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India vs West Indies, 1st ODI Match Summary

India Vs West Indies 2018

India vs West Indies Scorecard
Match Ended   
Barsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati , Oct 21, 2018
326/2 (42.1/50)
322/8 (50.0/50)
India beat West Indies by 8 wickets
  • Man of the match
    Virat Kohli
WI 322/8
Bat Top batsman
106 (78)
  • 6x4s
  • 6x6s
  • 135.89SR
51 (39)
  • 6x4s
  • 2x6s
  • 130.76SR
Bowl Top Bowler
ECON 4.1
ECON 6.6
IND 326/2
Bat Top batsman
152 (117)
  • 15x4s
  • 8x6s
  • 129.91SR
140 (107)
  • 21x4s
  • 2x6s
  • 130.84SR
Bowl Top Bowler
ECON 7.2
ECON 9.22
That is all we have for you today. India take the 1-0 lead in this 5-match ODI series. We now move to Visakhapatnam for the second ODI. That match is on 24th October, Wednesday, which begins on 1330 local (0800 GMT). Join in for that one. Till then, you catch other cricketing action around the globe. Cheers!
Man of the Match and India captain, Virat Kohli, says he feels good as they won quite convincingly. Thinks Windies put a good score on the board but nothing is too difficult when Rohit is batting at the other end. Chuckles and says it rarely happens when Rohit plays second fiddle, but once in a while it happens as he was feeling pretty good tonight. Adds that when he got out, Rohit took over and went on the offensive. Continues saying he only has a few years left in his career, so he wants to give the game his all and do the best he can. On his seamers, reckons that the pitch was a good one to bat on so he doesn't want to be too harsh on the bowlers, though he acknowledges that they should have done better in the death overs.
Windies captain, Jason Holder, says he's really pleased with Shimron's Hetmyer's hundred and also the start Kieran Powell provided. Mentions the ball was skidding on which their spinners couldn't take advantage of. Thinks the total they had was par but Kohli and Rohit took the game away from them, though a wicket or two could have changed the game. Praises Hetmyer once more and applauds the youngster's character. Ends by saying they will look to bounce back in the next game.
Yuzvendra Chahal is caught on the sidelines by Sanjay Manjrekar. The leggie says you have to vary your pace on this ground. Feels the ball was gripping which helped. Reckons the batsmen were only looking for the big hits, so he wasn't bowling full too much. Adds the West Indians are strong guys and if they're hitting, you have to be smart. On playing with Jadeja, he mentions he's played with him in the Asia Cup so he knows him now and both were talking to each other throughout. On Kohli and Rohit's batting, he states the way they bat you don't want to bowl against them and it's a treat to watch them do what they do.
Windies were flavorless in their bowling. Yes, it was a batting track but nobody could get their lines right and they should have done better at least in terms of consistency. The tourists had an early wicket but didn't capitalize on it. All of them went for runs with Thomas and Bishoo picking up a wicket each. Earlier on, India were given a run for their money as Hetmyer (who scored a ton) and co. posted 320-plus on the board. One would have thought it would be a challenging total for the hosts, but that clearly wasn't the case.
India have won this game and have made it look so easy. Effortless. All thanks to Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. They lost Dhawan early but their counter-attacking 246-run stand ensured that they took India within touching distance. Rayudu and Sharma then ensured that there were on further inroads.
Chandrapaul Hemraj To Rohit Sharma
SIX! And Rohit finishes it off in style! A comfortable victory for the hosts as Sharma lofts this full delivery in his arc cleanly over long off. Handshakes all around, the crowd goes wild. INDIA WIN BY 8 WICKETS!
over 42 : 320/2
14 runs
R. Sharma
146 (116)
A. Rayudu
22 (26)
O. Thomas
Oshane Thomas To Rohit Sharma
Stays leg side to this full ball and pushes it through the gap in the covers for a single.
Oshane Thomas To Rohit Sharma
FOUR! Make that three in a row. Full toss on the stumps, Rohit lofts it cleanly over wide mid off to find the fence. Just 4 needed for India to win.
Oshane Thomas To Rohit Sharma
FOUR! Consecutive boundaries for Rohit Sharma. You don't usually see him playing such shot. He premeditates the shot, moves across and scoops it on the full past short fine leg.
Oshane Thomas To Rohit Sharma
FOUR! Full toss and Sharma dispatches that. Stands his ground and slogs it over mid-wicket. Hasn't middled it, but the ball still has enough legs to beat wide long on trying to cut it off.
Oshane Thomas To Rohit Sharma
Right in the blockhole from Oshane Thomas. Fires it in on middle, credit to Rohit too for bringing his bat down in time to keep it out.
Oshane Thomas To Ambati Rayudu
Extremely full outside off, drilled through the covers for a single.
Match Detail
  • Series India Vs West Indies 2018
  • Venue Barsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati
  • Weather Clear
  • Toss India won the toss and elected to field
  • Result India beat West Indies by 8 wickets
  • Man of the match Virat Kohli
  • Umpire Nitin Menon (IND), Paul Wilson (AUS) and Ian Gould (ENG)
  • Referee Chris Broad (ENG)
Match Notes
  • R Pant(IND), O Thomas(WI) and C Hemraj(WI) makes their ODI debut
  • West Indies 51/1 in 9.0 overs
  • Power play 1 (1-10) : West Indies 59/1
  • 2nd wkt Partnership: 50 off 41 balls between K Powell (31) and S Hope (17)
  • K Powell 9th ODI fifty: 50 runs in 36 balls (6x4) (2x6)
  • Drinks: West Indies 86/3 in 15.3 overs
  • West Indies 101/3 in 19.4 overs
  • West Indies 150/4 in 25.0 overs
  • H Hetmyer ODI fifty: 50 runs in 41 balls (2x4) (3x6)
  • 5th wkt Partnership: 50 off 36 balls between S Hetmyer (33) and R Powell (17)
  • West Indies 200/5 in 32.0 overs
  • Drinks: West Indies 200/5 in 32.0 overs
  • 6th wkt Partnership: 50 off 41 balls between H Hetmyer (32) and J Holder (17)
  • H Hetmyer 3rd ODI hundred: 104 runs in 74 balls (6x4) (6x6)
  • West Indies 250/6 in 39.1 overs
  • Referral 1 (39.3 ovs): A Nurse against IND (LBW) Unsuccessful (IND: 1, WI: 0)
  • West Indies 252/7: A Nurse lbw b Yuzvendra Chahal 2(2)
  • Power play 2 (11-40): West Indies 254/7 (195 runs, 6 wickets)
  • J Holder dropped on 31 by R Pant in 41.2 overs
  • West Indies 303/8 in 48.4 overs
  • Innings Break: West Indies 322/8 in 50.0 overs
  • India 52/1 in 7.3 overs
  • 2nd wkt Partnership: 52 off 41 balls between R Sharma (12) and V Kohli (38)
  • Power play 1 (1-10) : India 71/1
  • V Kohli ODI fifty: 51 runs in 35 balls (10x4) (0x6)
  • India 100/1 in 15.1 overs
  • Drinks: India 104/1 in 17.0 overs
  • 2nd wkt Partnership: 100 off 95 balls between R Sharma (27) and V Kohli (70)
  • R Sharma ODI fifty: 50 runs in 51 balls (3x4) (3x6)
  • India 150/1 in 22.4 overs
  • 2nd wkt Partnership: 153 off 136 balls between R Sharma (54) and V Kohli (94)
  • V Kohli 36th ODI hundred: 101 runs in 88 balls (16x4) (0x6)
  • India 204/1 in 28.1 overs
  • 2nd wkt Partnership: 203 off 164 balls between R Sharma (77) and V Kohli (121)
  • R Sharma 20th ODI hundred: 100 runs in 84 balls (10x4) (5x6)
  • India 251/1 in 32.2 overs
  • Drinks: India 256/2 in 33.0 overs
  • India 302/2 in 39.5 overs
  • Power play 2 (11-40): India 303/2 (232 runs, 1 wickets)
  • 3rd wkt Partnership: 50 off 49 balls between R Sharma (26) and A Rayudu (21)
  • R Sharma: 152 runs in 117 balls (15x4) (8x6)
Match Poll

Who will win the match?

Player Teams Runs Avg.
Virat Kohli IND 453 151.00
Rohit Sharma IND 389 129.66
Shimron Hetmyer WI 259 51.80
Shai Hope WI 250 62.50
Ambati Rayudu IND 217 72.33
Player Teams Wickets Eco.
Kuldeep Yadav IND 9 5.37
Khaleel Ahmed IND 7 5.34
Ravindra Jadeja IND 7 4.71
Jasprit Bumrah IND 6 2.95
Yuzvendra Chahal IND 5 5.33

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