1983: Beginning of a new era

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India won the Cricket World Cup in 1983 for the very first time. Though the feat was repeated this year by MS Dhoni & Co., nothing can match the euphoria of 1983. On the 28th anniversary of that glorious win, we relive the moments...<br><br>The 1983 edition of the World Cup saw the African challenge return with the inclusion of Zimbabwe for the first time. The other seven teams remained the same but there was a change in the format. The two-group division set-up remained, but this time each team had to play each other twice. <br><br> As was the case with the 1979 World Cup, The West Indies started as the overwhelming favourites with England and Australia posing considerable threat. But the real threat was realized during the group stage when Australia and West Indies were beaten by Zimbabwe and India respectively. <br><br> At the end of the group stage, England and West Indies topped their groups registering five wins each out of the six matches they had played. As they were drawn in separate semi final matches, a repeat of the 1979 World Cup Final looked highly likely, but destiny had written itself in a manner that changed the sport forever. (Photo: Getty Images)

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