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India vs Bangladesh, Final Match Summary

IND vs BAN, 2018 - T20 Summary

India vs Bangladesh Scorecard
Match Ended   
168/6 (20.0/20)
166/8 (20.0/20)
India beat Bangladesh by 4 wickets
  • Player of the Match
    Dinesh Karthik
  • Player of the Series
    Washington Sundar
BAN 166/8
Bat Top Batsmen
77 (50)
  • 7x4s
  • 4x6s
  • 154SR
21 (16)
  • 2x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 131.25SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
IND 168/6
Bat Top Batsmen
56 (42)
  • 4x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 133.33SR
29 (8)
  • 2x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 362.5SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 8.75
Wow! What a game we've had! As much as we, the enthusiasts and fans enjoyed, my fingers did, too. The two-week journey culminates in some memories and the satisfaction of having watched a nail-biting thriller. We hope that you guys had as much fun as we had in bringing the series to you. Thanks for being lovely readers. Meanwhile, the coming week holds some Test cricket, apart from the World Cup Qualifiers that are in progress. Do tune in to catch those actions as well. Till the next time, signing off! Ta-ta, buhbye! Take care, amigos!
Rohit Sharma goes on to collect the trophy and the entire team joins him for the photo-ops. They'll, for once, know that this is a hard earned and hence, a well-deserved one. Of course, it wasn't safe to assume a winner till the last delivery of the game. This is what T20s were supposed to do - thrill to no ends. This game was worthy of being called a final.
The winning Indian captain, ROHIT SHARMA, says this to be a brilliant game with respect to the atmosphere as well as the crowd. Thanks the Sri Lankan cricket board as well as all the stakeholders for organizing such a series. Winning the series is a top positive for them, he says. Speaks about this exposure to the youngsters and says that they used the opportunities that came their way. This tourney should be confidence-boosting for the entire young bunch, according to him. States that his job was just reminding his boys about executing whatever they planned in the meetings, which isn't too tough. Mentions that the batsmen stepped up when the occasions so demanded. He lavishes praise on Dinesh Karthik as he knows it isn't easy to play the way the keeper did when the opportunities aren't regular. Further adds that he always had the belief in Karthik as he had the experience with him. Ends iterating that his unit was considering this to be a par score and were confident of chasing this down.
WASHINGTON SUNDAR is chosen to be the MAN OF THE SERIES. The youngster had a terrific time with the ball, picking up 8 wickets. He says that this means a lot to him at such an age. Thanks his family and dedicates the award to them. States that he is ready to face any challenge as any international cricketer should be. Gives an insight about him reading the batter's mind and bowling accordingly. Reveals about wanting to be in the middle when they win, before crediting Dinesh Karthik for his exemplary knock.
SHAKIB AL HASAN, the Bangladesh captain, says that you can't ask more than this in a final. Rightly, he credits Dinesh Karthik for his innings. He reckons that he had to bowl Mustafizur Rahman in the 18th over as he was their best bowler. Has some consoling words for Soumya Sarkar and says that the bowler didn't bowl wrong lengths entirely. It was Karthik's brilliance that took the game away. Concedes feeling positive at the halfway mark but it just wasn't their day then. Admits to taking a lot of positives from a game like this and walking away with a lot of lessons.
DINESH KARTHIK is the MAN OF THE MATCH. It can't be anyone else, says Russel Arnold on air. Couldn't agree more. The Indian wicket-keeper is delighted to have won the game and credits the youngsters and the team for the same. States that it wasn't entirely easy to bat. Adds that his aim was just to go for boundaries and he is glad that it came off well. On having to wait for his opportunity, he iterates that in a side where it is tough to get a spot, it is important to make opportunities count.
Then walked in Karthik with India needing 34 off 12 balls and he was suddenly dished out an altogether different track and bowlers. Well, it so seemed. He teed off from the word go and did the then-unthinkable. What was turning out to be a joyful phase for Bangladesh - players and fans alike - soon turned out to be a regretful one for them. Sarkar was and still is inconsolable and he would be desperately searching for a hiding place. As he does so, let's look forward to the presentation.
Then came the phase, where the likes of Manish Pandey and Vijay Shankar, sent ahead of Karthik, struggled, courtesy, some smart bowling from Bangladesh. Cashing in on the opportunity, Shakib Al Hasan slipped in some quiet overs and so did Mustafizur Rahman, who bowled a wicket-maiden then. At that point, Vijay Shankar was left searching for a place to hide, as he could well have turned out to be the villain, had India lost.
Coming to the summary of the innings, Rohit Sharma gave the Indians the right start with the bat. You talk about intent and he showed it as soon as the second over. He dealt the spinners with disdain, making merry on his way to a fifty. He found good support for a brief while in KL Rahul. But both of them departed fairly in quick succession to turn the game in the opposition's favour.
Shardul Thakur is next in line. He says that he was praying for Karthik to finish it off as he was slated to come in next. Opines the wicket-keeper was batting well in the entire series. States him being confident with the knuckle ball as he has a lot of practice of that.
Next is Yuzvendra Chahal. He says that he varied his pace with the batters looking to attack. Adds that he always looks to use his variations as well. Reckons that he is used to bowling in pressure situations. Ends saying that he doesn't have any nails left now owing to this nail-biting finish.
Just to know the feeling of the Indian players and their reactions to the adrenaline-filled game, some of them are caught on the sidelines by Russel Arnold. First up is Manish Pandey. He says that he is very happy and is full of excitement. He feels that when he got out, somebody had to make the runs and Karthik did it. He states that Bangladesh bowled well in the middle overs and made it difficult for India to score.
What a game! What an innings it was from Dinesh Karthik. India looked down and out till the moment he walked in and boy, has he played an innings of a lifetime or what. But spare a thought for Soumya Sarkar. He is inconsolable and down on his knees there. The entire Bangladesh unit goes to him to lift him up. Poor lad. Wonder if he was ever prepared to bowl the last over in a limited-overs game.
Soumya Sarkar To Dinesh Karthik
SIX! UNBELIEVABLE STROKE, UNBELIEVABLE RESULT! INDIA WIN BY 4 WICKETS! This is bowled full outside off, Karthik moves a bit to the off side and smashes it over extra covers. Has made a meaty enough contact for the ball to sail all the way over the fence to send the crowd in a frenzy!
Washington Sundar is the next man in. He will be at the non-striker's end. 5 needed off the last ball. Super over anyone?
Soumya Sarkar To Vijay Shankar OUT!
OUT! Shankar's forgettable first innings in international cricket comes to an end! Gets a full delivery on the stumps, he looks to go for the glory shot over the bowler's head. Perhaps that's the only option he felt he had. Ends up hitting it high in the air. Long on runs to his left and gets a hand to that. But the ball slips out of his hand and Hasan, who came there running to his right from long off, takes it. Excellent tag-team effort that.
Soumya Sarkar To Vijay Shankar
FOUR! This is the result what Bangladesh didn't want. It is hurled outside off, Shankar slices it past short third man for a boundary.
The experienced Shakib has something to say to his bowler. After some talk, Sarkar goes to his mark. This ball will make or break Shankar's career, feel everybody here.
Soumya Sarkar To Dinesh Karthik
Very full outside off, squeezed through covers for one.
Soumya Sarkar To Vijay Shankar
In India, everybody is a cricket expert, is not an understatement. Shankar pushes this straight to covers and sets off for a single. There was a throw to the bowler, who fails to collect that cleanly. The ball rolls away and Karthik wants another run. More than Shankar saying no, the people around here are screaming Karthik to take strike.
Soumya Sarkar To Vijay Shankar
Swing and a miss, AGAIN! Full and outside off, Shankar has a wild go at that but misses.
Soumya Sarkar To Vijay Shankar
WIDE! Sarkar slips this down the leg side, Shankar misses the flick and comes down in search of a bye. Rahim has a shy at the stumps but misses. No extra run taken though.
Soumya Sarkar to bowl the final over. Can he defend 12? Super over on the cards?
Over 19 : 155/5
22 Runs
  • 618.1
  • 418.2
  • 618.3
  • 018.4
  • 218.5
  • 418.6
D. Karthik
22 (6)
V. Shankar
12 (15)
R. Hossain
Rubel Hossain To Dinesh Karthik
FOUR! Another one, 22 have come off this over! Initially, Karthik's movement was away from the stumps, before he moves across them. Rubel slips in a full one on off. Dinesh has enough to ramp it well over short fine leg for another boundary. Is his middle name 'Nonchalant'?
Rubel Hossain To Dinesh Karthik
Excellent running. That's the best piece of job that Shankar has done, exclaim my mates here. DK smashes it towards long off and succeeds in taking a couple, beating the throw from the deep.
Rubel Hossain To Dinesh Karthik
All that mini-conference in the middle seems to have done something for Rubel. Gets in a dot ball here. Lands it on a length outside off, slower in pace, Karthik fails to cut it away. Rahim again collects it and puts in an appeal. The only one doing so on the planet, let alone in Colombo!
Rubel Hossain To Dinesh Karthik
SIX! Karthik - 16 off 3, Shankar at the other end - 12 off 15! What was the Indian wicketkeeper doing in the dressing room all this while? Batting or what! This is full on the pads, Dinesh just blasts it over square leg for another maximum. 18 needed off 8 now.
Rubel Hossain To Dinesh Karthik
FOUR! 10 off the first two deliveries already! This is on a length around off, Karthik makes some room and hits it wide of long on and earns himself a boundary.
Rubel Hossain To Dinesh Karthik
SIX! DINESH KARTHIK, YOU BEAUTY! He has walked out with all the confidence in the world. Gets a full ball in the slot, he tonks it well over long on for half a dozen. What a way to get going!
Rubel Hossain to bowl the penultimate over.
20 OV
13 Runs
S. Sarkar to V. Shankar D. Karthik
  • 1 WD19.1
  • 019.1
  • 119.2
  • 119.3
  • 419.4
  • W19.5
  • 619.6
19 OV
22 Runs
R. Hossain to D. Karthik
  • 618.1
  • 418.2
  • 618.3
  • 018.4
  • 218.5
  • 418.6
18 OV
1 Runs
M. Rahman to V. Shankar M. Pandey
  • 017.1
  • 017.2
  • 017.3
  • 017.4
  • 1 LB17.5
  • W17.6
17 OV
9 Runs
S. Sarkar to V. Shankar M. Pandey
  • 116.1
  • 216.2
  • 116.3
  • 416.4
  • 116.5
  • 016.6
16 OV
8 Runs
M. Rahman to M. Pandey V. Shankar
  • 215.1
  • 115.2
  • 015.3
  • 1 LB15.4
  • 415.5
  • 015.6
15 OV
11 Runs
S. Sarkar to M. Pandey V. Shankar
  • 114.1
  • 114.2
  • 414.3
  • 414.4
  • 114.5
  • 014.6
14 OV
7 Runs
N. Islam to M. Pandey R. Sharma V. Shankar
  • 113.1
  • W13.2
  • 113.3
  • 113.4
  • 413.5
  • 013.6
13 OV
6 Runs
M. Rahman to R. Sharma M. Pandey
  • 212.1
  • 112.2
  • 112.3
  • 112.4
  • 012.5
  • 112.6
12 OV
5 Runs
N. Islam to R. Sharma M. Pandey
  • 111.1
  • 111.2
  • 111.3
  • 111.4
  • 011.5
  • 111.6
11 OV
2 Runs
Shakib to M. Pandey R. Sharma
  • 110.1
  • 110.2
  • 010.3
  • 010.4
  • 010.5
  • 010.6
10 OV
3 Runs
R. Hossain to L. Rahul R. Sharma M. Pandey
  • 19.1
  • 19.2
  • W9.3
  • 09.4
  • 09.5
  • 19.6
9 OV
9 Runs
N. Islam to R. Sharma L. Rahul
  • 08.1
  • 18.2
  • 18.3
  • 18.4
  • 48.5
  • 1 WD8.6
  • 18.6
8 OV
5 Runs
R. Hossain to R. Sharma L. Rahul
  • 07.1
  • 17.2
  • 27.3
  • 17.4
  • 07.5
  • 17.6
7 OV
11 Runs
Shakib to R. Sharma L. Rahul
  • 16.1
  • 66.2
  • 16.3
  • 26.4
  • 06.5
  • 16.6
6 OV
8 Runs
M. Rahman to L. Rahul R. Sharma
  • 15.1
  • 45.2
  • 05.3
  • 25.4
  • 05.5
  • 15.6
5 OV
11 Runs
N. Islam to L. Rahul R. Sharma
  • 14.1
  • 04.2
  • 44.3
  • 64.4
  • 04.5
  • 04.6
4 OV
5 Runs
R. Hossain to S. Raina L. Rahul
  • 03.1
  • 03.2
  • W3.3
  • 03.4
  • 43.5
  • 13.6
3 OV
8 Runs
Shakib to S. Dhawan R. Sharma
  • 62.1
  • 12.2
  • 12.3
  • W2.4
  • 02.5
  • 02.6
2 OV
17 Runs
M. Hasan to S. Dhawan R. Sharma
  • 01.1
  • 11.2
  • 61.3
  • 41.4
  • 61.5
  • 01.6
1 OV
7 Runs
Shakib to S. Dhawan R. Sharma
  • 10.1
  • 00.2
  • 40.3
  • 10.4
  • 10.5
  • 00.6
Match Info
  • Venue R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo
  • Weather Clear
  • Toss Indiawon the toss and elected to field
  • Result India beat Bangladesh by 4 wickets
  • Player of the Match Dinesh Karthik
  • Player of the Series Washington Sundar
  • Umpire Ruchira Palliyaguruge (SL), Ranmore Martinesz (SL) and Raveendra Wimalasiri (SL)
  • Referee Chris Broad (ENG)
Match Notes
  • Innings Break: Bangladesh 166/8 in 20.0 overs
  • Bangladesh 152/8 in 19.1 overs
  • Referral 1 (17.3 ovs): India against S Rahman (LBW) Unsuccessful (IND: 1, BAN: 1) (Retained)
  • S Rahman 4th T20I fifty: 50 runs in 37 balls (5x4) (2x6)
  • Bangladesh 100/4 in 13.6 overs
  • Bangladesh 52/3 in 7.2 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Bangladesh 40/3
  • India 151/5 in 18.5 overs
  • India 100/4 in 13.4 overs
  • R Sharma 14th T20I fifty: 50 runs in 35 balls (4x4) (3x6)
  • 3rd wkt Partnership: 50 off 34 balls between R Sharma (25) and L Rahul (24)
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): India 56/2
  • India 53/2 in 5.2 overs
  • India 32/2: S Raina c Mushfiqur Rahim b Rubel Hossain 0(3)
  • Referral 1 (3.3 ovs): BAN against S Raina (Caught) Successful (IND: 1, BAN: 1)
Match Poll

Who will win the Match

Kusal Perera SL20451.00
Mushfiqur Rahim BAN19966.33
Shikhar Dhawan IND19839.60
Rohit Sharma IND17334.60
Tamim Iqbal BAN15430.80
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Washington Sundar IND85.70
Yuzvendra Chahal IND86.45
Rubel Hossain BAN78.74
Mustafizur Rahman BAN78.85
Jaydev Unadkat IND79.92
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