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Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh, 2nd ODI Match Summary

SL vs BAN, 2017 - ODI Summary

Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Scorecard
Match Ended   
311 (49.5/50)
Match Abandoned
SL 311/10
Bat Top Batsmen
102 (107)
  • 9x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 95.32SR
65 (76)
  • 9x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 85.52SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 5.32
Sri Lanka will be a disappointed lot after posting such a good total on the board. Bangladesh, on the other hand, will be the happier lot as one thing is certain that they cannot lose the series from here. Rain has played spoilsport for the hosts as they had a good chance of winning it. We head to Colombo from here for the final match of the 3-match ODI series. It takes place on 1st April at 0930 local (0400 GMT). Until then, goodbye and take care. Cheers!
Update 2045 local - The worst we feared has happened and the rain does not seem to be stopping. The umpires walk out on the ground and sees water all around. Unfortunately, THE MATCH HAS BEEN CALLED OFF. It is never a good thing for anyone who loves cricket.
Update 1955 local - The rain has gotten heavier now and it's not a pretty sight. The overs will start getting docked from now. Let's hope something good happens and that too soon. Stay tuned for further updates.
Update 1855 local - Well, some bad new for you folks. It has started to rain and the covers have been brought on. The umpire is seen walking out with his umbrella as the groundsmen are going about their business. And it seems it's coming down at a steady rate too. We're in for a delay. Stay tuned for further updates.
A flurry of wickets in the end will make the Bangladeshis happy and they will be happy to carry the momentum into the chase. Taskin Ahmed got a hat-trick at the fag end of the innings and ended with figures of 8.5-0-47-4. The skipper Mashrafe Mortaza also bowled well but was unlucky to only get one wicket to his name. All the other bowlers got hammered all round the park. With a big target set, Bangladesh will want to start off really well with the bat to chase it down. Join us for the chase in a while.
Kusal Mendis looked dangerous once he crossed the 50-run mark as he took his game to a different level altogether with Dinesh Chandimal at the other end ticking along. Milinda Siriwardana and Asela Gunaratne, with their cameos ensured that the hosts cross the 300-run mark. They have posted a really good total on the board and the home side will want its bowlers to win the game now.
A terrific comeback by Bangladesh at the death but Sri Lanka have still posted a good total on the board. They had an aggressive approach from the start when Gunathilaka kicked things off. He soon departed but a vital 111-run partnership between Upul Tharanga and Kusal Mendis laid the platform for the hosts. The former departed soon after his fifty but the latter kept marching on and registered his maiden ODI hundred.
Taskin Ahmed To Nuwan Pradeep OUT!
OUT! YES, YES! Taskin gets the hat-trick. Yorker, right on the money. Pradeep cannot get his bat down in time and the ball smashes into the timber. A brilliant delivery to end the innings. SRI LANKA ARE BOWLED OUT FOR 311!
Nuwan Pradeep is the next man in. Taskin Ahmed is on a hat-trick. Can he strike?
Taskin Ahmed To Suranga Lakmal OUT!
OUT! Full toss does the trick! In the line of the stumps, Lakmal swats it away towards mid-wicket but Mustafizur Rahman dives to his right and takes a stunning catch.
Suranga Lakmal is the next man in.
Taskin Ahmed To Asela Gunaratne OUT!
OUT! Ahmed gets his man! Full and wide outside off, Gunaratne tries to go over the mid off fielder. Fails to get the elevation as he does not connect well. The ball goes straight to the fielder at mid off. Sarkar takes an easy catch and Gunaratne's cameo comes to an end.
Some comic relief amidst all the tension in the middle. There is a slight delay in play as a stray dog has come on to the field. Mehedi Hasan is seen trying to shoo it off with his cap by chasing it around.
Taskin Ahmed To Asela Gunaratne
FOUR! Good shot! Full toss on the pads, Gunaratne smacks it through the square leg region for a boundary.
Taskin Ahmed To Nuwan Kulasekara
Driven towards the mid off region. They pick up a single.
Over 49 : 306/7
6 Runs
    A. Gunaratne
    35 (26)
    N. Kulasekara
    1 (1)
    M. Rahman
    Mustafizur Rahman To Asela Gunaratne
    Back of a length cutter outside off, Gunaratne fails to cut it.
    Mustafizur Rahman To Asela Gunaratne
    FOUR! Good shot! Full toss wide outside off, Gunaratne slices it behind the point region for a boundary.
    Mustafizur Rahman To Asela Gunaratne
    Wide! Way wide outside off, a high beamer from Mustafizur, the batsman lets it through to the keeper.
    Mustafizur Rahman To Asela Gunaratne
    Gunaratne goes way across and tries to get the ball over the square leg region with a paddle. Gets beaten by the cheeky off cutter and is hit on the right shoulder.
    Mustafizur Rahman To Nuwan Kulasekara
    Pushed through the cover region for a single.
    Nuwan Kulasekara is the new man in for SL.
    Mustafizur Rahman To Dilruwan Perera OUT!
    OUT! Rahim is brilliant again behind the stumps! Fuller delivery way outside off, Perera tries to play a premeditated paddle shot but fails to make contact. The ball goes towards Rahim and the batsman is totally unaware where the ball is. Rahim hurls a throw at the striker's end seeing Dilruwan take off for the run and he hits. The umpire has no problem to rule that out. Even if he had missed, Mustafizur would have reached the stumps and took the bails off if needed.
    Mustafizur Rahman To Dilruwan Perera
    The batsman has driven that ball straight back.
    Mustafizur Rahman is back.
    Over 48 : 300/6
    13 Runs
      D. Perera
      9 (6)
      A. Gunaratne
      31 (23)
      T. Ahmed
      Taskin Ahmed To Dilruwan Perera
      Fuller deliver outside off, Perera tries to reach for it and gets a thick top edge over the cover region for a single.
      Taskin Ahmed To Dilruwan Perera
      Yorker by Ahmed, Perera backs away and gets an inside edge towards square leg for a couple.
      Taskin Ahmed To Asela Gunaratne
      Driven through mid off by the batsman. They pick up a single.
      Taskin Ahmed To Dilruwan Perera
      Eased towards long on for a single.
      Taskin Ahmed To Dilruwan Perera
      FOUR BYES! Good length delivery angling into the pads, Perera backs away and goes for a big shot but the ball sneaks between the bat and the pad, even the keeper cannot stop it as it races away to the boundary behind.
      Taskin Ahmed To Dilruwan Perera
      FOUR! Top edged! Short delivery into the body, Dilruwan Perera plays the ramp shot and gets it across the third man fence for a boundary.
      Match Info
      Match Notes
      • Rain Stoppage: Sri Lanka 311/10 in 49.5 overs
      • Innings Break: Sri Lanka 311/10 in 49.5 overs
      • Sri Lanka 300/6 in 48 overs
      • 5th wkt Partnership: 50 off 43 balls between A Gunaratne (20) and M Siriwardana (26)
      • Sri Lanka 253/4 in 43.1 overs
      • Sri Lanka 212/3 : D Chandimal lbw b M Rahman 24(30)
      • Referral 2 (36.4 ovs) D Chandimal against BAN (LBW) Unsuccessful (SL: 0, BAN: 0)
      • K Mendis maiden ODI Hundred: 100 runs in 102 balls (9x4) (1x6)
      • Sri Lanka 203/2 in 35 overs
      • Referral 1 (33.4 ovs) BAN against D Chandimal (LBW) Unsuccessful (SL: 1, BAN: 0)
      • Drinks: Sri Lanka 180/2 in 31 overs
      • 3rd wkt Partnership: 50 off 34 balls between K Mendis (42) and D Chandimal (8)
      • Sri Lanka 152/2 in 27.1 overs
      • K Mendis ODI fifty: 52 runs in 63 balls (3x4) (1x6)
      • 2nd wkt Partnership: 101 off 127 balls between U Tharanga (51) and K Mendis (42)
      • U Tharanga 31st ODI fifty: 50 runs in 68 balls (6x4) (0x6)
      • Sri Lanka 100/1 in 19.5 overs
      • Drinks: Sri Lanka 85/1 in 16.0 overs
      • 2nd wkt Partnership: 50 off 61 balls between U Tharanga (24) and K Mendis (18)
      • Sri Lanka 50/1 in 10.1 overs
      • Power play 1 (1-10) Sri Lanka 48/1
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