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Usain Bolt: The joy of watching the world's fastest man run

I think we need to find a new word to describe Usain Bolt. Adjectives like 'incredible', 'fantastic', 'mindblowing' just aren't good enough.

Why holding elections of the Indian Olympic Association looks like a tougher job than conducting national polls

Why are our politicians so reluctant to give away their seats in various sports federations? Well for starters, the job (if you want to call it so) comes with great perks like foreign trips.


  • Suprita Das

    "You get paid to watch sport, how cool is your job!", is what I'm told often. And I'm sure fellow sports journalists will share the sentiment. What is cooler though, is the opportunity and good fortune to have watched sportspersons from close quarters, and hear their tales. Through this blog, I will try to share some of that ringside view with you guys, which makes covering sport so much more fun