Mendis different from other spinners: Ganguly

Updated: 23 July 2008 18:17 IST

Sourav Ganguly thinks Ajantha Mendis is different from other spinners but Muralitharan remains the main threat.

New Delhi:

Sourav Ganguly is considered as one of the weak links in Team India fielding, but in former captain's dictionary being fit does not mean running hard and having a tone-up body.

For the former captain, cricketing fitness is much different from general fitness, and cricketers do not need that level of fitness commonly understood in general parlance.

"Fitness is a relative term. I mean to say that it does not necessarily mean that one who runs hard and lifts weights is fit. Cricketing fitness is different. So if you can perform means you are fit," he said.

Ganguly described India ODI captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni taking a sabbatical from cricket for a while a right decision considering his multiple responsibility.

"It's a personal decision taken by Dhoni. I have no right to make any opinion on this. But obviously he is a bit busy in the game because he is a batsman as well as a wicket-keeper and of course the captain. He has to play multiple roles in the team. So a huge responsibility rests on his shoulders. Hence he is right to take care of his body," he told a private TV channel.

The southpaw from Kolkata attributed his strong self-belief as reason behind the comeback he made after being in the wilderness for a while.

"... if you go on playing for a long time, you get more and more determined, you gain self- belief. So when you are out of the squad, you know you have performed at this level, you can still do it and when you get the opportunity, you translate that self- belief into performance," he said.

Asked how much cricket he thought is left in him, Ganguly made his point forcefully, saying, "I cannot tell you how much, but this game is obviously performance oriented. So as long as you can perform, you can play. No matter how old you are. The game is won on the basis of performance."

On how he would deal with mystery Sri Lankan spinner Ajantha Mendis in the Tests series starting July 23, he said, "No doubt he is a very good bowler. He bowled really well in the Asia Cup, he also played in the IPL, I have played him in the nets as he was in my team. He is obviously different from other spinners."

"But, as players will keep playing him, they will get used to his action and in Test cricket you have ample time to get setteled. Still I think that Muralitharan is a bigger threat than him."

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