Finishing Montreal race tops Sutil's agenda

Updated: 12 June 2008 15:46 IST

Force India driver Adrian Sutil's focus is to complete the Canadian GP, where the low downforce leaves little score for error.


With the low-downforce 4.361 KM Gilles-Villeneuve circuit leaving little margin for error, bringing the car home would top Force India driver Adrian Sutil's agenda when he hits the track in Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix.

After his sensational race in Monaco, it's probably little difficult for the youngster to resist the temptation to go full throttle here but Sutil insists he would adopt a safety-first approach this weekend.

"It's a very challenging circuit, quite difficult because the track doesn't deliver a huge amount of grip and if you go over the chicanes, the kerbing is quite difficult, the car is always moving," Sutil said.

"It's a kind of street circuit with a few places where you can go off quite easily, so it's important just to finish the race and then you will be more towards the front," said the German.

Sutil's apprehensions stem from the nature of the track with a series of long straights running into slow first and second gear chicanes and hairpins, which makes it the most testing of Formula One tracks for the brakes.

And with concrete walls close by, few drivers can afford to be over-aggressive, he said.

"I think also the chicanes are quite challenging. It is very important to hit all the kerbs on the maximum. If you miss it a little bit then you have big problems because the outside of the track is very dirty. You just can't do any mistakes there or you will end up in the wall very quickly," he said.

Sutil seemed to have overcome the disappointment of his Monaco outing where he was almost certain to finish a career-best fourth before Kimi Raikkonen's erratic Ferrari wrecked his race.

The talented German, however, is looking at the positives only.

"I think it was a great race for me, also with this accident in the end. We could take this opportunity to show a little bit of good performance. For sure in the rain there are special conditions and that's where we always had some good results, also in the past, so we took this chance, and I'm just really happy about it.

"And for the team, everything went really, really well. We had a good strategy, we had good race pace, so overall I think we just take the good and positive things about this race," he said.

He also made it clear that though there was no dearth of motivation for the outfit, it would be unfair to expect them do miracles.

"... at the moment it's not fast enough but we try our best to develop and we have a few new parts for this race but not huge updates, so it will again be a difficult race for us.

"It may not be enough to improve our performance here but still, we have to give our best and we have to think positive. The motivation is there, so we just keep on working on it," he explained.

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