India vs Australia Highlights, 1st Test Day 2: Travis Head, Ravichandran Ashwin Star, Australia Trail India By 59 Runs

Updated: 07 December 2018 13:16 IST

Highlights India vs Australia: Travis Head played a patient knock of 61 to lead Australia's charge in the last session against India on day 2.

India vs Australia Highlights, 1st Test Day 2: Travis Head, Ravichandran Ashwin Star, Australia Trail India By 59 Runs
1st Test Day: Travis Head scored his second fifty during the Adelaide Test against India. © AFP

Travis Head led Australia's fightback with an unbeaten 149-ball 69 as the hosts ended day 2 of the opening Test on 191/7 against India at the Adelaide Oval on Friday. The second day's play belonged to Travis Head, who put up a gritty performance to hold the fort for Australia as the Indian bowlers grabbed every opportunity they got to scalp an Australian wicket. After Josh Hazlewood ended India's innings on the very first ball of the day, India's Ishant Sharma struck early to dismiss opener Aaron Finch for a duck in the first over of the Australian innings. The hosts frustrated the Indian bowlers with mini-partnerships throughout the day but failed to pose any major threat to the visitors. Travis Head, who scored his second Test fifty, scored the highest for Australia, with the next best being Peter Handscomb's 34. R Ashwin was the pick of the bowler for India, ending the day with figures of 3/50.  Ishant Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah chipped in with two wickets apiece. Mohammed Shami, on the other hand, was unlucky, returning sans wicket even after creating multiple chances. (SCORECARD)

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Highlights between India Vs Australia, 1st Test, Day 2, straight from the Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

13:00 IST: Thank you for joining us for the day. Do tune back in for the third day's play at the Adelaide Oval.

12:55 IST: "Australia having to fight for every single run", tweets Michael Clarke.

12:50 IST: This is STUMPS -- Australia 191/7 (Travis Head 61*; R Ashwin 3/50) trail India (250) by 59 runs.

12:46 IST: Shami to bowl the last over of the day.

12:38 IST: FOUR!! Bumrah bowls short and Starc capitalises on the bit of width, cutting the ball for a boundary. This was his first four of the match. 

12:35 IST: Australia have scored 14 runs in their last 10 overs and lost one wicket.

12:22 IST: Australia 177/7, trail India by 73 runs.

12:20 IST: Mitchell Starc, left handed bat, comes to the crease.

12:18 IST: OUT!! Jasprit Bumrah makes his magic work with the new ball. The length ball comes back in sharply and hits Cummins on the thigh as he was letting the ball go. Cummins opts for the review but the replay shows that the ball was crashing into the off stump. Virat Kohli is pumped.

12:14 IST: India have taken the second new ball. Australia 177/6, trail India by 73 runs.

12:13 IST: 50-run partnership comes up between Travis Head and Pat Cummins.

12:09 IST: FOUR!! Murali Vijay bowls short and wide allowing Head to free his arms and cut the ball with authority for a boundary.

12:08 IST: New ball due in 2 overs.

12:00 IST:  "Never have I seen an Aussie team at home play with so much trepidation", tweets Michael Vaughan.

11:53 IST: FIFTY! Travis Head brings up his second Test half-century off 103 balls at his home ground. This has been a fine knock from the left-hander.

11:52 IST: Murali Vijay has been introduced in the bowling attack. "A wild stab in the dark from Virat Kohli", say the commentators on air.

11:50 IST: Close! Ashwin hits the footmark, and the ball rips back through bat and pad just over off stump. Australia get three byes. That was an absolute jaffa!

11:48 IST: FOUR! Travis Head is upping the ante against the Indian bowlers. This time he goes straight down the ground. He is two runs away from his 2nd Test fifty.

11:46 IST: FOUR! Absolutely crunched. Shami bowls full and wide and head punches the ball through the offside for a boundary. That was a well-timed shot from the Australian. He is now six runs away 

11:38 IST: DRINKS -- 150 comes up for Australia as they trail India by 100 runs now. Travis Head and Pat Cummins are in the middle for the hosts.

11:34 IST: Travis Head at 36* has now become Australia's highest run-scorer in their first innings against India in the Adelaide Test.

11:23 IST: Impressed by India's quality bowling, Mohammad Kaif tweets "This has been a top bowling display by India".

11:20 IST: FOUR!! Ishant bowls short and wide and Travis Head obliges, slapping it through point. "You can't bowl to Paine there", say the commentators on air. 

11:18 IST: Here's what Michael Clarke has to say about India's performance.

11:16 IST: STAT -- Australia is the second team against whom Ishant has picked 50 wickets against after England (56).

11:14 IST: Australia 127/6, trail India by 123 runs.   Pat Cummins is the new man in.

11:12 IST: OUT!! Ishant Sharma gets the Australian captain. The Indian pacer follows the short ball with a back of a length delivery and Paine, who got stuck yet again in the crease without any footwork, edges the ball back to the keeper. Ishant Sharma gets his 50th Test wicket against Australia.

11:02 IST: FOUR! Shami provides width and Paine goes for the shot. The ball comes off the toe-edge of the bat as it runs away behind backward point. Easy runs for the hosts.

10:57 IST: An absolute beauty from Bumrah. The length delivery angles in and Paine is stuck in the crease sans any footwork. The ball just passes the outside edge and the Australian captain survives.

10:55 IST: News -- Cricket Australia urges India to play day-night Test matches after a poor crowd turnout on day one of the Adelaide Test. Read the details here.

10:48 IST: Tim Paine, right handed bat, comes to the crease.

10:46 IST: OUT!! Jasprit Bumrah gets his first wicket of the day as he breaks a 33-run partnership between Handscomb and Head. Bumrah bowls a back of a length delivery, Handscomb, who was looking to run the ball to the third-man area, edges it straight to Pant, who makes no mistake in completing the catch. Handscomb was looking solid, and India have got an opening.

10:43 IST: "Team India should make the most of this situation and not lose their grip", tweets Sachin Tendulkar.

10:38 IST: Welcome back to the final session of day 2 gets underway in Adelaide. Australia 117/4, trail India by 133 runs.

10:14 IST: It's TEA here at the Adelaide Oval -- Australia 117/4 (Handscomb 33*; Ashwin 3/58) trail India by 133 runs.

10:10 IST: Travis Head survives. Shami bowls short and on the pads, Head shuffles and misses the ball in an attempt to clip it. Pant, behind the stump, appeals for a caught behind. Convinced, Kohli opts for a DRS, however, replay shows that the ball had just brushed the thigh pads and nothing else.

10:00 IST: FOUR!! Handscomb spots the short delivery for Shami, who replaced Ishant Sharma, and hammers it in front of square for a boundary. It seems Handscomb has his eyes set on Shami.

09:55 IST: Peter Handscomb and Travis Head are keeping Australia's fight on in Adelaide, as the hosts still trail India by 144 runs.

09:40 IST: 100 comes up for Australia in the 48th over. Travis Head and Handscomb are in the middle.

09:30 IST: Australia 97/4 in 45 overs, trail India 153 runs.

09:22 IST: Australia have scored 21 runs in their last 10 overs and lost a wicket.

09:15 IST: DRINKS! Australia 88/4 in 42 overs, trail India by 162 runs.

09:08 IST: STAT -- Khawaja is Ashwin's 179th left-handed victim. Only Murali has dismissed more left-handers in Tests (191)

09:05 IST: OUT!! Huge blow for Australia, Usman Khawaja departs. Ashwin bowls a tossed up delivery, Khawaja prods forward for defence and misses the contact. The ball turns and brushes his glove before nestling into Pant's hands. The Indian camp appeals in unison but Kumar Dharmasena is not impressed. India opt for the review and replay snicko meter shows that the ball had missed the bat but brushed his glove. Ashwin gets his third and Australia are four down.

08:54 IST: FOUR!! How special is this? Three boundaries from Handscomb off Shami. This time he works the ball behind square for a boundary. Kohli is not impressed with Shami.

08:52 IST: FOUR!! Back-to-back boundaries for Handscomb off Shami. Wide and full delivery gets punished.

08:51 IST: FOUR!! Short delivery from Shami, Handscomb goes for the pull and the ball takes a thick edge and flies over the keeper's head for a boundary.

08:44 IST: FOUR!! A much-needed boundary for the home team. Back of a length delivery from Shami, Handscomb plays and edges the ball past the dielder at gully for a boundary. 

08:40 IST: The game has slowed down a bit after Marsh's dismissal and the Indian bowlers are using the opportunity to build pressure on the Australian innings.

08:25 IST: Close call for Khawaja. Ashwin floats the ball and compels the Australian to go for the drive. .The ball just turns enough and takes an outside edge and goes past Rahane in the slips.

08:16 IST: Peter Handscomb is the new man in. Usman Khawaja is still going strong.

08:15 IST: OUT!! R Ashwin does the trick yet again. Shaun Marsh attempts to drive a wide delivery but manages to drag the ball on to the stumps. India strike as Ashwin has his second. That was a poor shot selection from the Australian left-hander.

08:13 IST: Australia trail India by 193 runs and Shaun Marsh takes the first run of the second session.

08:12 IST: Welcome back to the second session of the opening Test.

07:40 IST: "Patience has been key in the morning session of day two in Adelaide", tweets ICC.

07:35 IST: And this is LUNCH -- Australia 57/2 (Khawaja 21*; Ishant 1/9) trail India by 193 runs.

07:33 IST: FOUR!! Ishant bowls short and on the pads, Marsh shuffles and tries to clip but the ball brushes his pads an runs down for a boundary.

07:30 IST: 50 comes up for Australia in the 27th over, trail India by 200 runs.

07:27 IST: The runs have stopped coming for the Australians. India are being on point with their bowling, creating multiple wicket-taking chances.

07:17 IST: Ashwin vs Shaun Marsh -- 373 balls, 139 runs and four dismissals.

07:15 IST: Shaun Marsh, left handed bat, comes to the crease.

07:13 IST: OUT!! Ashwin strikes and Harris departs after a promising start. Ashwin bowls around off and middle, the ball straightens a bit to take an inside edge and ricochets off Harris' pads straight to Murali Vijay at silly point. A soft dismissal, indeed.

07:12 IST: Shami is back out on the field and this is good news for India.

07:09 IST: Ashwin provides with a little bit of width and Harris guides the ball through the covers for a boundary. Harris is looking more confident with every passing delivery.

07:07 IST: Shami is off the field due to some discomfort in his shoulder. This is not good news for India.

07:05 IST: FOUR!! Ashwin bowls a tossed up delivery outside off and Harris shimmies down the wicket and smacks the ball straight down the ground.

06:50 IST: Australia 35/1 after 15 overs (Khawaja 17*, Harris 16*), trail India by 215 runs.

06:40 IST: Ashwin concedes just two runs in his first over. Australian bowlers are treading slowly here.

06:38 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin introduced in the bowling. Silly point and a slip in place.

06:30 IST: Four!! Bumrah bowls on the pads and Khawaja clips it for a boundary towards the fine leg area. Occasional boundaries are keeping the Australian scoreboard ticking. Bumrah, on the other hand, hasn't been able to hit the mark till now.

06:21 IST: Beautiful delivery from Ishant. Fuller and wide of off stump, Harris goes for the drive but is beaten by a slight late movement. That was close.

06:17 IST: FOUR! A well-directed shot ball from Bumrah is guided by Harris past the third slip and the gully for the first boundary of the day. That was cheeky from the 26-year-old.

06:15 IST: Jasprit Bumrah incites Harris to drive and he misses the ball. The Indian slip cordon and Pant, behind the stumps, appeal loudly for caught behind but Bumrah gestures that he didn't hear any nick.

06:04 IST: While the Australian innings progress, here's a look at all the Indian wickets.

05:56 IST: Australia 7/1 after 3 overs, trail India by 243 runs.

05:48 IST: FOUR!! Jasprit Bumrah bowls full and Marcus Harris drives the ball for three runs. This will ease some pressure off the team.

05:44 IST: "Ishant 2.0", say the commentators on air.

05:42 IST: BOWLED!! Ishant Sharma strikes for India early on day 2 as Aaron Finch departs for a golden duck. Ishant bowls wide and full, Finch going for the drive, drags the ball back on to the stumps as the stump goes cart-wheeling. Virat Kohli is pumped up. Australia 0/1 in 0.3 overs.

05:41 IST: First ball -- Ishant Sharma starts with a good length delivery and Finch carefully lets it go.

05:40 IST: Aaron Finch and debutant Marcus Harris make their way out to the middle. Ishant Sharma to start the proceedings for India.

05:35 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin has his eyes set on the pitch and ready for the match.

05:30 IST: And it's all over!  Australia needed just one ball to wrap up the Indian innings. Shami goes for the pull and nicks one behind to Tim Paine. Josh Hazlewood finishes with figures of 3/52 as India are 250-all out.

05:28 IST: Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Shami in the middle for India. Josh Hazlewood to bowl the last ball of the 88th over.

05:15 IST: We are minutes away from the match. Stay tuned, folks!

05:00 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of day 2 of the 1st Test.

After opting to bat first, the visitors crumbled in a disastrous morning session under a pace barrage before digging in later in the day with Pujara and Ravichandran Ashwin (25 off 76 balls) staging a fightback as the bowlers tired. In their first home Test since the ball-tampering scandal in March, Australia took four wickets before lunch with the batsmen guilty of playing at deliveries they would have been better off leaving alone. Australian bowling coach David Saker said it was a premeditated plan for the quicks to pitch it up and lure India's batsmen into false shots. "We got the wickets the way we thought we might get the wickets," he told the Seven Network. Opener KL Rahul, who has been struggling for runs, flopped again, caught by Aaron Finch at third slip off Hazlewood for two. Veteran Murali Vijay, in the side after young gun Prithvi Shaw suffered ankle ligament damage, didn't last much longer, caught behind by skipper Tim Paine off Starc for 11.

In marched Kohli to a huge roar from the crowd, but Usman Khawaja at gully spectacularly caught him off a Cummins delivery as he attempted a drive, out after facing only 16 balls. It was stunning one-handed take by Khawaja, whose preparations were upset by the shock arrest of his brother this week for allegedly framing a love-rival with a fake terror plot. The dismissal of Kohli, who has scored five centuries in his two previous Test tours of Australia and rates Adelaide his favourite overseas ground, sparked wild celebrations. Vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane and Pujara worked to steady the ship. But after returning from a break, Hazlewood enticed Rahane into a drive and he edged to Handscomb in the slips for 13.

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