Reactions to ban imposed on Indian Olympic Association

The International Olympic Committee decided on Tuesday to ban Indian Olympic Association after weeks of confrontation between the two sides. Here are all the reactions to this decision.

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Last updated on Wednesday, 05 December, 2012 12:36 IST
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New Delhi: The International Olympic Committee decided on Tuesday to ban Indian Olympic Association after weeks of confrontation between the two sides. Here are all the reactions to this decision.

Abhay Singh Chautala, IOA's president-to-be:

This is a wrong and a one-sided decision. We had written to IOC but there were no replies from their side. We will go to IOC once again on the matter. We will tell them what the elections were, how we had it, who all contested. We will present everything to them.

Jitendra Singh, Union Sports Minister:

We had written to IOC but did not get a reply. It is unfortunate but more unfortunate for the athletes.

Tarlochan Singh, vice-president of IOA, to NDTV:

It's a most unfortunate decision taken by IOC. This fight is not of today. Last year, IOC wrote a letter to our Prime Minister, to our Sports Minister that if you carry on with the sports code, they will withdraw recognition from the federation. On our effort, the bill which was being introduced, the cabinet did not approve it. The whole fight which has happened today is because of the sports code.

We have ammended our constitution at our Ranchi meeting as per the directive of IOC. When we sent the ammended constitution, the IOC has given approval in writing.

MC Mary Kom, Olympic medalist, to NDTV:

Passion won't be the same when competing without the Indian flag. The matter should be resolved quickly as we will not be mentally free in every tournament. If we stress then we won't be able to concentrate.

Baichung Bhutia, former football captain, to NDTV:

Even IOC has an age and tenure limit. I do not see IOC not agreeing to the sports code being implimented here. I feel IOA has completely mis-guided everyone here and not implimented the sports code to their constitution. They had ample time to do it - two years to do it. We are in the mess today because of them.

Abhinav Bindra, Olympic medalist, on Twitter:

"Bye Bye IOA, hope to see u again soon, hopefully cleaner!"

Harsha Bhogle, TV commentator, on Twitter:

abhinav bindra is very angry. we should all be at the way sport is run in our country.

our sports federations have hurt indian sport with unimaginable intensity.they are a bigger barrier for our athletes than on-field opponents

Mahesh Bhupathi, Tennis player, on Twitter:

"So I got banned, now the IOA gets banned, they says things like these normally happen in three's.. Wonder what's next!!"

Gagan Narang, Olympic medalist, quoted by PTI:

"It's unfortunate but I am not too sure about the issue, haven't been following them of late."

Suhel Seth, Commentator, to NDTV:

Let's get the facts straight. We have had self-serving, selfish politicians who have been heading sports federations in the country. They are corrupt and if they are not corrupt, they are old enough to be put to pasture. But they want to hold on. Why they want to hold on? God alone knows.

At the cost of athletes, at the cost of national reputation, these people continue to rest glory for no bl**dy rhyme or reason.

Mansher Singh, former India shooter, to NDTV:

"You are pushing IOC to do this. I do not think athletes are not going to be bothered too much as we are not affected much by IOA's functioning. In fact, it is a great chance to cleanse Indian sports. Get new people, get young people,"

Ashwini Nachappa, former India athlete, to NDTV:

"I obviously blame IOA. Everyone has to abide by the law of the land. IOA has been extremely defiant. Ethics commission took note of Lalit Bhanot being back in the fray. Shameful."

MS Gill, former Sports Minister, to NDTV:

This is no embarrassment. When I was minister for sports, after High Court asked me, we filed an affidavit, said that 70/12/8 rule will be followed, max age fixed, after that they will retire. This was an order given by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi too during their time, but the Olympic associations ignored. Most sports bodies, 70 % followed it. Only the Indian Olympic Association and few others didn't. How can you want to rule a sports body for 30-40. This is our own people who have complained to the international bodies and thus the IOC has alleged government interference, whereas this is an order. Olympics is 4 years away, Asian Games 2 years away. We will participate in all.

Kirti Azad, MP and former cricketer, to NDTV:

It is a matter of sports code, 30 countries have done it. I fail to understand why we didn't do it. Unfortunately it means that those who monopolized sports bodies will have to leave. We have lost face in the international arena and result of this is that our sports men will suffer.

Story first published on: Tuesday, 04 December 2012 20:08 IST

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