Migraine forced Sehwag to leave Vadodara

Updated: 01 October 2008 13:52 IST

Delhi captain Virender Sehwag returned home midway through the Irani Cup owing to migraine and not because of any dissentment.

Migraine forced Sehwag to leave Vadodara


Virender Sehwag on Saturday made it clear that the reason for his abrupt return home midway through the Irani Cup tie in Vadodara was "purely medical" and hit back at his detractors for questioning his commitment.

Sehwag, who was captaining Delhi in the Irani Cup tie against Rest of India, said he returned home because of a severe bout of migraine and it had nothing to do with the Munaf Patel incident.

Soon after he left for Delhi last night, rumours were rife that poor accommodation facilities and an onfield standoff with rival fast bowler Munaf Patel were the reasons behind the Delhi batsman's abrupt return.

"It is disappointing to note how people are reacting to my return (back to Delhi). Since Wednesday (the first day of the Irani Trophy game) I'd been getting severe bouts of migraine", he said.

"I thought with medication and a bit of rest I will get better but that didn't happen. Almost the whole of Thursday night I was throwing up after which I consulted my doctor in Delhi who advised me to take complete rest," Sehwag told ESPN-Star Sports.

"It was only after discussing with my team-mates and the DDCA sports secretary Sunil Dev that I decided to return."

The senior batsmen said it was a precautionary measure ahead of the crucial four-match Test series against Australia starting October 9.

"My doctor told me that since I have to join the Indian team's camp next week it is better that I take rest now", Sehwag said.

"My return has nothing to do with Munaf Patel. These things are common on a cricket field and no cricketer will return home because of that. I just want to be better prepared for the series against Australia," he said.

Apart from the on-field spat with Munaf, there was another speculation that the Delhi skipper, who scored 43 and 3 in the two innings of the Irani Trophy match, was unhappy with the accommodation offered to them.

"It is a non-issue and shouldn't be connected to my return. The reasons of my return are purely medical," he said.

With Delhi struggling at 113 for three against Rest of India yesterday at the time of Sehwag's return, people even raised doubts about his commitment. However, he took a dig at his detractors and said he has always been a "team man".

"If you look at my record I have never missed a chance of playing for Delhi. Not only this, I always make it a point to turn out for my employers ONGC as well. Whoever doubts my commitment doesn't know me at all. I am a complete team-man whether playing for Delhi or India or any other team," he insisted.

"Where do all these questions on my commitment go when I hit a six or a four even when batting in the 90s? I always play for my country and the team," he added.

DDCA Sports Secretary Sunil Dev and Delhi coach Vijay Dahiya also sprang to the defence of Sehwag, saying that there was nothing fishy about his departure.

"He has not been feeling well and the pain was there all along. It increased yesterday and because he has already been dismissed in the second innings, he could well afford to return with me," Dev said.

Delhi coach Dahiya said that there was nothing fishy about Sehwag's sudden return and the skipper took the decision purely on health grounds.

"It's because of migraine that Sehwag had to go back. If you had noticed, he was absent for about half-an-hour while fielding as well. So, don't smell anything else in it. It's purely on health ground that he left," Dahiya said.

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