Yuvraj Singh: I will work hard to be at the top again

Yuvraj Singh, who returned to India on Monday after being successfully treated for a rare germ cell cancer, spoke to the media along with his doctor Dr. Nitesh Rohatgi and shared his experience and future plans.

Updated: April 11, 2012 18:45 IST
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New Delhi: Yuvraj Singh, who returned to India on Monday after being successfully treated for a rare germ cell cancer, spoke to the media along with his doctor Dr. Nitesh Rohatgi and shared his experience and future plans.

2.17 PM: Yuvraj - Want to thank family, friends, BCCI, media, sponsors, fans. Thank You!

And that marks the end of the presser.

2.15 PM: Doctor - He had many side effects. After some weeks he will start exercising. It depends on his mental and physical strength. Once he understood what the right way was after the diagnosis in mid-January, it went very quickly from there.

2.14 PM: Yuvraj - Chemotherapy leads to hair loss, body ache, depression. I knew about it and I felt if I have to recover then I will have to go through it.

2.13 PM: Yuvraj - It's amazing how people keep themselves positive and fight with the disease for years.

2.09 PM: Yuvraj - Everything that happens in life happens to give you a lesson. I don't know what I have learnt as of now. But I had more bad days than good days when I was in US. But I was inspired by people in the US who had cancer but they were pretty chilled out. They did not make a fuss about the disease.

2.07 PM: Yuvraj - My knock that helped India beat Australia in the World Cup is a special one because I always dreamt of beating Australia in the World Cup.

2.04 PM: Yuvraj - I was surprised to see Anil Kumble come all the way from India to the United States to see me.

2.02 PM: Yuvraj - Virat Kohli is a special kid. He's very talented. I have learnt a lot from him. His work ethics are great ever since he's made it to the team. But he needs to be held back.

2.01 PM: Yuvraj - Disappointed that I missed Sachin's 100th hundred.

2.00 PM: Yuvraj - Thanks to Mr Subrata Roy, he' been very supportive.

2.00 PM: Yuvraj - I got lots of support in the US. Was nice to meet so many Indians in Boston and Indiana.

1.58 PM: Yuvraj - I have not changed as a person. I know I am a good person at heart but I am not a 20-year old anymore and have to work hard on my fitness, but I will be back. I will work hard to be at the top again.

1.57 PM: Yuvraj - I will go for some IPL games. I want to wear the Pune jersey and support the team in the IPL

1.55 PM: Yuvraj - I want to rest, get better and be in my private state. I am taking organic diet.

1.54 PM: Doctor - Yuvraj is not on medication now. The chances of relapse is 3-4 per cent.

1.52 PM: Yuvraj - With time things will get better. I will work hard to be at the top again.

1.50 PM: Yuvraj - If I can fight it, any one can.

1.49 PM: Yuvraj - Money, popularity everything is important but I understand that your parents and being happy is the most important thing.

1.47 PM: Yuvraj - I want to stay positive. I have plans to help cancer survivors in the future.

1.46 PM: Yuvraj - I am thankful to god that I have got my life back and I am thankful to the people of nation. Such phases are part and parcel of everyone's life but I am thankful to everybody.

1.45 PM: Doctor - Because of Yuvraj people will have this belief that cancer is detectable and curable.

1.43 PM: Yuvraj - Awareness for disease is very important. I wanted to portray that 'don't be scared if you have the disease. Every one should get themselves checked regularly.

1.42 PM: Yuvraj - I have always been in touch with Sachin Tendulkar. He spoke positively to me.

1.41 PM: Yuvraj - My mother has been stronger than me. I broke down some time but she remained solid. Hats off to her.

1.39 PM: Yuvraj - All my fans want me to comeback but I am sure they understand that it will not be easy.

1.38 PM: Yuvraj - It was scary.

1.37 PM: Yuvraj - I will definitely be back playing for India. Want to be a part of the team again.

1.35 PM: Yuvraj on comeback - I don't know what I will do. As a sportsman all I can say that I will go hard. I want to wear that India logo on my head.

1.35 PM: Yuvraj - My mom also taught me to cook rice.

1.34 PM: Yuvraj - While watching match, I felt frustration. I tried gyming one or two time but that couldn't be continued.

1.32 PM: Yuvraj - Cancer is out of my body. In few months I would be in physical condition to play cricket

1.31 PM: Yuvraj - I have always been happy despite what happened to me. At the moment I am trying to live life like a normal person.

1.30 PM: Doctor - he's doing well. He's exercising daily.Reading about healthy food etc.

1.28 PM: Yuvraj - I never showed anyone what I was going through. I thought I had to come out of it.

1.26 PM: Yuvraj - Yuvraj: It was hard to believe that I had cancer, detection took long. But I had breathing problem, incessant coughing etc.

1:23 PM: Yuvraj speaks now: "Namaskar. When my chemotherapy was happening, I had my mother, my biggest support, and my friends were with me.. 5-6 years back I read Lance Armstrong's book."

1:20 PM: Dr Rohatgi speaks first - I have been in constant touch with the team of doctors in the US. I am happy to inform that Yuvraj has responded remarkably well to the treatment.

1:17 PM: A smiling Yuvraj takes his seat on the stage.

1:16 PM: Yuvraj arrives at Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence. He's been hogged by his fans for autographs.

1.07 PM: Yuvraj will address the media at his academy Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence.

12.54 PM: TV Cameras are following his car to the venue.

12.45 PM: Yuvraj Singh leaves for the presser in Gurgaon which will his first media interaction since he was diagnosed with the ailment.

It's been reported that Yuvraj, who is Pune Warriors India's regular skipper, will be present in Mohali to cheer his IPL team when they take on Kings XI Punjab on Thursday.

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