that the thinking was to bat with positive intent and maintain the flow of runs. Shares that the idea was to take the game deep. Feels that he could have finished the game but he has learnt from this game. Mentions that they wanted to attack Venkatesh Iyer and Andre Russell. Regarding the pitch, he replies that there was more grass than the last game and there was some help for the pacers. Tells that it was tough for the spinners to bowl with all the dew around. Praises the stand of David Willey and Sherfane Rutherford.
Shreyas Iyer, the captain of Kolkata, comes up for a chat. Says that he found this game exciting and adds that he told his team that this game will define their character and attitude on the field, Further says it doesn’t matter whether they win or not but this game will go a long way in defining their character in the season. He tells that the end part was difficult for him as Russell was injured and he decided to back Venkatesh Iyer as he has international experience. Adds that the wicket was dicey at the start and they wanted to get a good start but the execution was not good. Tells that Wanindu Hasaranga bowled very well and shares that they had decided to play him like an off spinner but unfortunately, it didn't work out.
Time for some interviews...
Early in the evening, Kolkata were blown away by some disciplined bowling from Bangalore. There were many reckless shots from the Kolkata batters as well and that's the main area for them to work on in the coming games. Wanindu Hasaranga was the pick of the bowlers with a 4-fer and the other bowlers were equally impressive.
Kolkata had very little to play with! Still, Shreyas Iyer put on his captaincy hat and made some smart bowling changes. The start from them was perfect, the first three overs brought them three wickets and that handed them the momentum. Umesh Yadav and Tim Southee were brilliant and then Sunil Narine also left his impact. Varun Chakaravarthy could have spent less but was still decent. The move to give the 18th over to Southee made this game very interesting as he picked up two wickets but towards the end, not having enough runs on the board cost them.
Three wickets in the first three overs sent early jitters in the Bangalore camp but Sherfane Rutherford and David Willey read the game situation really well. They absorbed the pressure as that was the need of the hour and put on a 45-run stand. Sherfane Rutherford dropped into the anchor role and allowed Willey and later on, Shahbaz Ahmed to bat around him. The knock of Shahbaz provided Bangalore with a breathing space when the required rate started to get uncomfortable. Towards the end, it got close but Dinesh Karthik and Harshal Patel scored vital runs to take Bangalore over the line.
Well fought, Kolkata! It was never their game after a flop show with the bat but their bowlers stood up and made Bangalore sweat for every run. A defeat here for them but they won't be too disappointed given the fight shown by them in the field.
Over 19.2 : 132/7
10 Runs
  • 619.1
  • 419.2
D. Karthik
14 (7)
H. Patel
10 (6)
A. Russell
Andre Russell To Dinesh Karthik
FOUR! Karthik has done it for Bangalore towards the end. That's a calm finish from him. Fuller and around off, Karthik shows it the full face of his bat and drills it down to long on for a boundary. Bangalore win by 3 wickets and open their account this season!
Andre Russell To Dinesh Karthik
SIX! No fear when DK is here! He has been a perfect finisher! Short in length, around off, Karthik rides the bounce and rifles it over square leg for a biggie. Just one needed now.
Who will bowl the last over? It will be Andre Russell. Have to say the batting side is the favourite but can Andre Russell do something special for his team? Let's find out.
Over 19 : 122/7
10 Runs
  • 118.1
  • 118.2
  • 418.3
  • 018.4
  • 018.5
  • 418.6
H. Patel
10 (6)
D. Karthik
4 (5)
V. Iyer
Venkatesh Iyer To Harshal Patel
FOUR! A boundary to finish the over and Bangalore will be relieved. 7 needed off 6 now. Short again from Iyer, around middle, Harshal Patel steps back to make room and clobbers it to the wide long on fence.
Venkatesh Iyer To Harshal Patel
Another swing and a miss! Venkatesh Iyer is playing his part here. A touch short and close to off, no pace on offer, Patel tries to heave but misses. He looks to steal a bye but DK sends him back. Can Iyer close this over well now?
Venkatesh Iyer To Harshal Patel
Swing and a miss! Fuller in length and wide outside off, Harshal throws his bat at it but fais to connect.
Venkatesh Iyer To Harshal Patel
FOUR! Vital boundary. On a length and outside off, Harshal Patel walks across the stumps and scoops it down to fine leg for a boundary. 11 needed off 9 balls.
Venkatesh Iyer To Dinesh Karthik
Complete hara-kiri! Both the batters are at one end. Absolute chaos there. But Kolkata fail to get the run out. Fuller in length and outside off, Karthik slices his drive towards short third man. His partner wants a run and DK hesitates after setting off. They both end up at the striker's end but to their relief, Umesh Yadav has a shy at the striker's end and misses. Karthik now runs to the other end to complete a single.
Venkatesh Iyer To Harshal Patel
Pitches it up and around middle, Patel drives it to the right of covers and hands the strike to Karthik.
Venkatesh Iyer is brought into the attack to bowl the 19th over!
Over 18 : 112/7
7 Runs
  • 1 WD17.1
  • 117.1
  • W17.2
  • 017.3
  • 417.4
  • W17.5
  • 117.6
H. Patel
1 (1)
D. Karthik
3 (4)
T. Southee
Tim Southee To Harshal Patel
Slightly short in length and on off, Patel punches it to sweeper cover for a run. What an over from the Kiwi, 7 runs and two wickets off it! 17 needed off 12 balls.
Harshal Patel comes in next.
Tim Southee To Wanindu Hasaranga OUT!
OUT! CAUGHT! This game is going down the wire, folks! Two wickets in the over! Back of a length, on off. Wanindu Hasaranga makes room and looks to hit it over the infield on the off side. However, he fails to get the timing on that one and the ball goes in the air behind mid off. Andre Russell at mid off runs behind and to his left and takes a fantastic catch. What a catch and what a over this has been.
Tim Southee To Wanindu Hasaranga
FOUR! That will release the tension. Short in length and outside off, Wanindu Hasaranga attacks it with all his might and whacks it to the deep point fence. 18 needed off 14 balls.
Tim Southee To Wanindu Hasaranga
On a length, on middle. Wanindu Hasaranga defends it towards the leg side.
Wanindu Hasaranga is the new batter.
Tim Southee To Sherfane Rutherford OUT!
OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Ohh...a moment of magic from Sheldon Jackson! Kolkata needed this kind of effort and now we have a real game on our hands. Sherfane Rutherford walks back. Southee lands it on a length, around middle and off. Sherfane Rutherford looks to pull it away but gets an inside edge. The ball goes to the right of Sheldon Jackson. It was dipping in front of him but he dives to take a great low catch. 22 needed now from 16 balls.
Tim Southee To Dinesh Karthik
Lands on a length, around off. Dinesh Karthik steers it towards third man for a single.
Tim Southee To Dinesh Karthik
WIDE! Starts off with a wide! This is a fullish delivery and down the leg side. Dinesh Karthik looks to flick it but misses.
Who will bowl now? It's going to be Tim Southee.
19 OV
10 Runs
V. Iyer to H. Patel D. Karthik
  • 118.1
  • 118.2
  • 418.3
  • 018.4
  • 018.5
  • 418.6
18 OV
7 Runs
T. Southee to D. Karthik S. Rutherford W. Hasaranga H. Patel
  • 1 WD17.1
  • 117.1
  • W17.2
  • 017.3
  • 417.4
  • W17.5
  • 117.6
17 OV
4 Runs
S. Narine to S. Rutherford D. Karthik
  • 116.1
  • 016.2
  • 116.3
  • 116.4
  • 116.5
  • 016.6
16 OV
8 Runs
V. Chakaravarthy to S. Ahmed S. Rutherford
  • 115.1
  • 015.2
  • 015.3
  • 115.4
  • 615.5
  • W15.6
15 OV
4 Runs
T. Southee to S. Ahmed S. Rutherford
  • 1 WD14.1
  • 014.1
  • 014.2
  • 214.3
  • 114.4
  • 014.5
  • 014.6
14 OV
4 Runs
U. Yadav to S. Rutherford S. Ahmed
  • 113.1
  • 113.2
  • 113.3
  • 013.4
  • 013.5
  • 113.6
13 OV
15 Runs
A. Russell to S. Ahmed S. Rutherford
  • 012.1
  • 2 NB12.2
  • 112.2
  • 612.3
  • 012.4
  • 612.5
  • 012.6
12 OV
8 Runs
V. Chakaravarthy to S. Rutherford S. Ahmed
  • 111.1
  • 111.2
  • 411.3
  • 111.4
  • 011.5
  • 111.6
11 OV
3 Runs
S. Narine to S. Rutherford D. Willey
  • 010.1
  • 110.2
  • 110.3
  • 010.4
  • 110.5
  • W10.6
10 OV
6 Runs
V. Chakaravarthy to S. Rutherford D. Willey
  • 19.1
  • 49.2
  • 09.3
  • 1 WD9.4
  • 09.4
  • 09.5
  • 09.6
9 OV
1 Runs
S. Narine to S. Rutherford D. Willey
  • 08.1
  • 18.2
  • 08.3
  • 08.4
  • 08.5
  • 08.6
8 OV
12 Runs
V. Chakaravarthy to D. Willey S. Rutherford
  • 47.1
  • 1 LB7.2
  • 67.3
  • 07.4
  • 17.5
  • 07.6
7 OV
4 Runs
S. Narine to S. Rutherford D. Willey
  • 06.1
  • 16.2
  • 06.3
  • 26.4
  • 16.5
  • 06.6
6 OV
11 Runs
A. Russell to D. Willey S. Rutherford
  • 15.1
  • 05.2
  • 15.3
  • 5 WD5.4
  • 05.4
  • 45.5
  • 05.6
5 OV
1 Runs
U. Yadav to D. Willey
  • 04.1
  • 04.2
  • 04.3
  • 04.4
  • 04.5
  • 14.6
4 OV
2 Runs
T. Southee to S. Rutherford
  • 03.1
  • 03.2
  • 03.3
  • 03.4
  • 03.5
  • 23.6
3 OV
5 Runs
U. Yadav to V. Kohli S. Rutherford D. Willey
  • W2.1
  • 4 B2.2
  • 02.3
  • 02.4
  • 12.5
  • 02.6
2 OV
7 Runs
T. Southee to V. Kohli du Plessis
  • 01.1
  • 01.2
  • 31.3
  • 01.4
  • 41.5
  • W1.6
1 OV
10 Runs
U. Yadav to du Plessis A. Rawat V. Kohli
  • 10.1
  • 00.2
  • W0.3
  • 40.4
  • 40.5
  • 10.6
Match Info
  • Venue Dr. DY Patil Sports Academy, Navi Mumbai
  • Weather Clear
  • Toss Royal Challengers Bangalorewon the toss and elected to field
  • Result Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 3 wickets
  • Player of the Match Wanindu Hasaranga
  • Umpire Jayaraman Madanagopal (IND), Navdeep Singh (IND) and Nitin Menon (IND)
  • Referee Manu Nayyar (IND)
Match Notes
  • Innings Break: Kolkata 128/10 in 18.5 overs
  • Referral 1 (15.6 ovs): BLR against V Chakaravarthy (LBW) Unsuccessful (BLR: 1, KOL: 2)
  • Kolkata 100/8 in 14.1 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Kolkata 99/8 in 14.0 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Kolkata 67/5 in 8.5 overs
  • Kolkata 50/4 in 7.1 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Kolkata 44/3
  • S Iyer dropped on 10 by M Siraj in 4.4 overs
  • Bangalore 101/4 in 15.5 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Bangalore 93/4 in 15.0 overs
  • Referral 1 (14.5 ovs): KOL against S Rutherford (Caught) Unsuccessful (BLR: 2, KOL: 1)
  • Strategic Time-out: Bangalore 53/3 in 9.0 overs
  • Bangalore 51/3 in 7.3 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Bangalore 36/3
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