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Australia vs India, 3rd ODI Match Summary

AUS vs IND, 2019 - ODI Summary

Australia vs India Scorecard
Match Ended   
230 (48.4/50)
234/3 (49.2/50)
India beat Australia by 7 wickets
  • Player of the Match
    Yuzvendra Chahal
  • Player of the Series
    MS Dhoni
AUS 230/10
Bat Top Batsmen
58 (63)
  • 2x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 92.06SR
39 (54)
  • 3x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 72.22SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
IND 234/3
Bat Top Batsmen
87 (114)
  • 6x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 76.31SR
61 (57)
  • 7x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 107.01SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 6.22
That is it from the game then! Australia continue to be winless. They cannot win Tests, nor T20Is or ODIs. Victory continues to elude them and they will hope there is some spark or a change around the corner. They have Sri Lanka coming up next with tours of India (why again?) and UAE. India meanwhile, get ready to expand their tour Down Under with a visit to New Zealand for 5 ODIs and a T20I. Do join us for both series and much more. Plenty of cricketing action in the months to follow in this 'YEAR OF THE WORLD CUP!' ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
Virat Kohli also agrees that it was not an easy wicket to bat on, hence had to bat deep. Admits that the team was getting nervous but had plenty of confidence in Dhoni and Jadhav. On Kuldeep missing out, Kohli says that the team just wanted to rest the chinaman. Praises the other bowlers for stepping up. On the tour overall, Virat says that it has been a long tour and one could not have asked for a better result. Adds that the team is confident and is raring to go to New Zealand and strut its stuff.
Australian captain, Aaron Finch, feels that Australia took it down to the wire. Admits that when you give great players a couple of chances, it backfires. Rues the dropped chances as the result could have been much different had those been taken. Praises his bowlers for giving it their everything, trying their best to defend a modest total. On the dropped chances, he says those things happen. On the batting, Finch says that in this game perhaps there was lesser patience shown in the middle overs and they ended up targetting more than they should have.
MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE SERIES. The crowd is rupturing its applause. 'DHONI! DHONI! DHONI!' goes the chant. MS says that it was a slow wicket and hence one had to be careful playing the shots. Adds that he calculated how many overs every bowler had left and planned his knock accordingly. Mentions that it was important to target certain bowlers and that was the gameplan. Praises Kedar Jadhav for the support he gave and adds that his unorthodox shots take the pressure off him (Dhoni). On batting at number 4, Dhoni says that it all depends on the game situation and what the team wants from him. Feels that his batting position is irrelevant when compared to the balance of the team, so is happy to bat anywhere.
YUZVENDRA CHAHAL HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Chahal, says he's obviously happy to have done well in his first game in Australia. Adds that the wicket was turning so he wanted to take advantage of that by varying his pace. Continues saying that there are plenty of challenges, with the next one being in New Zealand, so is looking forward to those.
Hard to fault too much from the Aussie bowlers. They bowled with intensity, created pressure and also made opportunities. But, their fielders let them down. As many as 2 dropped catches and then 2 run out chances missed. Too much in a series finale. Jhye Richardson bounced back after a poor second ODI while Zampa showed some confidence with the ball. Please stay tuned for the presentation...
87. What is so bad about 87? Ask the Aussies. 13 short of a 100. Hence, they consider it unlucky. Normally, it is their batsmen who get dismissed on that number. Tonight, it is a man from the opposition, who came in with the team in a bit of trouble at 59/2 but has stayed unbeaten till the end on guess how much - 87. Just 6 boundaries in his knock but till he was there in the middle, no one had any doubt who would win. His average in run chases now zooms up to 103.07. Mahendra Singh Bradman. Take a bow.
Kohli and Dhoni did what they do best. Grind out oppositions. First the skipper had a 44-run stand with Dhawan. Then added 54 with his former captain. And then, when things seemed to be in Australia's control with Kohli getting out, Kedar Jadhav came out and eased out all fears. His unbeaten 121-run stand with Dhoni would have instilled tremendous amount of confidence in the Indian think tank. Yes. Their batting looks even more stronger now, with the middle order stepping up.
Coming to this match, chasing 231 should never have been difficult but circumstances made it difficult for India. Some tight opening bowling saw the visitors struggling and they were reduced to 26/1 in Powerplay 1. Then they would have lost Kohli and later Dhoni, not once but multiple times but Australia kept grassing chances. Well, good teams do not need more opportunities.
T20 series tied. Test series won. ODI series won. Boy, what a tour it has been for India. They were expected to win but they have not allowed the Aussies to win more than 3 matches in 10 outings. Superb. Take a bow.
Marcus Stoinis To Kedar Jadhav
FOUR! INDIA WIN THE MATCH, SERIES AND THE TOUR! Full on middle, Jadhav whips it over mid on and finds the fence! The batsmen do not run because the ball has raced to the fence.
The Indian team meanwhile is getting ready to celebrate from the dugout...
Marcus Stoinis To Kedar Jadhav
A low full toss outside off, pushed straight to mid off.
1 run needed. 6 balls in hand. 7 wickets in the bank. How many balls will this last? Here comes Marcus Stoinis...
Over 49 : 230/3
13 Runs
    MS Dhoni
    87 (114)
    K. Jadhav
    57 (55)
    P. Siddle
    Peter Siddle To MS Dhoni
    We have a last over. Full on middle, almost a yorker, Dhoni can only push it towards short mid-wicket.
    Last ball of the match? 1 needed. A biggie?
    Peter Siddle To MS Dhoni
    FOUR! Ahhh... full and outside off, Dhoni pummels it past the bowler. Mid off is inside and cannot get there!
    Peter Siddle To MS Dhoni
    WIDE. Full and down the leg side, MS misses his flick.
    Peter Siddle To Kedar Jadhav
    What a shot that is. Backs away to the leg side and Siddle bowls a full toss. Kedar is cramped for room but somehow, he turns his bat and carves it over point. Three runs taken. India a hit away from a series win now.
    Peter Siddle To Kedar Jadhav
    Excellent comeback from the bowler. Fires in a yorker, Kedar can only jab it back to the bowler.
    Peter Siddle To Kedar Jadhav
    FOUR! Killing blow and that should seal the deal. Just 9 needed now from 10. A short ball outside off, Jadhav rocks back and slaps it over point for a boundary!
    Peter Siddle To MS Dhoni
    Misdirected yorker, a low full toss on the pads, Dhoni flicks it towards fine leg and gives Jadhav the freedom to use his weapon of destruction...
    Who bowls the 49th? No options. Peter Siddle it will be. 8-1-43-1 so far. Will this be the final over of the match as well?
    Over 48 : 217/3
    13 Runs
      K. Jadhav
      50 (52)
      MS Dhoni
      82 (111)
      M. Stoinis
      Marcus Stoinis To Kedar Jadhav
      FOUR! What a way to bring up your half century! Full and wide outside off, Jadhav reaches out and slashes it behind point. The fielder starts to run to his right but comes second! 13 from the over, just 14 needed from the final 2.
      Marcus Stoinis To MS Dhoni
      The batsman has played it fine down the leg side. They pick up a single. 100-STAND IS UP! What a way to finish off the series.
      Marcus Stoinis To Kedar Jadhav
      Down the leg side, Jadhav misses his flick and a leg bye is taken with the ball going off the hips.
      Marcus Stoinis To MS Dhoni
      Comes down the track now and helps it through square leg for a single.
      Marcus Stoinis To MS Dhoni
      FOUR! A full toss and it has been put away! Stoinis misses the yorker but Dhoni doesn't. Gets down on a knee and sweeps it powerfully behind square leg. Peter Siddle starts to chase from fine leg but comes second in the chase!
      Marcus Stoinis To MS Dhoni
      Not Out! Dhoni survives and so does Jadhav. Length delivery on off, Dhoni charges down the track and hits it hard towards mid off. Aaron Finch there dives to his left and gets a hand to it but cannot keep hold of it. Or rather, let us say, he has saved a boundary. Dhoni goes for a quick second. Finch quickly gathers the ball and throws at the bowler's end. Stoinis collects it and takes off the bails. Now Jadhav struggles to get back in but when it is referred upstairs, replays show that he has just made it.
      A dropped catch first up... is it a run out as well? Dhoni has been dropped by Finch but there is a run out appeal against Jadhav. Referred upstairs...
      Match Info
      • Venue Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne
      • Weather Overcast
      • Toss India won the toss and elected to field
      • Result India beat Australia by 7 wickets
      • Player of the Match Yuzvendra Chahal
      • Player of the Series MS Dhoni
      • Umpire Michael Gough (ENG), Paul Wilson (AUS) and Richard Kettleborough (ENG)
      • Referee Andy Pycroft (ZIM)
      Match Notes
      • Innings Break: Australia 230/10 in 48.4 overs
      • Y Chahal 2nd ODI 5-wicket haul: 5/40 (9.0)
      • Australia 219/8: P Handscomb lbw b Y Chahal 58(63)
      • Referral 1 (45.6 ovs): P Handscomb against IND(LBW) Unsuccessful (AUS:0, IND:1)
      • Australia 203/6 in 42.5 overs
      • P Handscomb 3rd ODI fifty: 50 runs in 57 balls (2x4) (0x6)
      • Power play 2 (11-40): Australia 190/6 (160 runs, 4 wickets)
      • Drinks: Australia 161/6 in 34.5 overs
      • Australia 153/5 in 34.0 overs
      • Australia 100/3 in 23.1 overs
      • 3rd wkt Partnership: 50 off 64 between Usman Khawaja(16) and Shaun Marsh(30)
      • Drinks: Australia 55/2 in 17.0 overs
      • Australia 50/2 in 16.1 overs
      • Shaun Marsh dropped on 11 by MS Dhoni in 15.2 overs
      • Power play 1 (1-10): Australia 30/2
      • Rain Stoppage: Australia 1/0 in 0.2 overs
      • Vijay Shankar makes his ODI debut for India
      • K Jadhav 4th ODI fifty: 50 runs in 52 balls (5x4) (0x6)
      • 4th wkt Partnership: 100 off 107 between MS Dhoni(47) and K Jadhav(46)
      • MS Dhoni dropped on 74 by A Finch in 47.1 overs
      • India 200/3 in 46.2 overs
      • Referral 2 (41.3 ovs): AUS against MS Dhoni (LBW) Unsuccessful (AUS:0, IND:1)
      • Power play 2 (11-40): India 165/3 (139 runs, 2 wickets)
      • 4th wkt Partnership: 50 off 58 between MS Dhoni(19) and K Jadhav(27)
      • MS Dhoni 70th ODI fifty: 50 runs in 74 balls (3x4) (0x6)
      • India 150/3 in 38.0 overs
      • Drinks: India 129/3 in 34.0 overs
      • 3rd wkt Partnership: 50 off 74 between V kohli(16) and MS Dhoni(34)
      • India 100/2 in 26.3 overs
      • Drinks: India 59/2 in 16.2 overs
      • India 51/1 in 13.4 overs
      • V kohli dropped on 10 by P Handscomb in 11.6 overs
      • Power play 1 (1-10): India 26/1
      • Referral 1 (1.3 ovs): AUS against R Sharma (LBW) Unsuccessful (AUS:1, IND:1) (Retained)
      Match Poll

      Who will win the Match

      Shaun Marsh AUS22474.66
      MS Dhoni IND193193.00
      Rohit Sharma IND18561.66
      Virat Kohli IND15351.00
      Peter Handscomb AUS15150.33
      View More
      Bhuvneshwar Kumar IND84.96
      Jhye Richardson AUS63.73
      Yuzvendra Chahal IND64.20
      Mohammed Shami IND55.08
      Marcus Stoinis AUS46.07
      View More