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West Indies vs England, 3rd Test Match Summary

WI vs ENG, 2019 - Test Summary

West Indies vs England Scorecard
Match Ended   
154&252 (69.5)
England beat West Indies by 232 runs
  • Player of the Match
    Mark Wood
  • Player of the Series
    Kemar Roach
ENG 277/10
Bat Top Batsmen
79 (175)
  • 8x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 45.14SR
67 (127)
  • 9x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 52.75SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 1.85
WI 154/10
Bat Top Batsmen
John Campbell
John Campbell
41 (63)
  • 3x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 65.07SR
38 (56)
  • 6x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 67.85SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 4.92
ECON 2.4
ENG 361/5
Bat Top Batsmen
122 (225)
  • 10x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 54.22SR
69 (99)
  • 11x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 69.69SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 2.2
WI 252/10
Bat Top Batsmen
102 (191)
  • 12x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 53.40SR
34 (30)
  • 2x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 113.33SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 4.71
That is all we have for you in this Test match series. Windies win it by a 2-1 margin and have surprised many. The England tour doesn't end here. The 5-match ODI series begin from 20th February. The first one will be played at Barbados. Join in at 1100 local (1500 GMT). Until then, ta ta!
Jason Holder then goes onto collect the trophy and calls over his teammates to pose for the shutterbugs. This series was really important for them as well as cricket in general. A sight that has not been seen recently but one which brings genuine happiness to the eyes of the neutral viewers.
Jason Holder tells us that it was a bit disappointing to lose the final Test. Reckons there are areas of improvement but there are also positives to pick out of the games. When asked about the previous tour compared to this one, he mentions there are both good and bad that can be taken out of each performance. Reserves some special praise for Roston Chase who he feels is an asset with both bat and ball. Continues by saying that he is looking forward to the touring Indians and reckons they will have to be more clinical in that, not affording to lose plots. On the importance of the series win, he ends by saying that the team has to consistently improve and reach the higher rankings by winning, aspiring to be the number 1 side. Thanks the Windies supporters as well as the travelling English supporters for making this a good spectacle.
Kemar Roach, the Man of the Series says that the series was a pretty good one for him but more important was winning for the team against a competitive England side. Tells us with a smile that even he gets tired but he was trying to give the best for the side. When asked about the team performance, he says that he is really proud of all his mates to have beaten the formidable England side. Asked about the touring Indian side later in the year he says that he is looking forward to all the cricket coming up. Ends by saying everyone is working really hard in practice and the nets to make the team a great one and get results which they want.
Mark Wood is the Man of the Match, says that he was full of confidence after the England Lions tour. He informs that he was not worried about his pace and just looked to run in and bowl fast. He feels happy about managing to come in and hit the right lines and lengths and pick up the wickets. When asked about playing in the Ashes for the England team, he says that he is not thinking that far ahead. Ends by thanking his fitness coaches and physios for getting him fit and ready to bowl.
Joe Root, the England captain feels that they played some good cricket in this Test and batted well in the first innings, then came out and did the job with the ball as well. On the team combination, he says that he chose the side that he felt was best-suited and admits that a few mistakes were made. Regardless, he feels that there is a brilliant squad and the team will be really good with experience. On his own form, he feels that the hundred was really important in the second innings and felt good to contribute with the bat. Praises Mark Wood for bowling with great pace and effort. Signs off by saying it was a great way to end the series and get some momentum going into the ODIs.
As for the bowling effort in the second innings, Anderson and Ali picked up three each, whereas Stokes picked up a couple, one went to Wood and the other one was a suicidal run out. Broad bowled well without success. All-in-all, a good bowling performance to follow the great one in the first innings as well. The English team can have some smiles on their faces before they move onto the 5-match ODI series coming up. Presentations to follow...
The chase was derailed early when 4 wickets went early on to the swing of Anderson and pace of Wood. Most of them were loose shots. What followed after Lunch was a bit of rearguard action with Roston Chase standing at one end, losing partners. And post-Tea, it was all about how long for the remaining wickets to fall. Roston Chase and the Windies innings continued long enough for the batsman to get to three figures but the England bowlers eventually found a way to bowl them out and pick up a consolation win.
Roston Chase remains unbeaten but the Windies don't. They have been beaten and convincingly at that in the final Test of the series. 232 runs and that underlines the importance of Jason Holder to this Windies Test team. Nevertheless, the series is in the bag and the hosts still have smiles on their faces as they walk out to shake hands with their opposition. A chase of 485 was never going to be possible but the hosts could have shown a bit more of character and tried to help out Roston Chase, who was out there trying his best.
Ben Stokes To Keemo Paul OUT!
OUT! That is that! Stokes has the final laugh. Goes short on the body of Paul. He makes room and looks to pull this. Gets it off the splice of the bat and it goes high. Stokes hares to the ball and takes a very simple catch. ENGLAND WIN BY 232 RUNS.
Ben Stokes To Keemo Paul
FOUR! Hammered! Full toss outside off, Paul slaps this over the bowler's head for another boundary.
Ben Stokes To Keemo Paul
FOUR! Lovely! Full and outside off, Paul carves it through point for a lovely boundary.
Ben Stokes To Keemo Paul
Full toss on the leg side, Paul flicks it to deep square leg but refuses the single.
Ben Stokes To Keemo Paul
FOUR! Well he can't run so he will play his shots. Short ball outside off, Paul pulls this through mid-wicket for a boundary.
Over 69 : 240/9
4 Runs
    R. Chase
    102 (191)
    K. Paul
    0 (1)
    J. Denly
    Joe Denly To Roston Chase
    Gets behind the ball and bunts it down.
    Joe Denly To Roston Chase
    Brilliant bowling. This one skids through bat and pad and somehow misses the stumps.
    Joe Denly To Roston Chase
    FOUR! 100 for Chase! What an innings this has been from him. Patient and held one end through. Outside off, Chase cuts it through the point region and it runs away to the fence. He takes off his helmet and soaks in all the applause. His 5th in this format.
    Joe Denly To Roston Chase
    Chase has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
    Joe Denly To Roston Chase
    Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
    Joe Denly To Roston Chase
    Loopy leg spin on leg, Chase gets an edge which goes past short leg. Would be some story that if Chase got out.
    Joe Denly to roll his arm over now.
    Over 68 : 236/9
    1 Runs
      K. Paul
      0 (1)
      R. Chase
      98 (185)
      B. Stokes
      Ben Stokes To Keemo Paul
      Full and on off, Paul guides it to covers.
      Keemo Paul is the last man in. He was stretchered off yesterday, but he comes in to help a mate reach three figures. Brilliant comradeship!
      Ben Stokes To Shannon Gabriel OUT!
      OUT! Edge and taken! Stokes does the trick. Length ball outside off, Gabriel who was patient enough now goes after it. He gets an outside edge which goes to Bairstow who takes a simple catch. The players appeal and the umpire raises his finger.
      Ben Stokes To Shannon Gabriel
      Bouncer! Gabriel ducks under the bouncer at the last moment.
      Ben Stokes To Shannon Gabriel
      The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
      Ben Stokes To Roston Chase
      Find someone who has the same confidence as Chase has in Gabriel. Turns his bat to the leg side and collects one.
      Ben Stokes To Roston Chase
      Back of a length ball on off, Chase is ahead to work it on the leg side but it hits his thigh pad. I don't know why Stokes is appealing.
      Ben Stokes is now into the attack.
      Over 67 : 235/8
      1 Runs
        S. Gabriel
        3 (20)
        R. Chase
        97 (183)
        M. Ali
        Moeen Ali To Shannon Gabriel
        Gabriel survives, again. Gets behind the ball and pushes it to the off side.
        Match Info
        • Venue Darren Sammy National Cricket Stadium, St Lucia
        • Weather Sunny
        • Toss West Indieswon the toss and elected to field
        • Result England beat West Indies by 232 runs
        • Player of the Match Mark Wood
        • Player of the Series Kemar Roach
        • Umpire Rod Tucker (AUS), Kumar Dharmasena (SL) and Chris Gaffaney (NZ)
        • Referee Jeff Crowe (NZ)
        Match Notes
        • Stumps: England 231/4 in 83.0 overs
        • 5th wkt Partnership: 100 off 152 balls between J Buttler (35) and B Stokes (54)
        • J Buttler 13th Test fifty: 50 runs in 94 balls (7x4) (0x6)
        • England 201/4 in 71.4 overs
        • B Stokes 17th Test fifty: 52 runs in 84 balls (6x4) (0x6)
        • Drinks: England 177/4 in 66.0 overs
        • 5th wkt Partnership: 50 off 72 balls between J Buttler (6) and B Stokes (41)
        • England 152/4 in 59.0 overs
        • Referral 4 (50.3 ovs): WI against B Stokes (LBW) Unsuccessful (WI: 1, ENG: 2) (Retained)
        • Tea: England 114/4 in 50.0 overs
        • England 102/3 in 44.1 overs
        • Drinks: England 77/3 in 38.0 overs
        • Referral 3 (33.2 ovs): J Denly against WI (LBW) Unsuccessful (WI: 1, ENG: 1)
        • Referral 2 (32.2 ovs): WI against R Burns (LBW) Successful (WI: 1, ENG: 2)
        • England 51/1 in 27.1 overs
        • Lunch: England 46/1 in 26.0 overs
        • Referral 1 (25.5 ovs): WI against J Denly (Caught) Unsuccessful (WI: 1, ENG: 2)
        • Drinks: England 30/0 in 16.0 overs
        • K Jennings dropped on 3 by R Chase in 8.5 overs
        • Stumps: England 19/0 in 10.0 overs
        • Innings Break: West Indies 154/10 in 47.2 overs
        • M Wood maiden Test 5-wicket haul: 5/41 (8.2)
        • West Indies 150/9 in 46.4 overs
        • Referral 9 (45.2 ovs): ENG against S Dowrich (LBW) Successful (WI:1, ENG:2)
        • Drinks: West Indies 131/7 in 43.0 overs
        • West Indies 103/6 in 34.0 overs
        • Tea: West Indies 74/5 in 27.1 overs
        • Referral 8 (18.4 ovs): J Campbell against ENG (LBW) Unsuccessful (ENG:2, WI:1)
        • Drinks: West Indies 51/0 in 16.0 overs
        • 1st wkt Partnership: 50 off 95 between K Brathwaite (10) and J Campbell (37)
        • West Indies 50/0 in 15.4 overs
        • Referral 7 (6.6 ovs): ENG against J Campbell (LBW) Unsuccessful (WI:2, ENG:2)
        • Referral 6 (6.5 ovs): J Campbell against ENG (LBW) Successful (ENG:2, WI:2)
        • Lunch: West Indies 2/0 in 3.0 overs
        • Innings Break: England 277/10 in 101.5 overs
        • Referral 5 (97.2 ovs): WI against J Bairstow (LBW) Unsuccessful (WI:0, ENG:1)
        • Drinks: England 257/6 in 95.0 overs
        • J Bairstow dropped on 2 by S Gabriel in 91.6 overs
        • England 250/5 in 91.4 overs
        • Stumps: England 325/4 in 100.0 overs
        • J Root 16th Test Hundred: 102 runs in 189 balls (9x4) (0x6)
        • England 301/4 in 91.3 overs
        • Drinks: England 255/4 in 81.2 overs
        • England 250/3 in 80.2 overs
        • New ball taken: England 248/3 in 80.0 overs
        • J Buttler 14th Test fifty: 50 runs in 110 balls (4x4) (0x6)
        • 4th wkt Partnership: 100 off 204 between J Root (49) and J Buttler (49)
        • J Root 42nd Test fifty: 50 runs in 120 balls (4x4) (0x6)
        • Tea: England 207/3 in 66.0 overs
        • Referral 10 (62.5 ovs): J Buttler against WI (Caught) Successful (WI:2, ENG:2)
        • England 200/3 in 60.4 overs
        • 4th wkt Partnership: 50 off 79 between J Root (15) and J Buttler (34)
        • Drinks: England 160/3 in 49.0 overs
        • England 151/3 in 47.2 overs
        • 3rd wkt Partnership: 50 off 76 between J Denly (30) and J Root (21)
        • J Denly maiden Test fifty: 53 runs in 73 balls (8x4) (0x6)
        • Lunch: England 108/2 in 37.0 overs
        • England 101/2 in 34.2 overs
        • Drinks: England 69/1 in 22.0 overs
        • 2nd wkt Partnership: 50 off 69 between K Jennings (12) and J Denly (29)
        • England 50/1 in 16.5 overs
        • J Denly dropped on 12 by S Hetmyer in 13.4 overs
        • R Chase 5th Test Hundred: 102 runs in 189 balls (12x4) (1x6)
        • Drinks: West Indies 212/8 in 60.5 overs
        • 5th wkt Partnership: 54 off 50 between R Chase (21) and A Joseph (32)
        • West Indies 204/7 in 60.1 overs
        • Referral 2 (59.3 ovs): R Chase against ENG (LBW) Successful (ENG:2, WI:2)
        • A Joseph dropped on 13 by B Stokes in 58.1 overs
        • West Indies 150/6 in 50.2 overs
        • K Roach dropped on 20 by R Burns in 48.6 overs
        • Tea: West Indies 136/6 in 47.0 overs
        • R Chase Test fifty: 52 runs in 136 balls (4x4) (0x6)
        • West Indies 100/5 in 38.5 overs
        • S Dowrich dropped on 3 by J Buttler in 34.2 overs
        • Drinks: West Indies 76/5 in 31.4 overs
        • West Indies 50/4 in 22.5 overs
        • Lunch: West Indies 35/4 in 18.0 overs
        • S Hope dropped on 0 by J Buttler in 3.3 overs
        • Referral 1 (2.3 ovs): ENG against D Bravo (LBW) Unsuccessful (WI:2, ENG:1)
        • Innings Break: England 361/5 dec in 105.2 overs
        • 5th wkt Partnership: 101 off 140 between J Root (46) and B Stokes (45)
        • England 351/4 in 104.0 overs
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