Cricket's elephants, donkeys and phoenixes

Move over kangaroos, kiwis and the Bengal tigers, we have new species in the world of cricket.

Updated: December 01, 2011 15:32 IST
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Move over kangaroos, kiwis and the Bengal tigers, we have new species in the world of cricket.

Late Peter Roebuck had started it when he, in order to slam the Australian team for their arrogant ways, called them a pack of wild dogs. And I am not touching the 'Monkeygate' affair.

Having run out of adjectives while trying to get their serious concerns about the game and the players across, cricket pundits, it seems, have started referring to 'The Jungle Book'.

Chris Cairns calling Ricky Ponting 'an elephant in a room' has a metaphorical connotation as had Nasser Hussain calling Indian fielders 'donkeys grazing in the field'. But not everyone can take such comparisons with a pinch of salt and sport a smile. We, for that matter, made a hue and cry over Hussain's remarks. But haven't we heard the terms like sloppy fielding, butter fingers, slow in the field, etc. like a zillion times from David Lloyd to Arun Lal and so on, exactly in similar situations.

All these one-time great commentators have become so predictable that the moment you see Ravi Shastri at a post-match ceremony you know the statement he's gonna make - "Good evening Mumbai, it was an evenly contested match but at the end the better side won". Bah!!

So if someone tries to break the monotony with his piece of creativity, let's be a little tolerant. Even though if he gets it wrong, at least there is some comic relief. So we thought we make a list of our own 'wild things' with no malice intended toward anyone.

Ostrich: ICC

It's the biggest bird on the planet yet it doesn't have the power to fly (something you associate with birds instinctively). Similarly the ICC is the global governing body for the sport, but don't we all know how much power does it have?

Beehive: BCCI

Have you seen a beehive? There is alot of buzz on the surface and you know much more is happening inside. The structure is complicated. It's full of lure (honey) but the moment you try to shake it without being careful, you are certainly going to be stung badly. Ask Lalit Modi!

Ant: Rahul Dravid

Before Dravid fans join their brows, let me clarify, it's not the size but the nature of an ant that resembles him. Extremely hard-working, toils tirelessly, undeterred by obstacles, focused, dedicated to the team and doesn't bother if the more flamboyant ones take away the credit. Now you know!

Phoenix: Sachin Tendulkar

This mythical bird is known to ignite itself and then rise from its own ashes. So every time one thinks it's done with the life and its achievements, the phoenix surprises everyone with its new form. Ageless, immortal, full of fire and almost unbelievable, no cricketer other than the Master himself resembles this charismatic creature. Sitting on the pinnacle of uncountable records, Sachin still surprises us with his achievements, his hunger and his fire.

Cheetah: Yuvraj Singh

I had once seen a Yuvraj Singh fan carrying a banner saying 'Chandigarh ka Cheetah' (Cheetah from Chandigarh). It was a typical Punjabi fan cheering the local boy. His agility on the ground while fielding, his top-class running between the wickets and his aggression only backed the title. And then there was a slump. But recently when the news of his battle with a non-malignant tumour broke, I couldn't help but salute this fighter. Yuvraj did not divulge the details of his sufferings despite being scrutinized ruthlessly. He took every criticism in his stride while fighting with this disease. And he has defeated it. Now all we are waiting for is to see him pounce again on the ball and go for the kill.

So I am done with my share. Can you think of a cricketer who reminds you of a wild creature or the vice-versa? Write on but make sure they are not offensive and all in good fun.

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