Benjamin Button and Batman of IPL 4

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Shane Warne has this penchant for giving nicknames to his fellow players. From Yusuf ‘Baroda Bomber' Pathan to Swapnil ‘Goan Canon' Asnodkar, Warne has christened them all and the latest in the list is Ashok Menaria who has been nicknamed after an anti-malarial drug.<br><br> “I have been nicknamed 'Doxy' and the story behind is; because he was scared of Malaria, when he first met me he jokingly asked is it Menaria or Malaria. When Shane came here he brought a lot of medicines, mostly Doxycycline,” said Menaria.<br><br>So we take a cue from this and give some of the players nicknames which suit them. Of course we don't intend to offend anyone and it's for mere fun.

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