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South Africa vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test Match Summary

SA vs SL, 2017 - Test Summary

South Africa vs Sri Lanka Scorecard
Match Ended   
131&177 (42.3)
South Africa beat Sri Lanka by an innings and 118 runs
  • Player of the Match
    JP Duminy
  • Player of the Series
    Dean Elgar
SA 426/10
Bat Top Batsmen
155 (221)
  • 19x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 70.13SR
134 (265)
  • 16x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 50.56SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 2.88
ECON 4.25
SL 131/10
Bat Top Batsmen
41 (58)
  • 6x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 70.68SR
24 (45)
  • 4x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 53.33SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 3.66
SL 177/10
Bat Top Batsmen
50 (78)
  • 5x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 64.10SR
31 (26)
  • 6x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 119.23SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 4.85
That brings us to the end of the Test series but we aren't done yet. The two teams are set to battle in colored outfits with the 3-match T20I series and a 5-match ODI series set to follow. Sri Lanka will hope that they can compete better in the shorter formats. The first Twenty20 International begins on January 20 in Centurion from 2130 IST onwards. Do join us for that one. Till then, keep yourselves occupied with the India-England and Australia-Pakistan ODI series. Goodbye and take care.
FAF DU PLESSIS is very happy at another clinical performance from South Africa. Praises the batsmen for the effort for getting a big score and is expectedly pleased with the bowlers' contributions. Agrees that the heavy roller livened up the pitch after day one and is glad that his side already had a good score on board despite the collapse later on. Feels that the consistency by his side in the series is a very important thing as they look to progress as a Test side. Expresses happiness at the impact made by Parnell and debutant Olivier in this game.
DEAN ELGAR (MAN OF THE SERIES) is very pleased at his success in the series on sporting pitches. Feels that it was crucial to show a lot of mental application on such surfaces. Opines that strong concentration helped him succeed. Accepts that the catching from South Africa, especially in the slips has been great and takes the praises for his own performances as well. Says that both the recent series had their own set of challenges. Hopes that the Proteas can keep up the momentum going forward.
JEAN-PAUL DUMINY (MAN OF THE MATCH) feels that it was good to bat first on this pitch as it got tougher on the second and third day. States that the positive approach from him this season has been a conscious effort and is glad that it's working. Says that he's continuously working on his batting and also lauds Amla for a century in his 100th Test. Praises the bowlers for their performances and also expresses pride in their fielding.
ANGELO MATHEWS is short of words to describe the shambolic performance by Sri Lanka. Feels that the pitch quickened up with uneven bounce on day two and three but still feels that conceding 400-plus cost them the game. States that they expected the series to be tough from the outset. Laments the batting failures in the series and hopes that his inexperienced side will learn from this tough tour.
The 292-run stand between Duminy and Amla proved to be massive in the context of the game as Sri Lanka in two innings could only tally 308 runs in total. Just goes to show how well they batted and also implies Sri Lanka's poor outing on day 1 with the ball. Pradeep, Lakmal and Kumara did redeem themselves on day two but it was too late by then. A forgettable series for the visitors as they were outplayed throughout. Certainly several questions to ponder on for them.
It was an enjoyable outing for the Proteas bowlers as all of them shared the spoils. Rabada and Philander picked 3 scalps apiece in the first while debutant Olivier with a 4-fer and Parnell with a 3-fer were the main destroyers in the second innings for the hosts. The bowlers had a ball on the juicy Wanderers pitch after the SA batsmen had posted a total of 426 mainly due to centuries from Duminy and Amla.
An absolute thrashing handed out to the Lankans by the Proteas. The visitors were never in the game or even in the series to be honest. The Proteas snapped up 16 wickets today in hardly 60 overs to inflict a massive defeat on the Islanders. Apart from Mendis in the first innings and Karunaratne in the second, none of the Lankan batsmen dug in on a testing surface with no partnerships at all.
Wayne Parnell To Suranga Lakmal OUT!
OUT! It's all over for the Lankans! Wayne Parnell brings out another short ball on middle, Suranga Lakmal once again goes for the pull. This time he gets the connection but via a top edge. It skies towards deep square leg where Philander calmly settles underneath it. The home side is jumping in delight as they have NOT ONLY AFFECTED A WHITEWASH but have also sealed this BY AN INNINGS AND 118 RUNS!
Wayne Parnell To Suranga Lakmal
Another short ball outside off, Suranaga looks to give this one a thwack and is beaten once more.
Wayne Parnell To Suranga Lakmal
Short of a length ball on middle, Lakmal looks to pull but fails to get any wood on it.
Over 42 : 177/9
0 Runs
    N. Pradeep
    0 (4)
    S. Lakmal
    31 (23)
    D. Olivier
    Duanne Olivier To Nuwan Pradeep
    Pradeep pushes this full toss towards covers and survives.
    Duanne Olivier To Nuwan Pradeep
    On a length and just outside off, Pradeep backs away to play at it but gets beaten all ends up.
    Duanne Olivier To Nuwan Pradeep
    Back of a length ball outside off, Nuwan looks to poke at it but gets beaten.
    Duanne Olivier To Nuwan Pradeep
    Short and bouncing a bit more, Pradeep leaves it alone.
    Nuwan Pradeep is the last man in!
    Duanne Olivier To Lahiru Kumara OUT!
    OUT! The decision is overturned! Duanne Olivier gets his third and the end is nigh for Sri Lanka now. Short of a length ball on middle, it keeps climbing on the batsman. Kumara looks to fend it away but misses as the ball lobs off something and goes into the safe hands of Stephen Cook at short leg. They all go up in an appeal but Oxenford says it's off the shoulder. Still Faf opts for the review and Ultra Edge shows a slight spike as the ball went past the glove. That's enough for the TV umpire to change the on-field call. Smiles all around at the Wanderers as the Proteas are just a wicket away from a victory.
    South Africa have taken a review for a catch against Kumara. The umpire felt that it came off the shoulder while the Proteas feel that there was some glove involved. Let's find out.
    Duanne Olivier To Lahiru Kumara
    Short of a length ball on off, Kumara looks to defend but then decides to let it be.
    Lahiru Kumara is the new man in!
    Over 41 : 177/8
    5 Runs
      U. Tharanga
      26 (29)
      S. Lakmal
      31 (23)
      W. Parnell
      Wayne Parnell To Upul Tharanga OUT!
      OUT! Gone! If de Kock and Faf took blinders early on, it's Duminy's turn to take an exceptional catch. How on earth do they manage to take these? On a length and just around off, Tharanga looks to hit it across the line but gets a top edge that balloons over the slip cordon. The batsman must have thought he must have gotten away from it but no, JP runs back, keeps his eyes on the ball and then dives to take a beauty of a catch. South Africa are just 2 wickets away from sealing the game.
      Wayne Parnell To Upul Tharanga
      Comes forward and defends it down solidly.
      Wayne Parnell To Suranga Lakmal
      Shortish again on middle, Lakmal pulls it towards mid-wicket. There is a fielder there this time and he gets only a single.
      Wayne Parnell To Suranga Lakmal
      Back of a length ball outside off, SL looks to play the upper cut but gets beaten by the extra bounce.
      Wayne Parnell To Suranga Lakmal
      Short and going down leg, Suranaga looks to pull but fails to get going.
      Wayne Parnell To Suranga Lakmal
      FOUR! Seems he was waiting for this! Back of a length ball on middle, Lakmal gets on the back foot, waits for it as he pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary to start the over.
      Sri Lanka are hanging on by a thread here. But, for how long?
      Over 40 : 172/7
      8 Runs
        U. Tharanga
        26 (27)
        S. Lakmal
        26 (19)
        D. Olivier
        Duanne Olivier To Upul Tharanga
        Short of a length ball and it moves away after pitching, Upul Tharanga looks to defend but the ball just beats the outside edge. Lovely piece of bowling this.
        Duanne Olivier To Upul Tharanga
        FOUR! Leading edge... safe! Fuller in length and angling in, Tharanga looks to flick but gets a leading edge past a diving fielder at point for a boundary.
        Duanne Olivier To Suranga Lakmal
        Fuller in length and outside off, Lakmal chips it over mid off. Evades the man there and gets three.
        Match Info
        • Venue The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg
        • Weather Sunny
        • Toss South Africawon the toss and elected to bat
        • Result South Africa beat Sri Lanka by an innings and 118 runs
        • Player of the Match JP Duminy
        • Player of the Series Dean Elgar
        • Umpire Bruce Oxenford (AUS), Rod Tucker (AUS) and Aleem Dar (PAK)
        • Referee David Boon (AUS)
        Match Notes
        • Stumps: South Africa 338/3 in 90.0 overs
        • JP Duminy: 153 runs in 218 balls (19x4) (0x6)
        • New ball taken: South Africa 313/2 in 80.1 overs
        • South Africa 302/2 in 76.5 overs
        • 3rd wkt Partnership: 250 off 357 balls between H Amla (104) and JP Duminy (134)
        • H Amla 26th Test Hundred: 103 runs in 169 balls (14x4) (0x6)
        • Drinks: South Africa 284/2 in 74.0 overs
        • South Africa 253/2 in 63.2 overs
        • 3rd wkt Partnership: 201 off 283 balls between H Amla (78) and JP Duminy (111)
        • JP Duminy 6th Test Hundred : 100 runs in 140 balls (14x4) (0x6)
        • South Africa 200/2 in 56.5 overs
        • 3rd wkt Partnership: 151 off 240 balls between H Amla (52) and JP Duminy (88)
        • Tea: South Africa 193/2 in 55.0 overs
        • H Amla Test fifty: 50 runs in 109 balls (7x4) (0x6)
        • 3rd wkt Partnership: 100 off 159 balls between H Amla (26) and JP Duminy (63)
        • Drinks: South Africa 132/2 in 39.0 overs
        • JP Duminy Test fifty: 52 runs in 62 balls (10x4) (0x6)
        • South Africa 100/2 in 30.1 overs
        • 3rd wkt Partnership: 50 off 79 balls between H Amla (6) and JP Duminy (38)
        • Lunch: South Africa 79/2 in 25.0 overs
        • H Amla dropped on 5 by D de Silva in 24.2 overs
        • South Africa 50/2 in 17.4 overs
        • South Africa 45/1: S Cook LBW A Mathews 10(40)
        • Referral 1 (15.3 ovs): S Cook against SL (LBW) - Successful (SA: 1, SL: 2)
        • Drinks: South Africa 36/0 in 13.0 overs
        • Change of ball: South Africa 26/0 in 11.1 overs
        • Duanne Olivier makes his Test debut for South Africa
        • Stumps: Sri Lanka 80/4 in 28.4 overs
        • Bad Light: Sri Lanka 80/4 in 28.4 overs
        • Drinks: Sri Lanka 80/4 in 28.0 overs
        • K Mendis dropped on 41 by D Olivier in 17.5 overs
        • Sri Lanka 51/1 in 17.1 overs
        • Tea: Sri Lanka 46/1 in 13.0 overs
        • Referral 1 (0.2 overs): SA against D Karunaratne (Caught) - Unsuccessful (SA: 1, SL: 2)
        • Innings Break: South Africa 426/10 in 124.1 overs
        • W Parnell dropped on 20 by D Karunaratne in 121.5 overs
        • South Africa 403/8 in 115.2 overs
        • Lunch: South Africa 398/8 in 114.0 overs
        • Referral 3 (108.5 overs): V Philander against SL (Caught) - Successful (SA: 2, SL: 2)
        • Drinks: South Africa 364/4 in 103.0 overs
        • South Africa 350/4 98.5 in overs
        • du Plessis dropped on 1 by K Mendis in 98.2 overs
        • South Africa 34/1: D Olivier c D Chandimal b A Mathews 3(24)
        • Referral 2 (97.5 overs): SL against D Olivier (Caught) - Successful (SA: 2, SL: 2)
        • South Africa 177/9: L Kumara 0(2) c S Cook b D Olivier
        • Referral 1 (41.2 ovs): SA against L Kumara (Caught) - Successful (SA: 2, SL: 2)
        • S Lakmal dropped on 23 by W Parnell in 38.6 overs
        • Sri Lanka 150/6 in 36.4 overs
        • Tea: Sri Lanka 124/6 in 33.0 overs
        • D Karunaratne 11th Test fifty: 50 runs in 75 balls (5x4) (0x6)
        • Sri Lanka 102/4 in 28.2 overs
        • Sri Lanka 52/2 in 15.6 overs
        • D Karunaratne dropped on 14 by D Elgar in 12.1 overs
        • Lunch: Sri Lanka 13/1 in 5.0 overs
        • Innings Break: Sri Lanka 131/10 in 45.4 overs
        • Drinks: Sri Lanka 108/7 in 40.2 overs
        • Referral 3 (35.4 ovs): SA against U Tharanga (LBW) - Unsuccessful (SA: 0, SL: 2)
        • Sri Lanka 100/5 in 36.5 overs
        • Referral 2 (35.4 ovs): Angelo Mathews against SA (LBW) - Successful (SA: 1, SL: 2)
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