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Delhi Capitals vs Rajasthan Royals, Match 53 Match Summary

DC vs RR, 2019 - T20 Summary

Delhi Capitals vs Rajasthan Royals Scorecard
Match Ended   
121/5 (16.1/20)
115/9 (20.0/20)
Delhi Capitals beat Rajasthan Royals by 5 wickets
  • Player of the Match
    Amit Mishra
RR 115/9
Bat Top Batsmen
50 (49)
  • 4x4s
  • 2x6s
  • 102.04SR
14 (13)
  • 1x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 107.69SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 4.25
DC 121/5
Bat Top Batsmen
53 (38)
  • 2x4s
  • 5x6s
  • 139.47SR
16 (12)
  • 2x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 133.33SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 8.21
ECON 5.25
Right then! Hey, wait! Where are you going? Not allowed. Just kidding. Match number 54 is about to unfold at the Chinnaswamy. Kohli or Willy? Wouldn't you like to see? Do move over to that game's matchcentre!
AMIT MISHRA HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. on his love affair with the Indian T20 League, Mishra says that he is not happy that missed out on the hat-trick. On his chat with Trent Boult on dropping the catch on the hat-trick ball, Mishy says that he scolded the Kiwi for unnecessarily jumping for the catch, when he could have taken it easily. In response, Amit says that Boult apologized quite a few times. Coming to serious talk, Mishra says that he just focused on keeping things simple and landing the ball in the right areas with the pitch turning so much. Thanks the crowd for its support.
Victorious Delhi captain, Shreyas Iyer, says that the difference between last season and this season is that the players have opened up a lot, having been given plenty of freedom by the support staff. Adds that they don't feel like coaches and that helps. Further says that keeping things simple is their mantra. Praises Ishant Sharma for the consistency he has showed this season. On Dhawan's trading back to Delhi, Iyer says that he will not complain and is happy with the result, also crediting him for keeping the dressing room in splits. Is happy for Amit Mishra who still has something to give to the team and the sport. Finishes by saying that everyone in the team is treated equally. On the team planning to attack the spinners, Shreyas says that either himself or Pant would have been required to go big and he took the responsibility on himself but unfortunately, it did not reap good dividends.
Rishabh Pant is now in for a chat. Says he is always happy whenever he is taking his side home. Adds that it is always special to finish the match but he failed to do so in the last game. Tonight, he is happy to have done that. On the pitch, Rishabh says that it remained the same and the ball always turns in Kotla. Whether they were thinking to go on top with an early finish, Pant says they were looking for it but once they lost early wickets they decided to milk it and get over the line. On the bowlers' performance tonight, Pant feels that it is always easy for spinners when the pace bowlers pick up wickets upfront and today that is what happened. On being asked who he prefers to meet in the playoffs, Pant says that he does not mind who they face as they are just looking to win.
Rajasthan skipper, Ajinkya Rahane, says that they had a tough season this year and reckons that they did not capitalise on the key moments. He feels there were lots of things to learn and hopes to come back stronger next season. On Parag and Gopal, Rahane says that Parag is a great talent and he has played really well despite being so young and on Gopal, Jinx says that he has picked wickets at regular intervals and he had done it last season as well. On his own season, Ajinkya tells that he had a good season and was feeling confident with the bat. Further adds that he always thinks about the team and he has learnt a lot of things from this season.
Earlier in the day, Rajasthan could not make good use of a sticky wicket and trouble Delhi. Too many shots were attempted too soon by the batsmen, not quite showing patience to hang in there and losing the plot. At one stage, even 100 was looking impossible, till a certain Riyan Parag came along and took them to 115. Another 20-30 runs would have been helpful.
SO PROVISIONALLY, DELHI MOVE TO SECOND. RAJASTHAN ARE KNOCKED OUT. If Mumbai beat Punjab tomorrow, Delhi could drop down to third, though if Chennai lose to Punjab by a big margin, they could slip down too. Maths, maths, maths, on a Saturday....ohh... better let the events unfold themselves, aye?
Rajasthan tried their best with the ball. Did not allow Delhi to get off to a flier but this was a track where fast bowlers were not that successful. Aaron and Thomas were expensive while the spin department did not have enough on the board to defend. Sodhi ended with 3 wickets while Gopal continued his excellent 2019 with 2 more wickets.
The good thing for the home side was that run rate was not an issue. Yes, if they wanted to finish in the top 2, they needed to win inside 10 overs but the least they could have done is win the game. It was a track where run-making was not easy and someone had to bide his time on the wicket. Rishabh Pant did that, scoring an unbeaten 53 from 38 balls and taking his team over the line. The others played around him, so the lack of a big partnership did not quite hurt Delhi.
Easy-peasy for Delhi then. They were not chasing a big total but when the openers fell in quick succession, they would have felt some sort of a tremor. The team needed one batsman to bat big and one partnership to be strung and one of the two happened.
Ish Sodhi To Rishabh Pant
SIX! Game, set and match. Delhi end the league stage with 9 wins. Short and outside off, Pant rocks back and pulls it over wide long on! VICTORY FOR DELHI BY 5 WICKETS AND 23 BALLS TO SPARE.
Ish Sodhi to bowl what could probably be the final over of the game.
Over 16 : 115/5
15 Runs
  • 615.1
  • W15.2
  • 115.3
  • 115.4
  • 615.5
  • 115.6
R. Pant
47 (37)
A. Patel
1 (1)
S. Gopal
Shreyas Gopal To Rishabh Pant
Outside off, punched through point for a run. SCORES ARE LEVEL NOW.
Shreyas Gopal To Rishabh Pant
SIX! BLAST! Just 2 more needed. Full and outside off, Pant gets down and mows it into the second tier at long on for half a dozen!
Shreyas Gopal To Axar Patel
Tossed up around off, spinning in, pushed towards cover for a single.
Shreyas Gopal To Rishabh Pant
The googly, outside off, short in length, slapped through the covers for a single. 9 needed now.
This is sad. STRATEGIC BREAK with 10 runs needed. Axar Patel walks in now.
Shreyas Gopal To Sherfane Rutherford OUT!
OUT! Caught. Six previous ball, gone next ball. Tossed up outside off, Rutherford gets down to slog but is not quite to the pitch of the ball. He gets a top edge which goes high in the air. Liam Livingstone has to run back just a bit from mid on and takes the catch comfortably in the end.
Shreyas Gopal To Sherfane Rutherford
SIX! Short ball, outside off, Rutherford pulls it over mid-wicket. The fielder leaps but misses. His knee touches the bottle beyond the ropes but he seems to be fine.
Shreyas Gopal to bowl out. 3-0-6-1 so far.
Over 15 : 100/4
16 Runs
  • 1 WD14.1
  • 214.1
  • 114.2
  • 114.3
  • 114.4
  • 614.5
  • 414.6
R. Pant
39 (34)
S. Rutherford
5 (4)
V. Aaron
Varun Aaron To Rishabh Pant
FOUR! BELLIGERENT! Short and wide outside off, Pant slaps it over point and gets a boundary! 100 up for Delhi with 16 from that over. Just 16 more needed now.
Varun Aaron To Rishabh Pant
SIX! Fine leg was in but it wouldn't have mattered. It is turning out to be an expensive over from Aaron - 12 from it already. A short ball, around middle, Pant swivels and just uses the pace of the bowler, helping it over fine leg.
Varun Aaron To Sherfane Rutherford
Hops across and looks to flick but gets a thick inside edge onto his pads. The batsmen take a quick single.
Varun Aaron To Rishabh Pant
Full and outside off, driven through the covers for a run.
Varun Aaron To Sherfane Rutherford
Outside off, punched off the back foot for a single.
Varun Aaron To Sherfane Rutherford
A better throw would have had Rutherford. Really poor running from the West Indian. Sherfane flicks it through mid-wicket and immediately calls for two. Mahipal Lomror runs as hard as he can to the ball but cannot quite put in the hard yards. It should have been an easy couple but this is where Rutherford commits a schoolboy error. He runs around the bowler while going for the second and that costs him an extra second. However, he is lucky that Lomror's throw is wide to the keeper and he gets in.
Mid-wicket drops back. Fine leg comes in.
Varun Aaron To Sherfane Rutherford
WIDE. Down the leg side, Rutherford misses his flick.
Varun Aaron returns. 1-0-5-0 so far.
Over 14 : 84/4
3 Runs
  • 013.1
  • 113.2
  • 113.3
  • W13.4
  • 113.5
  • 013.6
R. Pant
28 (31)
S. Rutherford
1 (1)
I. Sodhi
Ish Sodhi To Rishabh Pant
Outside off, punched off the back foot. Just 3 runs and a wicket from the over, Sodhi's figures read 3-1-20-3!
16 OV
15 Runs
S. Gopal to S. Rutherford R. Pant A. Patel
  • 615.1
  • W15.2
  • 115.3
  • 115.4
  • 615.5
  • 115.6
15 OV
16 Runs
V. Aaron to S. Rutherford R. Pant
  • 1 WD14.1
  • 214.1
  • 114.2
  • 114.3
  • 114.4
  • 614.5
  • 414.6
14 OV
3 Runs
I. Sodhi to C. Ingram R. Pant S. Rutherford
  • 013.1
  • 113.2
  • 113.3
  • W13.4
  • 113.5
  • 013.6
13 OV
4 Runs
K. Gowtham to R. Pant C. Ingram
  • 112.1
  • 112.2
  • 012.3
  • 012.4
  • 112.5
  • 112.6
12 OV
2 Runs
S. Gopal to C. Ingram R. Pant
  • 011.1
  • 111.2
  • 011.3
  • 111.4
  • 011.5
  • 011.6
11 OV
5 Runs
K. Gowtham to C. Ingram R. Pant
  • 010.1
  • 110.2
  • 110.3
  • 010.4
  • 210.5
  • 110.6
10 OV
6 Runs
S. Binny to R. Pant C. Ingram
  • 19.1
  • 19.2
  • 19.3
  • 19.4
  • 19.5
  • 19.6
9 OV
1 Runs
K. Gowtham to R. Pant C. Ingram
  • 18.1
  • 08.2
  • 08.3
  • 08.4
  • 08.5
  • 08.6
8 OV
3 Runs
S. Gopal to R. Pant S. Iyer C. Ingram
  • 17.1
  • 07.2
  • W7.3
  • 17.4
  • 07.5
  • 17.6
7 OV
14 Runs
R. Parag to S. Iyer R. Pant
  • 16.1
  • 06.2
  • 66.3
  • 66.4
  • 06.5
  • 16.6
6 OV
17 Runs
I. Sodhi to S. Iyer R. Pant
  • 05.1
  • 65.2
  • 65.3
  • 05.4
  • 15.5
  • 45.6
5 OV
1 Runs
S. Gopal to S. Iyer R. Pant
  • 14.1
  • 04.2
  • 04.3
  • 04.4
  • 04.5
  • 04.6
4 OV
0 Runs
I. Sodhi to S. Dhawan P. Shaw R. Pant
  • W3.1
  • W3.2
  • 03.3
  • 03.4
  • 03.5
  • 03.6
3 OV
13 Runs
O. Thomas to S. Dhawan P. Shaw
  • 42.1
  • 02.2
  • 42.3
  • 12.4
  • 02.5
  • 42.6
2 OV
9 Runs
V. Aaron to S. Dhawan P. Shaw
  • 11.1
  • 11.2
  • 4 LB1.3
  • 21.4
  • 11.5
  • 01.6
1 OV
6 Runs
K. Gowtham to P. Shaw S. Dhawan
  • 10.1
  • 10.2
  • 10.3
  • 10.4
  • 10.5
  • 10.6
Match Info
  • Venue Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
  • Weather Clear
  • Toss Rajasthan Royalswon the toss and elected to bat
  • Result Delhi Capitals beat Rajasthan Royals by 5 wickets
  • Player of the Match Amit Mishra
  • Umpire Ian Gould (ENG), Anil Dandekar (IND) and Nitin Menon (IND)
  • Referee Andy Pycroft (ZIM)
Match Notes
  • Innings Break: Rajasthan 115/9 in 20.0 overs
  • R Parag T20 fifty: 50 runs in 47 balls (4x4) (2x6)
  • R Parag dropped on 36 by S Rutherford in 18.4 overs
  • Rajasthan 100/8 in 18.4 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Rajasthan 67/7 in 14.0 overs
  • K Gowtham dropped on 0 by T Boult in 11.4 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Rajasthan 51/4 in 9.0 overs
  • Rajasthan 50/4 in 8.5 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Rajasthan 30/4
  • R Pant T20 fifty: 53 runs in 38 balls (2x4) (5x6)
  • Strategic Time-out: Delhi 106/5 in 15.2 overs
  • Delhi 100/4 in 15.0 overs
  • Delhi 53/2 in 6.3 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Delhi 46/2 in 6.0 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Delhi 46/2
Match Poll

Who will win the Match

David Warner SRH69269.20
KL Rahul PBKS59353.90
Quinton de Kock MI52935.26
Shikhar Dhawan DC52134.73
Andre Russell KKR51056.66
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Imran Tahir CSK266.69
Kagiso Rabada DC257.82
Deepak Chahar CSK227.47
Shreyas Gopal RR207.22
Jasprit Bumrah MI196.63
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