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Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians, Match 39 Match Summary

RCB vs MI, 2021 - T20 Summary

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard
Match Ended   
111 (18.1/20)
Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Mumbai Indians by 54 runs
RCB 165/6
Bat Top Batsmen
56 (37)
  • 6x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 151.35SR
51 (42)
  • 3x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 121.42SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 4.25
MI 111/10
Bat Top Batsmen
43 (28)
  • 5x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 153.57SR
24 (23)
  • 4x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 104.34SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 5.36
So, that is it from this game! It was indeed a Super Sunday! Kolkata lose their first game of the second phase, Chennai continue their winning run. Mumbai are still winless after the resumption and Bangalore end their losing streak. The Indian T20 League action though continues on Monday as Hyderabad take on Rajasthan. That game begins at 1800 local and 1400 GMT. Till then, take care and goodbye!
Glenn Maxwell wins the Man of the Match award. He says it was a nice day. They did really well throughout the game. Mentions he has worked a lot of his reverse paddles and it is paying off right now. Also says, they had a Covid-jersey to make a contribution for the people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.
Virat Kohli, the Bangalore skipper, says that it was a difficult start but they have made a good comeback. Adds that Bharat played some amazing shots. States that Maxwell was unbelievable and they felt that it was a par score. Adds that Mumbai bowled really well. Says that all the bowlers were really good. Says that they need to get into the bowler's space as well. Says that there are no complaints with the ball but they left 15-20 runs with the bat and they need to bat better in the middle overs. Goes onto say that ABD and Maxwell told him to go with his gut feeling and he felt like bowling Christian and he bowled an amazing over.
Harshal Patel is up for a chat. He says, he just hoped the batters does not see his slower balls. Mentions, the option to bluff the big man Pollard was always on the cards and it worked brilliantly for them. Adds that the way Siraj started, he set the tempo for them. Also says that Chahal and Maxwell did well to turn the game into their favour.
Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai skipper, says that it was a fantastic bowling effort as they pulled things back really well as they were looking at a 180 plus score. Tells that their batters let them down. Goes onto say they have had a good chat with all the batters and they need to make sure that they carry on. States that Bangalore kept the pressure on them and never gave anything easy. Tells that they have come back from here in the past and they can do it again. Says that Ishan Kishan is a talented player and they need to provide him with the freedom but at the same time, it comes with a sort of responsibility as well. Adds that they gave him the full license and they need to make sure that he keeps his head held high.
Stay tuned for the Presentation ceremony!!!
Earlier in the day, after electing to field, Mumbai were not that great with the ball, Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell and Srikar Bharat all came to the fore but Mumbai did really well to pull things back and keep them down to below 170. However, that proved to be a lot of runs as Chahal, Maxwell and Patel did wonders with the ball.
The likes of Kyle Jamieson, Mohammed Siraj and Dan Christian leaked a lot of runs in the Powerplay. The spinners though, Maxwell and Chahal turned the game back into Bangalore's favour. The two finished with combined figures of 8-0-34-5 and then at the death, Harshal did what he did last time around against Mumbai. Finished with a four-fer along with a Hat-Trick. Kohli can be really proud of his bowlers.
The chase though began brilliantly for Mumbai as de Kock and Rohit got them off to a flier. They looked in control of the run chase before the spinners were got into the attack. The game then changed from there. No middle order batter contributed a lot and the intent was also lacking. Whenever one looked to play a big shot, he lost his wicket. No one other than the top two managed to cross the 10-run mark and that simplifies how poor Mumbai were.
What a performance by the Bangalore bowlers! How often do we get to write this? Well, we can this time around because they were exceptional! Take a bow, Chahal, take a bow, Maxwell and take a bow, the star against Mumbai in the last fixture and in this one too, Harshal Patel. We all felt Bangalore were at least 10 or 15 short of where they should have been but they have defended it with ease.
Over 18.1 : 111/10
0 Runs
  • W18.1
A. Milne
0 (1)
T. Boult
0 (3)
H. Patel
Harshal Patel To Adam Milne OUT!
OUT! TIMBER! Harshal Patel picks up his fourth wicket. He serves a full-length ball, on the off stump. Milne hangs back and looks to heave it away. The ball goes through to uproot the off stump. Patel ends things in style here for Bangalore. BANGALORE WIN THE GAME BY 54 RUNS.
Over 18 : 111/9
0 Runs
  • 017.1
  • 017.2
  • W17.3
  • 017.4
  • 017.5
  • 017.6
T. Boult
0 (3)
A. Milne
0 (0)
Y. Chahal
Yuzvendra Chahal To Trent Boult
Flatter and on off. Boult tucks it to the leg side.
Yuzvendra Chahal To Trent Boult
NOT OUT! Tossed up, outside off. Boult looks to push it to the off side but misses. The ball goes through the keeper and Srikar Bharat was quick to clip the bails. The umpire takes it upstairs to confirm. The UltraEdge shows no bat is involved. The replays roll in and confirm Boult had his back leg grounded inside the crease.
An appeal for stumping taken upstairs. Bangalore look confident.  The UltraEdge shows no bat while the replays show that Boult is in.
Yuzvendra Chahal To Trent Boult
Flighted, full and outside off. Boult plays it back to the bowler.
Trent Boult is the last man in.
Yuzvendra Chahal To Jasprit Bumrah OUT!
OUT! TIMBER! Yuzvendra Chahal has certainly delivered in this game. He gets his third wicket. He serves a loopy ball, around off. Bumrah gets low and looks to sweep it away but misses. The ball goes through to disturb the furniture.
Yuzvendra Chahal To Jasprit Bumrah
Full and on middle. Bumrah looks to flick it away but misses. The ball goes towards third man off the pads.
Yuzvendra Chahal To Jasprit Bumrah
Floated, around off. Bumrah plays it late. The ball goes off the gloves to the right of the Virat Kohli at first slip.
Over 17 : 111/8
6 Runs
  • 1 WD16.1
  • W16.1
  • W16.2
  • W16.3
  • 016.4
  • 416.5
  • 116.6
J. Bumrah
5 (3)
A. Milne
0 (0)
H. Patel
Harshal Patel To Jasprit Bumrah
Full and on the pads. Bumrah clips it to square leg for a single. An outstanding over by Harshal Patel.
Harshal Patel To Jasprit Bumrah
FOUR! EDGY! A short ball, on off. Bumrah stays back and looks to pull it away. The ball takes the outside edge and goes over the keeper's head for a boundary at third man.
Harshal Patel To Jasprit Bumrah
A length ball, on off. Bumrah pushes it out.
Jasprit Bumrah is the next man in.
Harshal Patel To Rahul Chahar OUT!
OUT! LBW! It is Hat-Trick for Harshal Patel and off he goes with his celebration. He is the third Bangalore player who has picked up a Hat-Trick in the Indian T20 League. He serves a slower, low full toss and on middle. Chahar gets behind the line and plays all around it. Harshal Patel got a five wicket-haul against Mumbai when the last time these two sides clashed and today he gets a Hat-Trick. Magical performance by him.
Rahul Chahar comes out now to face the Hat-Trick ball.
Harshal Patel To Kieron Pollard OUT!
OUT! TIMBER! Harshal Patel has wrapped the game for his side here. He sends back the big man, Kieron Pollard. The bowling pack of Bangalore has been exceptional. Patel puts the final nail in the coffin. A full-length ball, on the leg stump. Pollard moves across and looks to flick it away but misses. The ball goes through to rattle the leg stump. Patel is on a Hat-Trick now.
Harshal Patel To Hardik Pandya OUT!
OUT! CAUGHT! Harshal Patel continues to be a top asset for Bangalore. He has picked up his 20th wicket of the season. A full-length ball, on off. Hardik Pandya throws his bat at it. The ball takes the outer half and flies high in the air. The ball goes towards cover. Virat Kohli moves to his left and pouches it comfortably. Mumbai slip further.
Adam Milne is the next man in.
Harshal Patel To Hardik Pandya
WIDE! Patel starts with a loose delivery. A full-length ball, way outside the tramline. Pandya leaves it alone. Wide called.
Harshal Patel returns into the attack. 2-0-11-0 are his figures so far.
18 OV
0 Runs
Y. Chahal to J. Bumrah T. Boult
  • 017.1
  • 017.2
  • W17.3
  • 017.4
  • 017.5
  • 017.6
17 OV
6 Runs
H. Patel to H. Pandya K. Pollard R. Chahar J. Bumrah
  • 1 WD16.1
  • W16.1
  • W16.2
  • W16.3
  • 016.4
  • 416.5
  • 116.6
16 OV
6 Runs
D. Christian to K. Pollard H. Pandya
  • 015.1
  • 215.2
  • 115.3
  • 115.4
  • 115.5
  • 115.6
15 OV
2 Runs
M. Siraj to S. Yadav H. Pandya K. Pollard
  • W14.1
  • 014.2
  • 014.3
  • 114.4
  • 014.5
  • 114.6
14 OV
4 Runs
G. Maxwell to K. Pandya K. Pollard S. Yadav
  • W13.1
  • 113.2
  • 113.3
  • 013.4
  • 113.5
  • 113.6
13 OV
7 Runs
H. Patel to S. Yadav K. Pandya
  • 212.1
  • 1 LB12.2
  • 012.3
  • 1 WD12.4
  • 112.4
  • 112.5
  • 112.6
12 OV
4 Runs
G. Maxwell to K. Pandya S. Yadav
  • 011.1
  • 111.2
  • 111.3
  • 011.4
  • 111.5
  • 111.6
11 OV
3 Runs
Y. Chahal to I. Kishan S. Yadav K. Pandya
  • 110.1
  • 110.2
  • W10.3
  • 010.4
  • 010.5
  • 110.6
10 OV
4 Runs
G. Maxwell to R. Sharma I. Kishan
  • 19.1
  • 19.2
  • 19.3
  • 09.4
  • 19.5
  • W9.6
9 OV
6 Runs
Y. Chahal to I. Kishan R. Sharma
  • 08.1
  • 48.2
  • 08.3
  • 18.4
  • 08.5
  • 18.6
8 OV
11 Runs
G. Maxwell to R. Sharma I. Kishan
  • 17.1
  • 07.2
  • 07.3
  • 17.4
  • 27.5
  • 1 WD7.6
  • 67.6
7 OV
2 Runs
Y. Chahal to R. Sharma de Kock
  • 16.1
  • 06.2
  • 06.3
  • W6.4
  • 06.5
  • 16.6
6 OV
5 Runs
H. Patel to de Kock R. Sharma
  • 05.1
  • 15.2
  • 05.3
  • 25.4
  • 1 WD5.5
  • 15.5
  • 05.6
5 OV
15 Runs
D. Christian to de Kock R. Sharma
  • 44.1
  • 44.2
  • 04.3
  • 24.4
  • 14.5
  • 44.6
4 OV
9 Runs
M. Siraj to de Kock R. Sharma
  • 03.1
  • 43.2
  • 1 LB3.3
  • 03.4
  • 43.5
  • 03.6
3 OV
17 Runs
K. Jamieson to R. Sharma de Kock
  • 12.1
  • 12.2
  • 02.3
  • 3 NB2.4
  • 42.4
  • 42.5
  • 42.6
2 OV
5 Runs
M. Siraj to R. Sharma de Kock
  • 01.1
  • 11.2
  • 01.3
  • 01.4
  • 01.5
  • 41.6
1 OV
5 Runs
K. Jamieson to R. Sharma de Kock
  • 10.1
  • 00.2
  • 20.3
  • 00.4
  • 10.5
  • 10.6
Match Info
  • Venue Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
  • Weather Clear
  • Toss Mumbai Indianswon the toss and elected to field
  • Result Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Mumbai Indians by 54 runs
  • Player of the Match Glenn Maxwell
  • Umpire Anil Chaudhary (IND), Michael Gough (ENG) and Nitin Menon (IND)
  • Referee Manu Nayyar (IND)
Match Notes
  • G Maxwell T20 fifty: 51 runs in 33 balls (5x4) (3x6)
  • V Kohli T20 fifty: 50 runs in 40 balls (3x4) (3x6)
  • Referral 1 (13.6 ovs): Mumbai against G Maxwell (LBW) Unsuccessful (BLR: 1, MUM: 0)
  • Strategic Time-out: Bangalore 109/2 in 13.0 overs
  • Bangalore 103/2 in 12.1 overs
  • 2nd wkt Partnership: 50 off 30 balls between V Kohli (25) and S Bharat (22)
  • Bangalore 54/1 in 6.3 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Bangalore 48/1 in 6.0 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Bangalore 48/1 in 6.0 overs
  • Mumbai 101/5 in 15.2 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Mumbai 97/4 in 14.0 overs
  • Referral 1 (13.4 ovs): Bangalore against K Pollard (LBW) Unsuccessful (MUM: 1, BLR: 0)
  • Strategic Time-out: Mumbai 56/0 in 6.0 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Mumbai 56/0 in 6.0 overs
  • 1st wkt Partnership: 51 off 30 balls between R Sharma (26) and de Kock (23)
  • Mumbai 51/0 in 5.0 overs
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Ruturaj Gaikwad CSK63545.35
Faf du Plessis CSK63345.21
KL Rahul PBKS62662.60
Shikhar Dhawan DC58739.13
Glenn Maxwell RCB51342.75
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Harshal Patel RCB328.14
Avesh Khan DC247.37
Jasprit Bumrah MI217.45
Shardul Thakur CSK218.80
Mohammed Shami PBKS197.50
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