Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils, Match 32 T20 Match Summary

IPL 2017

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils Scorecard
Match Ended   
Eden Gardens, Kolkata , Apr 28, 2017
161/3 (16.2/20)
160/6 (20.0/20)
Kolkata Knight Riders beat Delhi Daredevils by 7 wickets
  • Man of the match
    Gautam Gambhir
DD 160/6
Bat Top batsman
60 (38)
  • 4x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 157.89SR
47 (34)
  • 4x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 138.23SR
Bowl Top Bowler
ECON 6.25
KKR 161/3
Bat Top batsman
71 (52)
  • 11x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 136.53SR
59 (33)
  • 5x4s
  • 4x6s
  • 178.78SR
Bowl Top Bowler
ECON 6.85
So with this match, Kolkata continue the winning momentum and stay at the top of the table while the Delhi boys fail to get out from the bottom spot. Don't go away as we have the second match of the day coming your way. It's Punjab hosting Hyderabad at Mohali. Switch tabs to check out all the action from that match. Cheers!
Kolkata skipper and Man of the Match, Gautam Gambhir says it's still a long way to go. Further says it's a long tournament and they need to play like this throughout. Appreciates his bowlers for pulling things back towards the end. Agrees his decision to bowl first worked wonders. Opines they knew Delhi have a good bowling attack and the ploy was to not let them settle down. Informs they don't pick players with hope, they do with faith. On Uthappa, he appreciates him by saying he should continue hitting as long as it's coming off the middle of the bat. Ends by saying whatever awards that he has won or will win, he's going to donate it to the victims of Sukhma.
Delhi skipper, Zaheer Khan says that they had the platform but failed to capitalize. Feels that they fell 15 runs short and the dropped catches added to the woes. Informs once again they failed to give the finishing touches to their innings. Jokes about asking the wrong person about the drop catch and says that the timing of those dropped catches were wrong. Opines that they will have to regroup. Adds that the winning momentum is crucial and hopes they have one of those matches where one steps up and takes the game away from the opposition. Informs that he will be able to give the update on his injury tomorrow morning.
Gautam Gambhir made sure he stayed till the end to take his team over the line as he remained unbeaten on a fabulous 71. For Delhi it was another disappointing game. None of the bowlers except for Rabada stepped up to the occasion. Morris, their star performer had an off day with both bat and ball. Their fielding was not up to the mark either and that sums up their performance today. A lot to ponder for Zaheer Khan and his men. Stay tuned for the presentation...
Kolkata continue from where they left off in Pune. Gambhir was confident of chasing and he's done it in style. Defending a total of 160, Rabada cleaned up the dangerman Sunil Narine early. But much to his dismay, Robin Uthappa came out all guns blazing. He started to attack from the word go. He got a huge reprieve when he was on 9 and once that happened, he never looked back and quickly raised his half century. Gambhir was happy as always to play the second fiddle and together they accounted for a marvelous 108-run stand off just 66 balls. It sealed the deal as the equation came down to just 60 from the last 10 overs.
Kagiso Rabada To Gautam Gambhir
Wide! Rabada completes the formality. Bangs it short down the leg side. Gambhir leaves it and a wide is signalled. That will do it for Kolkata. They extend their winning streak as they WIN COMFORTABLY BY 7 WICKETS AND 22 BALLS TO SPARE!
Kagiso Rabada To Gautam Gambhir
FOUR! Fuller on the pads. It's too easy for Gambhir as he flicks it through mid-wicket for a boundary. Just 1 run needed now!
Kagiso Rabada To Gautam Gambhir
On a length around middle and leg, punched back to the bowler.
over 16 : 156/3
16 runs
S. Jackson
12 (5)
G. Gambhir
67 (50)
C. Morris
Chris Morris To Sheldon Jackson
FOUR! Short delivery around off, Jackson pulls it but fails to get the timing right. Still it's in the gap and the ball races to the fence.
Chris Morris To Gautam Gambhir
Full on off, Gambhir looks to play it across the line but gets a leading edge past slip for a single.
Chris Morris To Gautam Gambhir
FOUR! Fuller length delivery, angling away, driven on the up through wide mid off for a boundary. What placement this!
Chris Morris To Sheldon Jackson
Length delivery, angling in, clipped to deep mid-wicket for a single.
Chris Morris To Sheldon Jackson
Full on middle, clipped through mid-wicket. Bawne there misfields and a couple is taken.
Chris Morris To Sheldon Jackson
FOUR! Beautifully placed! Back of a length outside off, Jackson punches it on the up past a diving Cummins at point for a boundary.
Chris Morris is back into the attack!
Time out taken!
Match Detail
  • Series IPL 2017
  • Venue Eden Gardens, Kolkata
  • Weather Clear
  • Toss Kolkata Knight Riders won the toss and elected to field
  • Result Kolkata Knight Riders beat Delhi Daredevils by 7 wickets
  • Man of the match Gautam Gambhir
  • Umpire Nigel Llong (ENG), S Ravi (IND) and Virender Sharma (IND)
  • Referee Andy Pycroft (ZIM)
Match Notes
  • Ankit Bawne makes his T20 debut for Delhi
  • Delhi 50/1 in 5.2 overs
  • Mandatory power play (1-6) Delhi 53/1
  • Time out: Delhi 71/1 in 9.0 overs
  • S Samson T20 fifty: 51 runs in 32 balls (4x4) (2x6)
  • 2nd wkt Partnership: 50 off 45 balls between S Samson (26) and S Iyer (23)
  • Delhi 105/1 in 12.4 overs
  • Time out: Delhi 108/1 in 13.0 overs
  • C Anderson dropped on 0 by K Yadav in 16.2 overs
  • C Anderson dropped on 1 by K Yadav in 16.6 overs
  • Delhi 151/5 in 18.2 overs
  • Innings Break: Delhi 160/6 in 20.0 overs
  • Mandatory power play (1-6) Kolkata 47/1
  • Time out: Kolkata 47/1 in 6.0 overs
  • Kolkata 51/1 in 6.1 overs
  • 2nd wkt Partnership: 50 off 34 balls between G Gambhir (25) and R Uthappa (19)
  • R Uthappa T20 fifty: 50 runs in 24 balls (5x4) (3x6)
  • Kolkata 100/1 in 9.5 overs
  • 2nd wkt Partnership: 102 off 62 balls between G Gambhir (36) and R Uthappa (58)
  • G Gambhir T20 fifty: 51 runs in 39 balls (7x4) (0x6)
  • Time out: Kolkata 140/3 in 15.0 overs
  • Kolkata 151/3 in 15.4 overs
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