IHF proposes bizzare incentives

Updated: 07 September 2007 14:51 IST

In a baffling move the Indian Hockey Federation or the IHF has announced an incentive cum penalty scheme for the Indian team.

IHF proposes bizzare incentives


The latest proposal by Indian Hockey Federation chief KPS Gill prescribes a Rs 1000 bonus for every goal scored, but a fine of twice that amount for every one conceded.

Now that means the Indian team can actually end up losing money despite winning matches, especially high-scoring ones.

Quite expectedly, the IHF refuses to confirm or deny this, and what's equally unsurprising is the averse reaction of the players and coach.

If India-Sri Lanka preliminary round Asia Cup match had taken place before KPS Gill decided to bring in his new incentive scheme, India's 20-0 romp could have earned the side Rs 20,000 at a grand a goal.

So plenty of motivation to score more goals and not concede any, considering it's a Rs 2000 deduction for every goal let in.

But there's trouble in the ranks, with the team itself claiming it won't be taking this scheme very seriously.

"I don't think any father in the world will promise his boy to do well in his exams and say that if you do well in your exams and get a 75 percent I will give you a bike.

"And if he does not do well, will give him a cycle? Will he ever do that? I think this is all unnecessary controversy in the midst of a tournament. We are not bothered by whatever is being created by whomever. We are really focused to do well. I think whatever has been promised to us, we'll be getting, without any deductions," said Joaquim Carvalho, Indian Hockey Coach.

Controversial proposal

Gill apparently mooted his latest controversial proposal after the India-Lanka game, in order to motivate the team for the tough game against Korea.

Providentially, the move backfired on the day, thanks to the 3-2 result.

The team actually ended up in the red, with three thousand in earnings against four thousand in fines!

No wonder then, that ex-players are now up in arms against this policy.

"This is an absolutely disgraceful scheme. No thought has gone into this. Nor have the IHF officials bothered to clarify matters. This is an insult to the players. It's better not to pay them, than treat them like this," said Zafar Iqbal, Former Indian Captain.

For those familiar with Gill's 13-year-long stint so far, this isn't his first ad hock ruling.

He recalled Coach Cedric D'Souza during the 2002 World Cup, banned the media from team's practice sessions, and tried to suspend domestic hockey for three months in 2005.

This latest ruling is yet another example of how Indian Hockey is run on the whims and fancies of one single man.

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