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Why Chelsea is not Manchester United

Or for that matter why Real Madrid can't be Barcelona or Why the Indian cricket team can't be like Australian side - the list can be endless depending upon what country you live in, which sport you follow and also how you view your sport. In the first blog, I will wholeheartedly try to explore the 'headline' in a totally balanced way while the following entry will be from a fan's point of view.

Euro 2012: Is it all about logic or the heart could win?

Euro 2012 has been quite a ride till now. Here, there and everywhere. The semi finals are half way through and predictions are madly doing the rounds. Psychic animals haven't taken to Paul and have rather disappointed. Three of the top favourites, well almost, made it to the final four. Spain edged out Portugal into the finals of the prestigious event.

Euro 2012: Taking the controversial route

The Euro 2012 is into the business zone now but has not been without its share of controversies. What all has transpired in the group phase has been ranging from the ordinary to the bizarre to the serious stuff. Here is a sneak peek into the Euro 2012 till now.

Euro 2012: And the first round goes to...

The Euro 2012 is into its second round of matches and it still remains unclear as to what the outcome might be. The first round has been a bumpy ride for some of the fancied sides but it also has been a rosy ride for others those were pretty much unheralded.

Euro 2012: Underdogs can bark as well as bite this year

In a football season that can be termed as a season for the underdogs, Euro 2012 would be a fascinating one if the trend continues.


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