CHE beat JAI by 7 runs



MOH beat HYD by 72 runs



CHE beat DEL by 93 runs



Apr 24, 2014, 20:00 IST,Sharjah



Apr 25, 2014, 16:00 IST,Dubai



Apr 25, 2014, 20:00 IST,Dubai
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Indian cricket must tap into Kumble's spirit

The BCCI is in a mess. The IPL is in a mess. Of the two most powerful men in the sport worldwide till recently, one has been banned for life and the other has been told by the Supreme Court that he can contest for the post of the president of the BCCI but if elected, he will not be able to take office till the pending cases against him have been resolved.

The spot-fixing bans are a good start

The BCCI must be congratulated on the unsentimental and largely crime-fitting punishments that have been handed out to S Sreesanth and company.

The inexplicable ways of the BCCI

Sachin Tendulkar deserves better than to be seen as a player chasing a record in the comfort of his home environment. He needs to be seen as more than a mere statistical curiosity. Poetic justice might see him withdraw from one of the Tests against the West Indies with a common cold. What will the BCCI do then?

The familial ways of BCCI

There is an arrogance about the casual way the BCCI has given itself a certificate of character. "Lack of evidence" is not the same as "clean chit".

The case for an IPL holiday

The admission by Raj Kundra, one of the owners of Rajasthan Royals, that he bet on his team calls for a thorough investigation into the affairs of the owners of all the other franchises. To be conducting a tournament that has been so tainted while the investigations (and presumably, clean-up operations) are in progress is unfair to the stakeholders.

Needed, a cultural overhaul in the BCCI

By the time the BCCI got around to expelling Dalmiya for misappropriation of funds ten years after that World Cup, a new dispensation was in power. Sharad Pawar, smarting under Dalmiya's casting vote that had denied him the BCCI Presidency in 2004, was now President and appointed a committee to look into the financial irregularities.

Harbhajan Singh 1, Grand Inquisitor 0

Australian players didn't play enough balls on the field or show enough off it. They let down not only their countrymen but also fans in India who have grown up admiring the Australian Way: tough, spirited, and overflowing with self-confidence.

From despair to hope - the Indian journey

When a team is doing well, nothing succeeds like success. Nothing succeeds like failure too, as the Indians discovered in Australia and their rivals are discovering in India now. The emergence of a bunch of exciting players in one team has to be seen against the background of poor player management and the mental disintegration – ironically a phrase favoured by former captain Steve Waugh – of the other.

Arthur's doctrine, or Clarke's?

Australia have been a team in transition for a while now, and it has been fascinating watching them begin to get their act together under Clarke. From being in transition to disintegrating on a tour of India has been a startling change. The cliche 'can't bat, can't bowl, can't catch' has been extended with the addition of 'can't think'.

Harbhajan Singh, Rattler-in-Chief

Other teams picked up on the tactic. Pakistan's Shahid Afridi, whose confidence outstripped his record, was happy to be a rattler-in-chief. But Dale Steyn didn't need to do it, nor did Graeme Smith, his captain. But other captains sometimes did even if they did not make a fetish of it.


  • Suresh Menon

    Widely regarded as the most literary of India's cricket writers. A Bangalore University topper in economics and political science, Suresh began his career with Deccan Herald before moving to Indian Express, Chennai. He was still in his 20s when he became Sports Editor of The Pioneer and then Sports Editor of the undivided Indian Express in New Delhi. In 2000, responding to a call from the New Indian Express in Chennai he took over as Editor, and launched the New Sunday Express. After quitting in 2002, he launched a newspaper in Bangalore which became the state's highest-selling, and was bought over by the Times of India group.


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