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Gifted, yes, but are Germany destined to win?

They have three wins from three games but Germany coach Joachim Loew believes his team is lacking the killer instinct. Of course he was talking about his side falling short in putting the finishing touch to the chances being created.

Bayern stars need to move on for Germany

Germany didn't exactly get the confidence boost they were looking for ahead of Euro 2012 when Bayern Munich fell at the final hurdle in the Champions League final.  Of course, Bayern are a club side and we are talking about the national team here but when - just like Barcelona in Spain - players from a team form the crux of the national side the fortune of the club becomes important.

The Blues over, Chelsea now flying high but for how long

It is probably one of the best Champions League seasons that I have witnessed in a long time. Of course, many people may not share the same emotion but for me the unpredictability of the 2011-12 edition has been lipsmacking.

2012 Champions League: The year of the underdogs

The start of the season had me thinking how impossible it was for smaller clubs to make their presence felt in Europe's top competition - the UEFA Champions League - in the current scenario.

Is stripping the only way for women players?

The FIFA World Cup is on and there is barely any buzz. Really? Is that even possible….after all isn’t the FIFA Cup the biggest sporting event globally, and also probably the most watched.

Barcelona: A master-class

It’s always a pleasure to watch the top two contenders make it to the final and then for the best man to walk away with the ultimate prize.


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